Monday, February 8, 2010


YOURS TRULY, Ma'at Atkins, was in the house all "dapped" for Miranda Holly Spoon's prom themed b-day party at Thaxton's. Check out below who else came through for this event!
Photos by Ma'atology (IN ORDER OF EVENT) and WWW.LOUFLICKS.COM (above pic)

The event's prom band, Tish and Music Unlimited, entertained the early comers to Miss Spoon's b-day gala.

One of the nite's best dressed prom couple sitting enjoying the band.

LEFT: A back shot of attendees watching the band.

Although not in prom attire, socialite Valarie Johnson and FREETIME's Roy Robinson came to support Miss Spoon.

Another prom couple.

Prom couples got their pic taken as they walked the red carpet entrance.

Although she came sag, this attendee's blue velvet dress and silver necklace were quite stunning.

Journalist Bill Beene and friend.

Folk comin in for the event.

An hour or so within the party, the birthday girl herself, Maranda Spoon arrived with her prom date model Osita. They did represent in their color scheme of purple (his purple tie and her purple dress). Although Miss Spoon gave some fashion fun with the rhinestone top, hoop style bottom and black polka dots, her cocktail dress was a bit busy.

But they did make a cute prom couple and Miss Spoon's pumps were PATTI F.I.E,R,C.E!

Socialite/journalist Tiffany Bryant looked fashion forward in a snazzy black number and dangling earrings.

Miss Spoon and her girls in full force to wish her a happy 3-0 as they take a pic for the flashing bulbs.

Spoon talks with some of the attendees.

Koncepts' Keith Harris, MPAC's Mo Spoon and Beene. MPAC helped present this event.

The Spoon Effect: Brother and sister promotion team, Mo and Miranda "Holly " Spoon.

Crowd shot of second floor.

A shot of the second floor from the third floor.

Another shot.

On the third floor, there were cupcakes for VIP attendees.

Osita and Spoon look at the cupcake display.

Spoon talks with guest Close to Famous' Triky

Downstairs, located under the street level were the rest of the party people.

This one attendee downstairs forced OUTCAM to take her pic. Well, at least we can say her fashion spirit was in the right place. LOL

Crowd gettin their convo and drink on.

AI Brown had it spinnin on the tunes.

Long shot of the crowd.

Femme Black Couture Tres: Bryant and her friends doing their impersonation of En Vogue--STL Style.

Liquid Assets' Phil Assets and Ill Will stopped through to wish Spoon a happy b-day.

This mature couple was gettin their fingerpop on.



We stopped through Exo for some of its SuperBowl Party. Here were some attendees watching the Saints--Colts game on one of the projected screens. The party that was presented by Major Brands, who also had parties going at Binion's and Golf House in Forest Park.

Some attendees watching from another screen.

DJ Reminise spun during that geriatric Superbowl Halftime show.

Stopped throgh were SYGU's Rhashad Shadzilla Whittier and socilaite Valarie Johnson.

Major Brands/Heineken assistants pose with some of the brand's products.

Exo co-owner Fred Finley and former Freeman Bosley Junior Show personality Darrion Phelps in the cut.

Exo chef Willie J help serve his delectable food during the game: jambalaya, corn, potatoes, shrimp and bbq and spicy chicken wings.

NOTE: Who dat dat who dat who dat!LOL

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