Monday, February 1, 2010


Photos by Ma'atology Comedian/venue assistant Matt Collins was an opener for Don DC Curry.

During his set, he brought an audience participant during one of his crazy bits. This one was a dance off.

...Which ended with Collins doing his now infamous show-you-my-thong routine (The audience member's reaction was priceless!)

Up next was headliner Don DC Curry who began his set talking about the cold weather in St. Louis and the low turnout for his Friday show: "I started not to come my DAMN self. I called to see if the heat was working." Then he said, " There was a rumor that I wasnt coming. But I don't mind coming doing lil tacky places like this. "

On Haiti he said, "It's been two weeks and they still pulling out people alive. One boy even gained weight."
On people voting for Obama cuz of his skin color he said, "I woulda voted for Buckweat if he was black...and you know Brack pretty much said (during his State of the Union Speech) to white folks, 'Yawl can kiss my ass' but he couldnt really say that cuz he wont get a second term,."

He also ribbed Rihanna ("I can understand why Chris Brown did what he did. Sometimes, women can push you over the edge. He probably tried telling her to come on , hurry lets get ready [for the Grammies]. Bring your ass on! You ain't nominated for anything, so what's taking you so long." ) Whitney Houston ("Her comeback album ain;t worth a shit. She messed up long time ago when she started calling Bobby Brown the King of R&B." ) Kanye ("I cant stand a coward. why would he take that mic away from that Taylor Trick." I bet he wouldna pulled the mic on Queen Latifah. She would set it off up in his ass." )
and Michael Jackson("He was the baddest entertainer of all time. Then them molestation charges. Shit he probably molested everything, even the giraffes." And Jermaine wished he was Mike. What I wish he would do is take those damn fingerwaves out his hair." )

Curry also chimed in on former Republican vice president candidate Sarah Palin saying, "When Katie Couric asked her what type magazines she read, she said all of them. Do you know how many magazines there is. she couldda picked something. Ebony, Jet, anything."

He also talked about British pop sensation, Susan Boyle ("She proved that you can be retarded and still have talent." )

Curry in the lobby greeting fans.

And taking pics with them.

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