Monday, February 22, 2010


Photos by B Free Papparazzi (first pic) and Ma'atology There's YOURS TRULY, Ma'at Atkins, and his OUTCAM on the scene at Cafe Soul last Friday. Check out what we got below from this venerable monthly music showcase! (PICS IN ORDER OF EVENT)

Therre's dee-jay Needles gettin the beats and rhythms together for the show and atmosphere.

The house band gettin it smooth before the showcase.

New Cafe Soul host singer Tendai welcomed everyone to the show.

The crowd gearin up for the nite.

Tendai got it started singing Erykah Badu's "Back in the Day." and Chaka's "Aint Nobody," as backgrounders (including singer/guitarist Blu in the middle) join her. Later on in the show, she sang Anita Baker's "Been So Long," and Michel Le's No More Lies" and "Something in my Hart." The last two songs she said, "Imma take ya back during the Animal House days."

Saxophonist Rhoda J accompanied most of the featured artists, But as you will see later in the pics, she was the highlight!

Singer-guitarist Sheila Frazer and poet-Robert Dilliard enjoyin the show. They also were featured performers that nite.

Blu performed an original song titled, "Bitch Didnt I tell you to Stay in the Car?"LOL

Folks comin in for the event as Cafe Soul co-creator Angie Brown takes up the cash.

Tendai's vinyl black boots were tooooooo fierce!

A long shot of Tendai and the band gettin the crowd in the groove.

Dillard and Frazier performed "Dog Walk."

2009 McD's R&B /Soul Search winner Katrina Reece performed Chrisette Michelle's"Blame it on Me."

A side shot of Reece performing .

There's Ma'at Atkins gettin some time in the cam with host Tendai.

Music Unlimited saxophonist (and event sound man) Corey Allen performed an instrumental of Luther's"Never Too Much."

The crowd

Notice Me Award nominee and Cafe Soul co-creator Nichol Stevenson takes a pic with Tendai during the show.

Rhoda G held a note on her sax long enough to take a pic with Brown (left)guest (next to Rhoda) and Tendai. She was performing Jamie Foxx's "Blame it."

Rhoda G KILT IT holding that note for a loooooooooooooooooooong time to the point where...............

Folk like featured performer that nite Jamie Spencer start "making it sprinkle" wih the dollaz for her long note.

Some of the sprinkles.

The crowd

Folk in one of the b-day/VIP party booths gettin it crunk.

Mr and Mrs Corey Black were there.

During intermission people got their dance on.

"I'm out of breath." Stevenson helped collect the money Rhoda made from her performance.

Sista Power(Oh just so you know, her pimp cup had the words, "LUCKY BITCH" on it. LOL)

Another shot of the crowd.

A rare moment seeing a dapper DJ Cuddy without his dee-jay gear on.

NOTE: Overall the show was good. Most of the acts have performed many of times highlighting some of the city's up and coming singers and musicians. And permanent replacement host Tendai was great!

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