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Photos by Ma'atology
Comic/actress Kym Whitley is flanked by two St. Louis native comics, Matt Collins (left) and Jovan Bibbs (right) last Friday before hitting the stage for first set over last weekend. Whitley hosted.

Whitley did a about 20 minutes to open up the showcase. She started off saying that she didnt realize that it was warm in ST. Louis and that she didnt pack nothing but spring clothes and she was showing all of her "angel meat."

Whitely said that she was tired of holding her breasts and stomach in so she just let it all hang out. LOL

Whitley talked about airplanes charging for their services ("The next thing you know, they are going to start charging for oxygen masks where you gotta slide your credit card first."), Obama ("I wish I had a job at the White House, My job would be the official cock blocker for Michelle. I'd be like hey, Kim Kardashian, Superhead. uh uh, Mamma, no." )

She also ripped on the wall to the venue ("Whats wrong with this wall, does it got H1N1?"), Tiger Woods with white women only ("There was no black women? Not one black girl he was sleeping with. I'm gonna call Al Sharpton.") and being a cougar for young m,en ("I'm not a cougar. I'm a polar bear." )

First up was East St. Louis comic OJ he talked about pastors and their sermons ("Excuse me pastor, no "HA" is in the Bible"), and donating to Haiti with cell phone texts ("I said to this brotha, 'hey let me use your phone my cell phone bill too high. They'll understand." )

STL comic Spinks talked about people employed at certain jobs ("If your over 25 and work fast foods, kill yourself. You be like, 'I'm 35 but I'm a damn good fry man), women who wear long eyelashes (" I never stopped dating a woman cuz she got short lashes. Thats just extra stuff to get off the pillow.") and black people with income tax return checks (" Tax time us a black persons second X-mas." )

Matt Collins talked about hip hop music ("I love hip hop. But all the songs I like got the n-word in it so I gotta change the word to ninja. So I say stuff like, 'Obama, I love that ninja to death." ), Valentines Day ("I didnt get my wife flowers and I told her'Baby, I didnt buy you flowers or candy cuz you aint just nobody you're somebody special. I havent had to buy V-Day gifts in 12 years." ) and the first time experiencing chitterlings ("The first time I went over my black friend's mamma house I smelled this odor, then half way to their house I said to my friend, "Did somebody die at your house?" )

Collins also did a hilarious joke about using baby powder to keep his crotch dry and telling his wife to pretend the powder was coke when she goes down on him.

Next up was Jovan Bibbs (whom Whitley slightly squeezed his butt when he walked up to the stage) Who started his set by saying, "I walked all the way from Job Corps to get here." Then he ribbed on the Rams losingsest record ("The next Rams tickets will be at Emerson Center playing against Matthew-Dickeys. they gonna fuck Steven Jackson up." ), and one of his notorious jokes about his lady wearing a weave cap to bed ("She said "How do I look?" I said, "Like Chingy." )

Bibbs also got SO St. Louis with his saying one about, "Why does a musty motha fucka make you wanna buy some shrimp fried rice? " Also, talked about being "so hungry you open the refrigerator door more than once thinking some more food was gonna be there." He also did a hilarious bit about gay guys ("Don't try to hide it, just be gay. Is it gay for two guys to be under an umbrella? But whos the one gay, the one holding it or the one under it? ) and he did a hilarious bit involving him walking in the Lennox Mall in the ATL and spotting man he likes as SWV's "Weak" was played and picked a guy from the crowd to mess with as though the guy he saw also was gay.

Whitley signing her t-shirts and DVDs after the show.

The sister next to Whitley is her "soror" (both are Deltas) as others wait to get their DVD and/or t shirts signed.

Fans awaited after the show to meet Whitley as Bibbs looked on.


We checked out the Eddie Levert's after party/book signing for his book, "I Got Your Back" that was held at the Jazz Spot. Levert along with his singing partners, veteran group members the OJays performed along with Patti LaBelle at the Fox Theatre earlier that nite.

This lovely greeter named Miss Keisha welcomed the OUTCAM to invade her infectious smile.

Co-author of "I Got Your Back," STL native poet/director Lylah LeFlore arrives for the event.

About a half hour later, Eddie Levert (in Barberry Hoodie) without his flashy suit comes in with his entourage and heads to a makeshift area to regroup.

LeFlore introduced the crowd to Levert and gave him a well rounded applause. Most of the crowd came from the concert.

Levert thanked the crowd for coming and talked about working with LeFlore as well as his late son Gerald Levert on the book.
He said, "Did you all enjoy the concert?" and the crowd said a gleeful YES.

Levert also thanked the crowd for supporting the OJays for all these years.

While taking a sip of the cocktail, Leflore instructed Levert on the logstics of the booksigning.

As Levert signs books, LeFlore copped the cash.

This brotha with the red zoot suit (bandanna, shoes and hat to match) showed his thanks after getting his book signed by Levert.

This sista (whose frost hairdo actually matched her outfit )got cozy with Levert as though he was Santa as she got her pic taken.

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