Monday, February 22, 2010

OUT 785--CLOSE TO FAMOUS presents DERRTY GIRLZ PARTY Pink, Purple & Platinum Affair@ BLACK LABEL 2/19

Photos by Ma'atology

After we left Cafe Soul at the Loft last Friday, we checked out Close to Famous; B-day party for the b-days of three sistas who are affiliated with Nelly;s Derrty ENT company. The color scheme was pink, purple and platinum. One of the celebrators was Mousie Haley (STANDING, RIGHT) who was talkin with another b-day sista from Derrty, Chocolate Tai (bald hairdo) . Event host Allen A.I.Brown (LEFT) gettin it hype.

Derrty Sistas Haley and Tai.

Promoter/poet /bartender Seven gettin an order together.

Purple Pair: Miss Alichea and Close to Famous' Triky took a flick before the OUTCAM.

STL stars in the rowd were rappers Spiffy (in skully) and Chingy assistant Notice Me Award nominee Niddy (in shades). Picture guy from Louflicks also was there.

The Derrty VIP area.

The crowd.

Tai smiled it up with U Ce Me CEO, and St. Lunatic member Kyjuan. He, along with St. Lunatic and U Ce Me co-owner Murphy Lee hosted the event.

Packed house!

The guy in pink just stood out . LOL

In the other makeshift VIP area was Close to Famous member Hollywood (in purple shirt) up in the cut.

The crowd which included photographer Teddy "B Free" Blackett (the tallest person there. LOL)

Derrty ENT DJ Trife was cuttin it up in the dee-jay booth.

"We did it one more gain , fam." The Close To Famous guys got the crowd deep up in there!

Who is that Mousie talkin to with her hand on her hip?

Chingy, that's who. He was the special guest for the event.

Chingy was all smiles up in the event.


Murphy Lee came through and talked with Trife on gettin his song played up in therre.

In the VIP cut

NOTE: This had to have been one of the biggest parties that we have seen yet at Black Label. The Derrty ENT crewd really got the people packed deep up in therre and Close to Famous gets points for promoting one of the memorable urban parties so far in 2010. Also in attendance were socialite/clothes designer Lester Robinson, promoter Tatum Polk and model Marshawn to name a few. We didnt see singer Seven Lii, the other b-day sista who is with the U C Me label (and Murphy Lee's wife) at the party, but we probably didnt see her.

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