Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Photos by Ma'atology The DAPPER DUO: Major Brands' Tre Williams takes a swag pic with Notice Me Award nominee Soul Stylz' creator Cornell Boone, Both promoters produced the event.

For the guest were color themed treats including cupcakes

and two cakes that resembled Nuvo and Crown Royal bottles.

Two of the lovely Major Brands assistants that nite who helped pass out flowers (for the women) and treats to the crowd.

Williams giving the rundown for the nite to his assistants.

Major Brands assistant Kim Jordan takes a bite out of what the nite had to offer!

FREETIME's Adrian Saddler takes a sample of the cupcakes

LME Tim (Slater) Cortez nestled with the Major Brands assistants in hopes that the Mardis Gras beads had gone into effect! LOL

Sexy socialite Valarie Johnson (LEFT) is pictured with her girls who came to the STL last weekend to visit. They are all high school friends and from Omaha, Nebraska.

SYGU's Darryl Gillespie was holding it down at the bar (and the stare to the OUTCAM. LOL)

One of the Major Brands assistants carrying a cupcake tray.

Ladies were presented with roses as they entered the venue.

Many of them were delighted to receive the flowers.

An assistant serving name tags and markers for two couples.

Uh, we are still trying to figure out what dude what was thinking wearing in his tribute to Fred Rerun Berry. LOL

This couple (or so we think they were) is all smiles as the lady celebrated being a grad.

A long shot of a party having a b-day celebration.

We are not for sure if she here was the b-day girl but she was part of the b-day party.


MO CROWD (and what is rally goin on in this pic? If you look in the center as the sista fondles the other sista's hair as the brotha looks on as though he was gettin turned on! TMP!)


The crowd from the steps leading to upstairs.

Upstairs, the lively crowd was gettin their dance on.

NOTE: Overall this event was nice and classy. Major Brands got points with the complimentary roses, cupcakes and Crown Royal/Nuvo samples for the crowd. It was a bit scaled down from last year when Major Brands had its interactive/dating game area (which was the patio area enclosed with a tent) but overall the event was the perfect event for couples and wanna be couples during this Valentine's Day celebration.

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