Monday, February 22, 2010


Photos by Ma'atology

After Sugar's Lounge, we headed back west on Washington Ave to peep out Notice Me Award nominee FREETIME's Winterfresh party at The newly renovated and Notice Me Award nominee The City. Pictured are FREETIME's Adrian Saddler who got his party on big time with some of the clientele while Evening Whirl Entertainment Editor Jason Bailey (left) came through with his sister.

FREETIME's Roy Robinson and his big Mardis Gras chain fights the power with comedian Jovan Bibbs.

The FREETIME crew in pose mode including b-day gent Daryl Frierson (in blue suit) and Mr. Focus (in the dreads). Meanwhile the Freetime boyz get their freak sandwich on with a guest.


Smashed Up.
Saddler, Frierson and Focus. Which one you think was the most smashed? Looks like the gent in the center!~ LOL

The City has a new VIP area that is draped with white curtains in the middle of the venue.

Up in the VIP area was sexy socialite Valarie Johnson.

If you look closely, you will see promoter/socialite Joe Jennings gettin his network on up in VIP.

Therre's a brotha who's gettin his party on with the Goose as Close to Famous' Triky Haley (dreads) and Chingy get their sip on.

As always , err body wanna be VIP.

Looks like the sista in the background is about to join the VIP club that nite.

These party sistas check out the pic they just took on the digital cam.

Close to Famous' Triky and Hollywood was gettin it in this past weekend that started first at their Derrty Girlz event at Balck Label last Friday.

Liquid Assets' Phil Assets dropped by in VIP to socialize meanwhile Chingy was making sure his 360 waves were still smoothed out. LOL

Beyond the brotha's 360 up front, Chingy, socialite Niddy and Assets are gettin their talk on and check out sista girl in the background gettin her party on up in the seats!

Three on Notice. Notice Me Award nominees Chingy and his assistant Niddy and award show co-creator Phil Assets in swag frame for the OUTCAM.

Therre's Miss Shaikenya stylin it up for the OUTCAM.

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