Monday, April 5, 2010

OUT 811--DIVAS of THE LOU at The Ambassador April 2

Photos by Ma'atology
One of many awards that were given out to the STL women in the journalism, promotions and supporters of the event to celebrate and honor STL female talent.

Inbox's NeKay and Kayshanell take a pic with model/talk show host Jon Erickque.

Hosting the event was Jenee. Scheduled host, Staci Static was ill.

The first act up was the trio, Yodi.

Mood maker Ms Cinnamin, was one of several women who received an award for their contribution to the Divas of the Lou Movement.

Rapper Viscious was up next.

Acts gathered near the stage corridor.

Styles Clothing was one of the sponsors as you can see by the tee this brotha is wearing.

Stage manager directing the acts in the corridor including Chocolate Tai, Mz. Cherri and comic Ms. Funy who sounded off the first round of ladies who received awards that night.

Mz. Cherri on stage

And her booth had a supporter all in the mix.

Ms. Kriss was in the building who gave us this wowing diva pose before prepping to perform later that nite.

Backstage rap trio June Fifth, who was set to perform, takes a pic with their producer, Vega

On stage was teen singer Brittany J.

Rapper Ms. STL giving the crowd some sexy glam on stage

Ms. Prada (right) presented Brittany J with an award for being a supporter of ladies in the STL music game.

Jenee(second from left) and DJ Cinnamin (fourth from left) received their awards.

Singer Miahni on stage

Miahni's background singers

Ms. Kriss on stage

The lovely Aloha backstage. She was the only artist that nite who brought on the hotness and a different mix to her performance (SEE PICS BELOW)

Aloha talking with rap duo, Unladylike, who was also on the night's bill.

On stage was June Fifth, along with Vega, who did wonders with unitards.

A youngsta in the June Fifth crew.

June Fifth member DT shakes the hand of a lil sista with dollaz (referring to their single they performed, "Dollaz." ).

Got that doe!

Co-promoter of Divas, T Baby of OoohWee/Fyre Boy announced for honorees for aards that nite.

Next up was Derrty ENT rapper Chocolate Tai,

Meanwhile, Aloha gave OUTCAM her CD cover pose on while waiting to go onstage!

The stage manager shows an act where they are in the show

Ms. Parade honors T Baby with an award as Baby Ginuwine does a Mr. Kiki Shepherd hand gesture.

"Ooooh Weee. Ooooh to the muh fuckin weee."

Aloha gave style and flair to her set.

We are feeling the puffed out sleeves!

Aloha was the only act to have a band, an all female one at that!

Aloha rockin with the guitarist.

Next up was Unladylike who was spittin it out especially Gunna who used two mics to do her flow.

Lady throwdown

Gunna gives the OUTCAM the finger.

Of the three songs they peformed, one was their hit single, "Dough" off their debut CD

This mature lady got her crunk on along with younsgters.

The other highlight was the "death" of Ebony Eyez.

Eyez didnt perform any songs. She did a five minute rap a capella stating she was killing off Ebony Eyez for good saing she didnt care if she was blackballed and she was tired of the record biz politics (one of her lines she said was, "Folks say I'm mean, no, I'm not, I just say what I mean." )

Right before she walked off the stage she said that she is no longer doing free shows as well. OUCH.

Next up were singers Mo Lyric and rapper 007.

NOTE: Also performed were Jenee, Ki-Key, Sosy, Skiddals (who we heard gave a shout out to Cinnamn, cuz she was the only other white girl in the STL game), Ladies on Point and Kandy Girls.

This was a good start for this inaugural event, celebrating female talent in the STL, a first for the STL Aloha was the best in show and EbonyEyez' "womanifesto" was bittersweet. We just wondered why she did it during the celebration of women in the STL music game?


We checked out some fo 13 Black Katz Pre easter networking party at the Champions Club in Busch Stadium. Pictured are photographer Lois Ingrum and 13 Black Katz member Jacque Land.

Singer Coco Soul (and DEM SHOES) was there.


Folk gettin their slides on.

NOTE: The 13 Black Katz continue to pack it in with each event they have. Their parties have slowly become the 35 and over networking event of the STL, aka the Old School First Friday. LOL Soon after we left, there was a mad accident that occured in front of the Busch Stadium entrance where the event was located involving a hit and run car and a horse and carriage rider. From eyewitnesses, the hit and run car, hit the carriage, causing the horse to unmantle and roam in the streets. The impact also caused the driver of the carriage to fall out of the carrage . The owner of the carriage biz and ambulance and police were there. Apparently, the horse was captured and the carriage driver was OK.

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