Tuesday, April 20, 2010


PHOTOS by B FREE PAPPARAZZI (first photo) and Ma'atology Therre's YOURS TRULY, Ma'at Atkins with OUTTOWN fan and socialite Shaikenya Williams at the Summer Soul series at Exo which debuted last Friday with Grammy Award nominated indy soul artist Eric Roberson. the event was hosted by radio personality Selena J who also celebrated her b-day that nite. Check out the other events we snapped up last Friday down below that the OUTCAM captured!

There was a lot of events goin on last Friday.
First, we checked out a few minutes of Cafe Soul at the Loft

Host Tendai Morris lookin elegant in blue. as she poses for OUTCAM(left) and hosting the show.

Morris also performed. Here she was vocalizing with some volunteer background singers.

Attendees and socialite couple Larry and Becky Blue. Larry was celebrating his b-day that weekend with a function that went down at Bar Italia the following nite.

The crowd.

Miss Patrice performed Chaka's "Aint Nobody."

Cafe Soul co-creator Nichol Stevenson poses with singers Miss Shanietha and Katrina Reece (blondes must have more fun. LOL) who also performed that nite.

Shaneitha on the mic performing Jill Scott's " It's Love" with Reece and a background guy provided the extra vocals.

DJ Needles kept the atmosphere and transitions going with his mp3 tracks.

After staying for about a half hour, we jetted on the next block over for:

The Summer Soul Series/Selena J's 30th B-day Bash at Exo

Prior to the event, Stress Free Fridays had its weekly networking event at Exo. Pictured are co-creator Mark Anthony Jones and a guest.

Therre's Williams (lovin the disco earrings) posed with Exo co-owner Fred Finley.

Real estate agent Nate Johnson (also Selena J's brother) and his wife came through to support Selena J's b-day party.

DJ Reminise had it crunk with the mp3s. before the concert series.

The crowd upstairs.

Mrs. Johnson tucks in some dollars on Selena J's money wrist as Finley looks at the OUTCAM.

Finley and J

J showing the OUTCAM her money corsage. LOL

Mr. Ken, and comics Jovan Bibbs and Arvin Mitchell came through.

Singer Crystal Haywood also came through

Jazz trumpeter Lamar Harris having a small confab with Reminise before the concert started. Harris played in the band that was accompanying Eric Roberson.

Harris introducing...

Mr. Roberson as the crowd went wild!

The crowd were feeling Mr. Roberson

Roberson missed it up that nite even covering "Da Butt." .

Roberson on a chair so he can perform before err body who was there.

After staying for about an hour, we jetted to Lure Nightclub to see if comic Darius Bradford was going to be at his b-day party, "Sprung" and all of the news of him getting arrested and jailed for back child support payments as reported by his facebook page. The drive was to raise money for Bradford so he could at least be out to host his b-day party. Well, we got there, and got word from a source that we would be out on Monday so he was missing his party.

So he jetted there and hit:

Freetime and Koncepts' Spring Training networking party at Sleek inside Lumiere Place.

These lovely ladies were collecting the ends and greeting the crowd.

Pictured are (from left) fitness trainer Deanthony Moore, Freetime member Roy Robinson, Radio One executive Christina Bailey and Freetime member Adrian Saddler.

Hmm, are these two the latest? Dunno. Therre's Natina Hopson and Freetime's Darryl Freirson.

Therre's soon-to-be-wed couple Miss Patrice and Mr Rico.

This sista was gettin it in!

"May I get something that will make me go, ooooweeee?"

DJ OK was on the 1s and 2s.

It was "filt" up in therre that the crowd had to hang in the hallway next to Sleek (wonder if they paid? LOL)

Another shot of the crowd.

NOTE: Also in the house were Koncepts' Keith Harris (who co-promoted the event), socilaites Cora Drew (I took care of the Jospehine Baker pic!) Jameelah E. , and Corey Hellems, attorney Daniel Brown, Lakeisha Daniels (who was visiting from the twin Cities and accidentally spilled water on me. LOL) and bouncer Milan C Green to name a few. .

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