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Photos by Ma'atology Close to Famous' Triky and Kelly. They were celebrating their three year anniversary as biz partners at their event titled BLOOM last Friday. They continued the following nite at the City where they debut the weekly, Status Saturdays.

Attendees included socialite/promoter Cerise Cohee (get that MBA sistah!) and designer Chris Dinkins.

DJ Reminise had it crunk on the mp3s.

Mr. Robert gettin his two step on with his lady.

Paparazzi gettin it in!

Some of the many in the crowd who came out after the blackout (will explain below ).
NOTE: This event was cool. Lots of people, networking, music and drink. Biz as usual. Whats interesting was about 90 minutes after the doors opened (around 10p.m.) there was a power outtage after the high winds and major storms earlier that day resulting in a section of Compton and Locust to be blacked out including the intersection traffic lights, the BP Gas Station, Loft Nightclub and the adjoining biz, Karma Nightclub Exo and the Fubar. Soon after the lights came back on (around 1130) then it was back to normal. Also in the house were promoter Daryel Oliver, comic Jessie Taylor, Beige World editor David Burnett and socialite Renaud Chavoz Lucas.
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We caught the tail end of the one year anniversary celebrations of Black Label as well as paparazzi company/promoters Night Society. Pictured are Night Society team (from left) Michael Barber (much love for the final free Jello shot. LOL) Mr. Terry (standing), Kennya Anthony and Maurice Bishop.

Tim Slater (or is it Cortez this go round. LOL) and Black Label hypeman had it goin on the mike.

The TMP PIC--This sista had a leg up on what she wanted. LOL

Tim in hype host mode. behind him is former football player Bernard Whittington.

NOTE: We got there about midnight or so and it was hella packed. An added touch were the free gelatin shots for the crowd (Barber said that we missed out the sistas licked out the shots from the small containers. LOL) SouL Sessions' Jae Edwards had the club photo set up for the crowd. Whats puzzling was the bar, from our understanding closes at 3 a.m. but the hosts were gettin asses out of there by 1:30 a.m.!


We checked out comic Jessie Taylor's weekly Funny Sundays at the Pulse (formerly the Spotlight) in Baden. Taylor was in rare form as always talking about his favorite subjects: the STL hood and sex. Taylor had the crowd's side splitting talking about how people name their children from streets located where they were conceived( "His name is Gake (pronounced "Jake") that stands for Grand And Kossuth Exit, the difference between white women and black women having sex ("White women be all like (excited Valley girl accent), 'oooooh, yeah you're fucking me. Oh yeah! No, you are really fucking me.'" Whereas black women got an attitude, they look and say (bored)'Uh, yeah, wait a minute I think I hear my kids'" ). Taylor also had the crowd cracking up demonstrating having sex by using the chair.

Next, he had the talent portion of the show.

Poet Diesal, who also works at Pulse these days, recited a love poem that got the ladies reactin' (including one of the bartenders).

Producer/rapper J Dug was one of the three who participated in the competition portion of the talent show. He spat a poem about (more like a rap) about knowing yourself.

Taylor asked the second competitor, rapper 007 what she was going to do for her talent and she spat lyrics about herself. She also pubbed her new mixtape which she said she was selling and showcasing it at T Billy Buffetts this Thursday.

OO7 gettin the spit in.

She had the crowd in deep as J Dug, her mixtape producer and Taylor looked on.

The third was rapper Lil Tony who what else.... rapped and last was Smug Deep Butta who wasnt part of the competition but did a tribute to their homeboy and hype dancer, Mohawk who was incarcerated recently by performing their track, "Beat it Bad" and demonstrating the song's dance created by Mohawk.

Then it was time for the crowd to vote on who was the best.

The vote was tie between J Dug and 007. So they had a 60 second battle. He did another poem and she did a snippet from her mixtape as she gave the dee-jay a track to play. Well, one of the crowd members yelled out "That ain't fair, she using music." She checked the audience member and said, "Hey hold up, I'm 007, don' t do me." Her comment caused the crowd, as well as Taylor, to respond, "Ooooooooooooooooh!"

The winner was OO7. What they won? Don't know. LOL

Next were the comics.

Opening was comic STL Slim who talked about topics like how to get a house on Section 8 at any part of the world, the story of the effeminate homosexual man beating him up in a neighborhood fight and the difference between lesbians and d---s.

A back view shot of STL Slim on stage and the crowd.

Headliner B Cole had a family emergency the day of the show and had to cancel so the replacement comic was STL fave, Ray Laposki

Laposki talked about Lil Wayne ("This guy is everywhere on people's records. Last I checked he was doing a featuring on a Kirk Franklin song." ), Facebook dont's ("If you a guy, don't poke me, send me any pillows or a beer. Buy me a real beer." ) and misunderstanding hood definitions ("This guy came up to me in this club, stood next me and and said, 'I'm about to steal on this mutha fucka'". I was like, oh no, he's about to rob me. He's about to steal the 600 dollars I have in my pocket. Well, next thing you know, he punched me in my face. I was happy that the didnt steal my 600 dollars."

He also talked about celebs in the news like Tiger Woods's wife( "His wife should have stayed with him and didnt say nothin, If he's just fuckin btches, then she's winning." ), Brandy ("Someone needs to tell her about her lacefront." ) and Chilli of TLC ("No she has a reality show trying to find love. How old is she? Wasn't she like relevant like 1998? She's gonna need a Red Bull to start up her pussy." )

A long shot of Laposki on stage.
NOTE: Overall the show was good. The headliner, who said on stage that he got the call from Taylor to see if he could perform that day (He was on the road to Chi-town and turned around to head to St. Louis) had many in the crowd trying to figure out the latter half of his jokes (especially the ones talking about big boned sisters and growing up with the real mob.).The hood also had it share of things going on near the nightclub side of Pulse as brothers were blunting up and stopping up the toilet with the butts and pretending the corner of the club near the stage was their street hangout. Other comics were there hanging out including Jay" Do She" Lee and Lil Rock.

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