Monday, April 12, 2010


Photos by Ma'atology Two members of the multi-numbered Committee (including socialite Calvin Nelson on right) poses with comedian Kym Dobbs who hosted the event.

The sideways cake. LOL.

The shrimp display.

Promoter/socialite Mocha Latte and her friend came by to support before her hosting duties at Karma a few doors down.

LME's Tim Cortez (left) and Otto Nichols (right) poses with Exo crew (including Big Joe in back) and SYGU's Rhashad Whittier.

Just fresh off the plane from his European tour with DMC, dee-jay Charlie Chan Soprano had it spinnin on the Mp3s.

Dobbs gettin her host on.

The sexy body paint models were serving free shots.

Nelson discusses the Committee's goals to St. Louis Post's Kevin Johnson (left)

Cortez signs on the Committee list.

Dapper bruhs Artis Turner and Lester Robinson.

This sista was gettin it in that night.

The crowd


We attended a special edition of Friday Night Fixx at Karma that celebrated the b-day of St. Lunatics member Kyjuan (right). Posed with him are Hot 104.1 personality/program director/Fixx live broadcast host Mickey J and Latte. This was night one of the three consecutive nites where Kyjuan celebrated his born day. The other venues were Black Label (Saturday) and a comedy show at Ambassador (Sunday).

Latte on the m.i.c.

The crowd first floor.

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Is it Rihanna? No, but this sista made a statement with her two toned hair and dress! And them shades were to die for!!!

What was up with bruh man's neck??? LOL

Latte poses with "Streetballers" actor and co-producer Craig Thomas.

Guess St. Lunatics member Murphy Lee was gettin a lil "nosey." LOL

The upper and lower area crowd.

Murph chillin up on the sitting area in one of the party booths with his crew.


In the house was Liquid Assets' Phil Assets.

 well as his biz partner/event host Ill Will Fitz (right)

Murph got on the mic to "rap up" things.

As well as Murph's hitman, Hitman Holla.

Karma co-owner and Loosecannon promoter of Fixx, Wellz FargoSlim gives the OUTCAM the finger.

NOTE: The Committee event was nice (Aint it like 20 of yawl in the group????LOL) Nothing major as far as any highlights. The body paint models was an added touch to the event but other than that it was your usual party. Friday Night Fixx, on the other hand had many of them. One, it was the most packed Ive ever seen Karma be without a national celeb coming through (and folks were paying as high as $60 to get up in there!!!) . It was to the point where it felt like a sauna up in there. It was to the point where we had to bounce at 2 am just when the liquid leggings contest was about to go down cuz it was gettin unbearable from the heat generated from the hundreds there. But we did manage to hear about the contest. We heard that the upstairs in the VIP area was cleared to even have the contest (which means the lower area was unwalkable). Also, that four women split $2,000 for the top prize of having the best liquid leggings (The pot was initially advertised as $1,500. Hmmm).

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