Monday, April 5, 2010


Photos by Ma'atology

104.1 personalities Tony J (left) and Young Dip on their laptops on Facebook posting to fans during their live broadcast.

Video Vault Tv prepping to interview STL singer Ms. Kriss who was opening up the concert.

During one of the radio breaks, Dip shared the mic with J.

Sande Stevenson of STL-TV prepares to also interview MS Kriss.

In interview mode.

A Long shot of the lights, camera and action.

Both ladies show the pearly whites after the interview.

The stage area. Heineken was the sponsor of the concert.

The Hot 104.1 crew

Program Director Mickey J hosted the event.

Ms. Kriss on stage. She began her mini set performing Rihanna's "So Hard."

Then she sang, Mary J's "Be Without you" and her own song, "That Fire."

Candid shot of singer Aloha watching Ms Kriss on stage.

Aloha (left) takes a flick with some friends in VIP.

After about an hour, Lyfe Jennings' got on stage.

He started his set with the hit, "S.E.X."

The ladies really were into his swag.

He shared with the crowd that it has been two years since his last CD and had went through some problems before "so it's time to go forward." He referenced to the trouble he encountered in Georgia being charged for firing a gun, possession of one and a police chase.

Then , he told the crowd that the gotta go the hits that is.

So he sang, "Never Never land." After that, he told the lively crowd that he will be releasing his newest CD "I Still Believe" in June and performed the lead single, "Busy."

Ten he challenged the crowd to see if they were true Lyfers by performing one of his earlier songs, "Stick Up Kid." He had the crowd respond to the lyrics after he sang parts of it but after the people in the back of the club remained not singing he stopped performing the song saying, "Maybe some of yawl in the back may not know it and we got a certain amount of time. "

Then he sang the second single from his newest CD, "Statistics," a poignant song about the social status of the black man in America.

Folks seem to love what they were hearing, especially this sista who was very "sure." LOL .

Lyfe said he's used to a big stage to run around but had to be confined to a little space. So for the most part he sat and performed including an impromptu a capella of Sam Cooke's "A Change is Gon Come" and his hit, "Let's Stay Together." Then, he had the crowd do a name that song lyric to some of his other songs and ended his set singing his first big hit, "Must Be Nice."

After his set, Lyfe crashed in VIP for a bit, regrouping for the media foray and his fans who paid to get up close with the singer.

Lyfe breaking bread with some of the selected fans from the crowd.

Lyfe getting interviewed by STL-TV

NOTE: Overall the concert was good--when it finally started (two hours after the doors opened ). So when it was time for Lyfe to perform (after 10p.m.), the morning job folk were looking at their watches. After his concert he came into VIP area of the club to hob nob with radio execs media and selected fans, but outside of VIP area door was a mild melee where ladies were clawing to get to the door to meet Lyfe. Many ladies started to get restless and wanted to enter soon after the concert paying money to get up in Lyfe's face. We heard that they finally let them in after the media did their interviewing and snapping pics, but for OUTTOWN, we vamped after the last pic we could take. The event was co-promoted by Cafe Soul and 3Way Promotions.

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