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YOURS TRULY, Ma'at Atkins took time from the OUTCAM and commentating to take a flick with St. Lunatics member Kyjuan who was on set with the other Lunatics (including Nelly) to shoot its latest video" Money Talk" at Vision Tracks Studio in Fenton Monday.

Photos by Erica M Brooks (above pic) Ma'atology and B Free Paparazzi ( first pic and the last six pics) This past Monday OUTTOWN checked out the first of the two day video shoot of the St. Lunatics' filming the first official music video for the single, "Money Talk" the first official single off the group's second CD, "City Free." The shoot was held at Vision Tracks Studios in Fenton. If you look closely, you can see YOURS TRULY, Ma'at Atkins on the far right (in blue hat and light blue shirt and dark blue pants) all in the mix as though he was part of the crew. LOL Check out below all of the behind the scenes pics from the vid and see who dropped by to be on the set!

At 9ish AM we got to the spot. The tour bus of the St. Lunatics was parked near the studios along with the crew truck for the video prep. We didnt get where the Lunatics stayed but we assume it was nearby (It was a Motel 6 next door but we dont know if they stayed there).

Inside, the crew were filming the video models' portion of the video.

A crew assistant giving the model that blow hair effect with a fan.

This model was about to do a floor shot. (As you will see in a few pics below).

The crew setting up for the floor shot.

See. LOL

One of the few signs that were posted on set for the crew and media.

This model did most of the video sashaying in the filming (as you will see later down below)

Makeup assistants touching up the models' face.

The mon-tee that were used for the video. But the money was not real (as you will see later on down below)

More prepping and filming of the models.

Meanwhile, in the green room, Lunatics member City Spud was getting a touch up on his hair and beard as the video shoot barber gets Spud edged up and videographer Chris Phillips gets all of the trimmings. The flash in the mirror came from YOURS TRULY. LOL

The director of the video, Juwan Lee (in red) and the crew sets up the money scene.

And as you see, the money aint real with the label "For MOTION PICTURE USE ONLY" on the bill.

The money counter counting up dem billz.

The crew filming the money counter countin' em stacks.

Lee gives Spud the breakdown of the video before he does his spot.

Spud also did a U Stream feed for Derrty ENT.

Spud doing his thing. This is his first video with the St. Lunatics.

Nelly came on the set briefly to get the notes on the video from Lee.

Lunatics member Kyjuan clowning on the U Stream feed that was hosted by Chantell Owens of OhhMyy TV.

A long shot of Kyjuan filming his portion of the video.

Kyjuan gettin it in.

Kyjuan with the U Stream feed.

Another shot of the Director of Photography filming Kyjuan.

Murphy Lee on set. Here he's talking with freelance photographer Erica Brooks.

During one of the breaks, brothers Kyjuan and Murphy Lee chime it up as they look at the latest issue of the Evening Whirl.

Meanwhile, media were gettin their questions going for Nelly about the video shoot being filmed in his hometown.

Murphy Lee filming his portion of the video.

Phillips gettin it in with the digicam and B Free's Teddy Blackett behind him with his photo cam.

Lee and one of the models prepping for a scene.

And action!

Someone's Lincoln Navigator parked outside of the studios.

The Derrty ENT crew chillin outside. They even had a Habachi (next to the bus) doing a makeshift tailgate party cooking BBQ keeping it real.

Later on in the day, Nelly prepped for his portion in the video.

Nelly in action.

Swagged out.

Posing for the OUTCAM.

A scene with one of the models and Nelly of her whispering in Nellys ear sumpin.

A close up of the bling on Nelly's wrists.

We think the Nellster is tweetin' on his cell phone.

Phillips and Blackett were two of the many media folk there at the video shoot.

Classic pose. One of the models in frame for a walk to Nelly scene.

The three lovely models hired for the video taking a break from the lights, camera and action.

Around 4 p.m., The Birdman was on set waiting to do his first scenes of the video.

Evening Whirl Chief Photographer King Yella shows Birdman pics on his I -Touch. His brother, Slim, looks on.

Birdman in a scene with two stacks of ends in his grip.

"Money talks, fam!"

Birdman asked for his money bags and his assistant went outside on his tour bus to get them.

Birdman on the phone handlin real talk biziness before the next scene.

Birdman swaggin out.

During one of the breaks, Birdman and Murphy Lee took pics with the media.

Later on in the day., rapper Chingy arrived to be on the video.

Back on set, Chingy joined Birdman on set.

Nelly in his second outfit for his next shoot scene.

Same with Kyjuan

All the Tics and Birdman on set for the shot.

A long shot of the video set with all the artists and crew.

NOTE: OUTCAM was there from 9 a.m. to about 5p.m. When we were leavng they had finished one scene with Birdman (who was surprisingly the gentleman when we were in his way when he was about to walk around. he said, "excuse me, sir." ) and local dee-jay Sir Thurl was there for his scene. Throughout the day, YOURS TRULY played commentator during the video shoot as videographer Chris Phillips digicammed it for a future YOUTUBE screening (TBD). Also on set were Lunatics member Ali and STL rapper Just Blac who arrived after we left. Also, kudos to Fresh Water who provided the H20 for err body, the best water in the planet!

And big ups to Abesi PR for putting us on the list!

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