Monday, April 5, 2010


Photos by Ma'atology YOURS TRULY, Ma'at Atkins does a OUTCAM shot in the mens restroom mirror. Check out who came through to this event down below!

Event host Mocha Latte poses with graphics designer Marcus Brainstorm

Latte shows off her see through tee.

Folk chillin watching the Hopkins--Jones preliminary fights

folk watching the beginning of the Hopkins--Jones fight on the plasma.


Folk tricking in after the fight on TV.

Club photographer/Evening Whirl Chief Photographer shows socialite Niddy and a young lady pics from his new Applelet

Niddy, Mario Clay, Maria Maria Wilson and guest chill up in one the booths.

Clay and Wilson pose for the OUTCAM.

Later that nite, the man of the hour actor Pooch Hall (aka Derwin of the hit show, "The Game") comes through to host. Here, he's pictured with Karma co-owner/Loosecannon's Wellz Fargo Slim and Hall's assistant Rob.

Mocha gets "pooched" up with the host. LOL

Hall on the mic thanking everyone for coming as Slim swigs out. LOL

Hall cracks up of his own swag.

"Hey Derwin, could you do the turkey baster scene you did on The Game? "

The ladies got their cheek to cheek on with Hall.

Hall was gettin' his party on.

Hall gets sandwiched with Mocha and Tamara.

One, two , one two, one-two three.

"Yo, fam, when is 'The Game" returning to the network? That was my ish!"

Slim, Mocha and Hall pose up for a shot.

NOTE: Overall the event was cool. A little light for Karma's crowd numbers when a celeb comes through, but for those who did show up, the evening turned out for the best when Pooch Hall arrived and he got his party on. And he is mad cool, too.

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