Wednesday, November 4, 2009


It’s almost the end of the year and for those who get their party on, if it wasn’t for the many promoters putting on events, the STL social scene would be BO-GUS. Well, OUTTOWN is gearing up for its year end postings and one will be the Top 10 Event Promoters/Socialites of 2009.

We had about 50 or so in the running who has made an impact on the social scene and narrowed it down to 20 promoters/socialites who are in that running. But OUTTOWN would like for you all to pick who you all think is the #1 promoter/socialite in the STL.The following is a list of those Top 20 promoters/socialites in alphabetical order and would like for you the reader to select who’s on top.

They are as follows:

1.1st Fridays (Harry Michel and Fred Finley--)


3.B Free Paparazzi/Teddy Blackett

4.Cafe Soul ( Coco Soul/Angie Brown/Nichol Stevenson)
5.Close To Famous (Triky and Hollywood--PICTURED)

6.Corey Black

7.Freetime ( Adrian Saddler/Roy Robinson/Daryl Freirson)

8.Imperial Events (Ezekiel Obasi/Meka Wilson --PICTURED)

9.Koncepts/Keith Harris

10.Liquid Assets (Phil and Chelsea Dawn)

11.LME (Otto Nichols/Tim Slater--PICTURED)

12.Loosecannon/Wellz Fargo Slim

13.Major Brands (Elson Williams/Tre Williams)
14.Monopoly/Mocha Latte (PICTURED)
15.M.P.A.C./Mo Spoon

16.Precision/Rob Kirk

17.Soul Stylz (Cornell Boone/Jamie Spencer/Sarah Bryant/Treanna Kerney--PICTURED)
18.Soul U/Xplicit and SJ 76 Kid

19.Stress Free Fridays (MarkAnthony Jones/Mario Wayne/Joe Jennings)

20.Vanita Applebum Enterprises (Vanita Applebum)
Email us at and tell us who you think is the #1 promoter/socialite. The deadline is Dec. 15, 2009

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