Monday, November 16, 2009


Photos by Ma'atology There's hairstylist and bodybuilder Steven Lacy with event assistant Tanya Crumel from Birmingham, Ala. at Christopher Stevens Salon last Saturday. She was one a few many out of town salonists in town for Lacy's Three-year Anniversary celebration of his salon, on 20th and Washington in downtown St. Louis. A red carpet gala also occurred that Sunday.

Guests included salonist/dancer Miss Aretha and St. Louis Post Pop Critic Kevin Johnson.

Some of the guests who attended the party.


OUTTOWN checked out Sexy Saturdays at Exo . The guest dee-jays who spun that nite were DJ I.T. (RIGHT) and Big Daddie the DJ from New Orleans.

Folk gettin their party on up in Exo.

More folk (Hey, can you spot B Free Paparazzi'sMiata Lewis?)


We peeped out SHowme Entertainment's Best of the Best" , a showcase of St. Louis area artists at the Ambassador. Hosting was Soul Sessions host Seven. He also started the show with a poem of his own.

First up was singer K.L.

Backstage, R&B trio Sosy was doing vocal runs before hitting the stage.

Sosy started their set with an a Capella tune

Then broke off two songs focusing on their energetic, JanetJacksonesque dance routine.

Meanwhile, backstage, singer Seven Lii's background dancers were practicing.

Sosy with their manager James Glasco after their performance.

J Block of 314 Block, Seven and Soul Sessions' JE backstage.

R&B singer J'Var in the corridors gettin ready to perform.

J'Var did a Bobby Brown tribute show performing his hits.

J'var stole the show with his abs as he used the mike as his "love stick" and went into the crowd to serenade the ladies.

Meanwhile, backstage artist were getting interviewed by 314Block TV.

Seven Lii and her dancers in prayer before going on stage.

Seven lii in her sexy MJ-Thriller attire.

Lii and Seven

Seven Lii got the crowd going with her sass and vocal abilities.

Lii and her dancers reenacted Jasmine Sullivan's "Bust Yo Windows", bats and all.

A couple in the crowd watching the show.

Up next was R&B trio, Mo Tre. One of its members, Santana with one of its dancers used as a female admirer during their set.

The group sang Usher's "U Remind Me."

They did a clothes change in club gear and performed their new joint, "Crush" with their dancers.

Mo Tre backstage after their set.

In the crowd was Glasco and STL Post's Kevin Johnson.

One of the live bands had renounced guitarist Wild mann.

Up next was East St. Louis native singer/2005 American Idol finalist Deandre Perryman who had one of the few highlighted sets. He started his feverish set with Bobby Brown's "My Prerogative."

Meanwhile, we got a pick of 2005 American Idol finalist Aloha Mi-sho

Meanwhile on stage, Perryman was gettin close with a female dancer in his group.

...and his freaky leg on. LOL

Backstage was Wildmann, his son and R&B singer/producer Bradd Young.

On stage was Aloha Misho who started her set with Prince's "Kiss."

Aloha invited Young on stage during the rest of her set. Young is her music producer. She compares there music relationship to Aaliyah to Timbaland. She sang, "At Your Best You Are Love."

Misho was the only artist to get a standing ovation during their set.

Aloha took backgrounds when Young took centerstage to sing his big radio hit, "Grown Man Lovin."

The ladies rushed up to the as he performed his hit. It was also announced he will sign to a major record deal with a major label.

He only had time to do one more song which was Al Green's "Let's Stay Together."

Backstage in their dressing room was Ozzie Smith, preparing to go on stage and his manager, Terrence Smith who put on the show.

Mi-sho after the show as Young looks on.

Therre's Sineta (right) and her friend in the crowd.

Nikko Smith on stage like a boxer.

Smith did songs by Drake and Jamie Foxx's "Blame it ."

The label N on the back (for Nikko) of his jacket.

The crowd held on and jammed with Smith.

NOTE: Scheduled act Coco Soul did not perform (We will comment more on this at OUT 724--STL- TIDBITZ) .

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