Monday, November 9, 2009


Photos by Ma'atology
FREETIMEs Roy Robinson and Darryl Frierson. Robinson also was celebrating his b-day that nite as well.

The host was comedian Maurice G, who's also a co-promoter with Fun E Katz, the group who co-promoted with Freetime the event.

LEFT: In the crowd was Radio One Marketing's KAMEIKA SMITH

G warmed up the small but attentive crowd for the acts to follow.

A long shot side view of G entertaining the crowd.

First up was poet Xplcit

He spat a few cool haiku and swagger poetry to the crowd.

Next up was comic Deandre

Deandre had the crowd cracking on his jokes. One was, "I got good news. I got the tags on my car. I get pulled over on purpose now."

Robinson seemed to have enjoyed himself at the show.

Next up was local duo AzOne

They sang a mini set which included MJ's Butterflies."

They also sang "Happy Birthday"
to Robinson as well.

Next up was one of the headliners, comedian Pierre.

Pierre said that he was single and he wants to deal with grown women cuz "they don't text you all day. LOL

He also said that grown women don't have Myspace and got fan pages with Chris Brown and Lil Weezy. "

He also said that women should stop putting pictures on their webpages where they have their graduation pic with the tassel showin the year 1981.

Before he got on stage, the second headliner R&B crooner Carl Thomas took a pic with G backstage.

G and Thomas also took a pic with Az One.

Men in Black: The two headliners Thomas and Pierre.

Pierre and Az One

Thomas in the wings gettin ready to go on stage.

The crooner gave the crowd a vocal run snippet of what they were about to see on stage.

He started his set off with his hit, "Can't Believe."

Thomas said to the crowd, "I don't put out product every year but St. Louis always supports me."

Before he got into his jam, "Emotional," he said, "There are some songs that I can't let go without singing for the Emotional CD." The comment caused loud applause from the crowd.

Her was in top voice and swagger.

Thomas also confided,"I'm not an artist who put its dirty laundry out there ."

This fan was feeling him! Then soon after the concert was over, he sand his #1 song, "I Wish."


We checked out the debut of Karma Nightclub's Sutra Saturdays. Pictured is Karma club host, Mocha Latte.

Latte with St. Lunatics Kyjuan Dabess and his wife, Queen Asia

Also in the house was House of Comedy assistant Maria Maria Wilson.

Brother and sister Kevie and Kandis Hendrix

Latte moving the crowd. Even this dude in front of her who was a bit odd.

Socialite Calvin Nelson (third from right) and his crew were there.

These two sistas were gettin their Kodak on.

They were gettin their clothes burnin on.

It was packed as always up in therre but...

The scheduled celebrity guest of the event actor Hosea Sanchez of the sitcom, "The Game," was a no show. On record, there were no reports as to why he was not there.


We checked out the Made Monarchs doin their thang at the Delmar Lounge. There's Tef Poe gettin it on the mike.

The Monach Heads.

Also in the house were rapper/producer Black Spade (pictured in the back in gray shirt and hat) and spoken word artist Corey Black (not pictured)

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