Monday, November 30, 2009


Photos by Ma'atologyOne of the plasma TVs promoting actress Vivica
A. Fox's appearance at the club during the club's weekly Sutra Saturdays.

Karma host Mocha Latte held it down on the mike.

"If ya thirsty, Go to VIP."

Mocha in hype mode.

The crowd.

Karma owners Wells Fargo Slim (in cap) and Yomi Martin up in the lower VIP area.

The crowd awaits for Vivica's arrival.

Therre's Mocha latte posing with the lovely Vivica Fox
in a glam top and leather pants.

Fox greeting one of her many fans that nite.

Folks had their celly cams on taking shots of the sexy actress.

Fox up in V.I.P. with her girls gettin their party on.

Fox and her girls do a toast.

Folk were eager to get her pic (If you look closely at homeboy two people away from her who was struggling trying to snap a pic. LOL)

Fox was very down to earth and friendly with the fans.

NOTE: People waited in long lines to get in to see the sexy actress of TV and screen. She got there around midnite and did her networking thing. She signed autographs and gave shout outs to local TV camera folk who were there. According to Mocha Latte, Fox, she got out of VIP and started dancing with members of the audience with tight security around her watching making sure no one didnt try to assault or get frisky her. Fox reportedly said she ws doing all this extraness cuz " she didnt want anyone saying she was stuck up." She left the club a little after 2 am before the club closed at 3 am.

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