Monday, November 23, 2009


Photos by Hot Rod

Here's pics from the Tank/Ginuwine concert.

NOTE: We heard that the the ladies came out strong for the two heartthrobs of R&B last Thursday. As far as the performances, we heard that Tank did his thang making the ladies swoon, but Ginuwine, however, only sang a few songs, then had his background singers sing a medley of most of his hits. According to a source, both guys were gettin their "sauce" on hard backstage and we guess G-wine outsauced them both cuz he came on second. Hmm.

Photos by Ma'atology

Last Friday, OUTTOWN checked out Cafe Soul, which has moved its nights from last Thursdays to now every 3rd Fridays. Pictured is Cafe Soul host and co-creator Coco Soul and the Soul Alliance band, who opened up the event with an hour set.

Coco welcomed everyone to the event.

DJ Needles had it going on the 1s and 2s.

In the house were socialites Becky and Larry Blue.

During the music interlude, singer CJ Conrod cutted a rug with Coco.

Major Brands volunteers Tia B and Mo.

Beginning the singing portion of Cafe Soul was Conrod.

Instrumentalist Rhoda G also performed.

Next up was 2009 McDonald's R&B/Soul Search winner Katrina Reese (left ) who was accompanied by Ms. Shelitha and Ms. Tiffany.

A highlight was singer Justin Hoskins...

...who serenaded his wife who was celebrating one year of marriage.

Next up was Areez DaRychuss.

Next was Ms. Shelitha

Then, spoken word artist Corey Black

The feature that nite was 2008 McDonald's R&B/Soul Search winner Ms. Kriss

Onlookers included Conrod and Reece.

Ms. Kriss performed her new single, "That Fire."

A fan gettin it in during her set.

NOTE: The showcase portion was a bit short this go round, but overall it was a nice showcase on Cafe Soul's new nite.

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