Monday, November 9, 2009


Photos by Hot Rod Nelly got his jammy b-day jam going at his part at Home Nightclub in Ameristar Casino at Saint Charles. We hear the rapper/mogul made a grand and fashionably ate appearance at his party an hour or so before the party shut down. The rest of the Lunatics were also there as well.

The following pics of some of the attendees who came to his party (and paying 30 bones to enter) in their PJs and/or lingerie. It was a requirement for those who wanted to attend, had to wear their night ware.

DERRY ENT's Topher (guy in blue) with his camp up in the spot.

Meanwhile, while Nelly's b-day party was going on, OUTTOWN was attending:

The Rahsaan Patterson concert at Exo a special edition of 1st Fridays. Pictured is Patterson taking a pic with a fan in VIP.

Starting off the event was STL singer Coco Soul

People gettin their listen on (Do yawl see Dr. Pam Jackson in the pic?LOL)

Soul had the live band, Soul Alliance, accompanying her on her set. She sang up Mary J's "You Remind Me." and MJ's "Butterflies."

In the house were St. Louis Post's Kevin Johnson (left), Cafe Soul's Angie Brown and promoter Monica Tyson. Wonder what Johnson spotted up in therre?

In the band was jazz man Lamar Harris

Tyson poses with socialite Mr. Henry

Also in the crowd was local singer L'Andra

The next act was Ms. Kriss who was interviewed by Foxy 95 personality Niecy Davis.

Ms. Kriss did her thang including an original tune called, "I Got that Fire."

She was gettin into it.

Lastly, the headliner Patterson, who recently became an openly gay artist, sang three songs and was acoustically accompanied (which was previously advertised)

Folk were attentive as he sang. His first song was"Feels Good," off his 2007 CD, "Wines and Spirits."

Patterson's next tune was "Stop Breakin My Heart" which was also from "Wine and Spirits." his last song was one of his more known songs, "Where You Are," off his eponymous 1997 debut CD.

Davis interviews Patterson after his set.

Patterson worked up a sweat post-set.

In the VIP area was Cafe Soul's Nichol Stevenson's, The Loft owner Drexel Stith, and artists Ms. Kryss and Coco Soul.

Singer CJ Conrod, who was a background singer for Coco Soul, chatting it up with Patterson.

Ms. Kryss also got her network on with the neo soul singer.

Davis also got a filmed interview with Patterson.

NOTE: After the event, one would have thought Coco Soul was the headliner with her full band and all and Patterson was mere the opener with only three songs he sang. But that was the deal with McDonald's and their plugging of McCafe for the headliner to sing only three joints. In VIP folk had comp dinners as well.
It was mad packed and after the neo-soul showcase, the party phase came about with 1st Fridays.

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