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Photos by Ma'atology
The emblem of the show on the table. The Sirrius Radio Show Foxxhole and all of its cohorts came to the STL (except for its creator, comis/actor Jamie Foxx who did a via satellite greeting) broadcast its raunchy show live last Saturday at Exo Nightclub.

RIGHT: Before the show, Foxxhole co-host and comic Lewis Dix warmed up the crowd as well gave the housekeeping duties for the show.

Foxxhole co-host Claudia Jordan.

Co-host Poetess waves to fans coming down to the table

Co-host Johnny Mack.

The Foxxhole personalities: Jordan, TDP, Speedy, Poetess, Dix and Mack.

Audience member Nicole asked a question for Dix which was, " How often do you masturbate?"

Dix, who said he has been celibate for three years (and who was constantly ribbed by his cohorts who named his hand, "Handcock" ) , explained his routine to Nicole.

Some of the audience members

The first guest was businessman/socialite Mike Roberts Jr. who's VP of business development for the Roberts Hotel Corporation. On the show, he talked about his family legacy and the business projects of his father and uncle, Mike and Steve Roberts. He also said that he was engaged and the Roberts Brothers' upcoming project which will be Condominium Towers that will be connected next to their Roberts Mayfair Hotel in downtown St. Louis. Most of the cohorts also ribbed Roberts for his light skin.

Next up was St. Lunatics' Kyjuan and Murphy Lee who talked about how they got in the hip-hop game using Nelly to go solo, Murphy Lee departing Universal records and producing his own label (UC ME Label), his upcoming project "Free" thats coming up Dec. 16 (The show played his new single, "Age 21" during a commercial break) which is produced through UC Me Films, Kyjuan new film division of the company. A heated moment occurred when a debate surfaced on whether Nelly's "Tipdrill" had negative images of females. Murph said that he saw women in Africa with less clothes and shook more than the women who were on the video. Dix chimed in and said for Murph not to mix indigenous culture with the video. "There are no credit cards in Africa," Dix said referring to the infamous credit card scene in the video when Nelly slid a credit card in the crack of a woman's ass. Kyjuan said. "Those same women can make 15 grand just cuz they were in the video."

Kyjuan and Murph took pics with fans after their interview (The lady on the right got ribbed by the male cohorts of the show for her self-made dress saying, if she made it in the dark.LOL)

Foxxhole's Jamie Foxx was seen via satellite on the screen at Exo. He told the crowd that he was at an undisclosed location in Miami writing out the script for the upcoming "Ugly Wanda and Sheneneh" film.

Foxx was being is usual wacky self

As you can see!

During his antics, Foxx answered questions from the crowd and talked about how we should support Obama, using all the social networks to promote oneself as a musician, and his upcoming CD coming Valentines Day 2010 and gave a shout out to the Lunatics (He said hello to Nelly who was not at Exo) and did the Hollywood patter saying he wanted the Lunatics to do a track on his upcoming CD. Foxx stayed on satellite for about 20 minutes.

The Rose Woman dropped by to give the Foxxhole guests a rose.

Note: Overall it was cool to see the Foxxhole do their thang live but it was a bit disappointing that Jamie Foxx was not going to be in attendance which we found out when he was on via satellite.


OUTTOWN checked out comedian Hope Flood at the St. Louis House of Comedy who had the crowd in stitches about her weight and complicated relationships. She also played "Miss Cleo" predicting the outcome of the relationships of the audience members by asking for their zodiac signs.

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