Monday, November 30, 2009


Photo by Ma'atology Comic Matt Collins hosted the show. One of his jokes included having to change the lyrics to hip hop when he spits them like changing "n" word to "ninja."

The featured act included St. Louis native Carmen who commented about Black Friday ("at first I thought that was prostitutes was giving away pussy half off), her daughter ("I'm scared my daughter is a ho and she's 5 years old." )

Meanwhile brother Sevvie Sev was mixing up drinks for the bar.

And err body was waiting to get in for the second show of GuyTorry's nearly sold out weekend (And, yes, she is. LOL).

Guy Torry talked about various hot topics with a comedic twist like the Tiger Woods car accident ("that's the Asian side in him, cuz they can't drive." ) and Chris Brown ("You never hit a woman unless its doggy style." )

He also talked about the couple who crashed President Obama's State dinner ("They just walked up in there. Where was security? Niggas had trouble gettin' into this bitch tonight.")

He also "outed" a singer ("Neyo sucks dick")that shocked the crowd.

He also talked about Hollywood politics ("I'm not with with puttin on a dress and they let me know I'm not attractive from the roles I get like a prisoner.")

When then talked about his divorce from his wife Monica Askew. ("My wife left me for nobody. My wife left me cuz I didn't want kids and she was mixed. She's part bougie and part ghetto.) He also said that he got advice from his father who's married to his mother for 48 years ("I asked him, how do you do it. You 76, you survived Vietnam twice, alcoholism and dealing with diabetes, how do you manage to be married so long? He then said, 'I'm about to kill this bitch." )

Torry said that he was a "cussin Christian who loves oral sex." ("I'm a vagitarian." ) but he said his ex-wife didn't wanna shave her private ("It was like eating shredded wheat and Malik Yoba's chapped lips." )

Torry had the crowd in stitches!

Carmen was selling her tees in the lobby. Here is is showing one off to OUTCAM.

Comedian Longhorn, Carmen and Torry after the show.

Torry cheesin it with Majic 104.9 personality Tammie Holland. Torry used to co-host with Holland as Tony Scott on the former Breakfast Crew Show on the radio station.

St. Louis native actress/model Shebtufi Kushma with Torry. Both were high school classmates at Central Visual and Performing Arts High School.

NOTE: Haha on guy Torry's joke on YOURS TRULYs brown suit jacket saying it looked like velvet drapery. Ha bloody ha. LOL

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  1. Shebtufi is just as beautiful as I remember her. Truly a timeless beauty. She was everything that I ever dreamed of and I lost it. -LH