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Photos by Ma'atology
Patrons at the Expo last Saturday

Therre's OUTTOWN photographer Erica Brooks with her son at the Expo.

During the GEAR UP panel discussion there were several notable STL personalities (along with their parents) and national celebs who addressed the crowd. In this pic, Hot 104 radio personality and rapper Shorty Da Prince spoke with the crowd about how his parents (his mom is on left) was strict on him during his education when he was getting into the radio game at age 14 (He is now 19) . He said that his parents took him off air when his grades slipped and he returned on air when they improved. He also said even though he isn't in college, there are other ways of getting an education by being smart and bettering oneself.

STL rapper Jibbs spoke to the crowd about the importance of getting an education. He said that he was in school during the time of hie first CD and sing, "Chain Hang Low" in 2005 and that his father (seen on left) was with him when he was in the recording studio wee hours of the night after school and making sure he did his homework. Jibbs also revealed that the reason he took a break after his initial success was because the road was wearing thin on him physically and he wanted to concentrate on finishing high school (He said he is now in college) . He currently has a new CD coming out and his newest single is the hit, "Aye, DJ"

St. Lunatics ' Murphy Lee also addressed the crowd about education, that he finished high school and he and his family stressed the importance of not letting the streets overshadow your dreams.

Lee's brother, Lunatics' Kyjuan took a step further by saying that he played daddy to a lot of his cousins as well as Murph (his younger brother) to make sure they were on the straight and narrow especially the ones who were sent to live with them after living their lives on the streets. He also made the point that if they were up on stage that day performing, the attendance in the crowd would be packed, but because they were talking about education, the crowd attendance was scattered.

Actress Victoria Rowell also addressed the crowd who talked about being raised in the foster care system and that she stressed, writing about her experiences living with a mother who was schizophrenic as well as her memoir "The Women Who Raised Me." She also said that she tells her children that they are not victims of their circumstances and that education is the key to their success.

The crowd who attended the Gear Up panel dicsussion.

Some youngsters playing in the Jumping room.

One of the popular vending booths was Blackmark Mercantile from Oklahoma who were selling MJ memorabilia.

Patrons at the booth.

Meanwhile, at the panel discussion, The real Housewives of Atlanta's NeNe Leakes joined the panel to talk about her experiences and talked about founding the Twisted Hearts Foundation, which addresses domestic violence against women. Looking on his panel moderator educator Terry Freeman.

Expo founder Tom Bailey addresses the crowd.

Four the Hard Way: Comedian Arvin Mitchell (who co-hosted the Expo Stage), Lee, Prince and Jibbs.

All of the Gear Up participants take a flick.

Expo PR assistant Terri Vincent takes a pic with Kyjuan after the panel discussion.

Some lucky fans get a flick with Murph.

Co-hosts of the Mainstage KTVI's Bornita Cornute and Mitchell clownin around.

Shorty Da Prince performed as one fan shows how much she luuuuuuuuuuuves him.

Meanwhile, there was junior boxing going on at the Expo as this youngster preps to get in the ring.

This St. Louis fighter Chris Porter, Jr was getting taped up for his fight in the 156 Pound Division. What's interesting about him is, he stopped us durrng our walk through and said if he were OUTTOWN so you know we had to give him some props! LOL.

Fighters in action


STl rapper Young Ro performed.

Onlookers included East St. Louis based national recording artists Unladylike.

Jibbs also performed.

He performed his hits , "Chain Hang Low," "King Kong," and Aye DJ." as the crowd gets hyped.

Jibbs takin over the stage.

One of the main acts of that day was veteran rappers Sugar Hill Gang.

Orginial member Big Bank Hank got the old school fans hyped like it was 1979.

Some old schoolers gettin in the groove.

More old schoolers.

They started their hour set with "Apache."

Mitchell clowin around with a vendor

The Sugar Hill gang also gave tribute to other old schoolers in the game performing songs by other rap artists like Grand Master Flash before doing their biggest hit, "Rapper's Delight' and brought many from the crowd up on stage to rap with the group.

We see you Erica! LOL

One of the MBE assistants had the Sugar Hill gang to sign his box set.

Big Bank Hank with Freeman Bosley Junior Show radio personality Pat Washington.

This sista was famous just for the outfit. LOL

The headliner was Mc Lyte.

Lyte perofrmed her greatest hits including, "I Cram to Understand," "Lyte as Rock," "Paper Thin," "Cha Cha Cha," "Ruffneck" and her part in Xscape's No. 1 hot, "Keep on Keepin on."

Lyte also did a speed old school rapper call and response game with the crowd trhoughout her hour set to see if they knew (e.g. she said "Dougie" the crowd said, "Fresh.")

The crowd gettin theri Lyte on.

A fan gave Lyte a shirt showing how much they loved her.

Lyte and her hypeman spat a lot of freeverse throughout the show. She even did some of her set with her live drummer instead of her dee-jay whose eqipemnet had some tech difficulties. Talk about a true spitter!

Lyte also brought some members of the crowd up on stage to demonstrate some of their dancing skills.

This youngster did some MJ moves duirng the MJ Tribute section of her show.

This lil cutey even got in the groove.

When Lyte spat her verse from the song, "Self Destruction." she brought up a young lady to do the lyric and did it on point!

NOTE: Lyte did not do her biggest hit, "Cold Rock a Party" which had a lot of folks disappointed

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