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Event assistant Miss Laveta takes a pic with comedian Arvin Mitchell, before the show. Mitchell was one of the four comedians who performed that nite. ABOVE: Comedian Maurice G (LEFT), who promoted and produced the monthly event takes a pic backstage with performers Mitchell, Vanessa Fraction, Lavelle Crawford (who hosted) and headliner Tony Roberts. (Not pictured is comedian STL SLim)

The crowd

Two of the front row crowd members were miss Sasha and Miss Olivia (aka Ms. Thickness. LOL)

Fun E. Kats' Cap welcoming everybody to the show and intro'd Maurice g, his biz partner.

Maurice G warmed up the crowd with mostly comedy on being broke ("We was so poor we wore tube socks as gloves." ) and saying his tagline: "Tomorrow, I'm calling the case worker."

First up was Vanessa Fraction who talked about her posterior ("I got a polite ass." ) women's self esteem ("Dont say your ugly, find a part of yourself that you like. If its your ears, put a bangle on that bitch and keep steppin.") and the "at leasts" with a man ('he not cute, least he got a job, a car , a house, help me pull the seeds out of the weed.")

Fraction also told the joke about her man trying to get a promotion and helping him ("He needs motivation, so I'm gonna suck his dyck. If i cant suck your dyck to employment whats good for doing it. Can't do free dyck sucking.")

Maurice G (who told Fraction after her set, "Uhh, I didnt get the promotion...") asked who was celebrating a b-day that nite to come up to the stage. This man came up and...

Maurice sang the Superfly Theme and said that he was wearing the last outfit from Rozell's Clothing store. For his b-day, Maurice paid for two drinks and a dinner for him.

Comedian Lavelle Crawford brought it to the stage. he started off saying, "I'm glad to be at home (clapping from crowd). But, I couldnt make any money here and mamma wanted that house in Lake St. Louis. I said Lake St. Louis? what about Delmar? They allow niggaz there." as a running gag he roasted...

...these two ladies as the Ghetto Super Duo fighting crime in the hood who work their neck before they start fighting crime on Goodfellow and Natural Bridge.

Crawford also talked about the recession when he said, " I know we are in a recession cuz they closed London and Sons. I started crying. and Obama is doing nigga shit. Black folk gettin a deal with that Cash for Clunkers gettin' my hooptie from the river."

He also talked about women who are ugly. He said, "ladies it ain;t your fault you ugly. It's your daddy's fault lookin like Buster Douglas trying to wear a halter top with broad shoulders and someone tap you on the shoulder and say excuse me Sir." He also ripped a guy in the front row who wa swearing a mowhawk hairstyle and said to him, "You look like a dirty tampon on your head."

He also talked about his experience on "Last Comic Standing" saying, "They didnt let me win. no white folks werent ready for that. So I was backstage, crying, eating chips. It was like that last moment before calling Nutri System. One of the producers came in asked, "Lavelle, are you okay." I said YEAH. Then he said, "Ok, well we want the suit back." ) His mother and sisater were also in attendance.

Next up was STL Slim who talked about freeloading at his mommas house ("I cant date cuz I'm at home with my mamma. Free water. Free food. I ain't goin nowhere. Never." ), dealing with women with low self esteem (I dont want a Five Star Chick. I want five One Star Chicks"), and women who don't cook ("I hate women who can't cook. they make those fart meals. You fart, you hungry again.").

The majority of his set about his being homophobic ('I hate f*ggots. These days they wearing 12 inch shoes. but a lot of them can fight. One time, I got into a fight with one and I didnt realize they were two people. They first acted passive like a woman then turned into a man. I lost the fight and the f*ggot gonna say, "I wont tell." people in the neighborhood was like "Man, we saw that f*ggot beat your ass. I was like, "Why didnt you help me?")

Next up was Arvin Mitchell who came out with short jokes ("My mamma made a whole jogging suit with Crown Royal bags." "My sister sings with a lisp." "St. Louis is first in crime. Don't be surprised when they film "First 48")

We also joked about Obama when he said, "My Grandad said that Obama wasn't gonna win and said, 'we cant even get a host for 'The Price is Right.' The show will go from "The Price is Right" to "The Price is Aiight."

Arvin also did several facial impressions that had the crowd in stitches.

Headliner Tony Roberts started off his set with his usual "You Need Your Ass beat' jokes:
--"If you at the bus stop with a fur coat, you need your ass beat."
--If you're in a wheelchair with dirty shoes, you need your ass beat."

--If you're bald up front and braids in the back, you need your ass beat."
--"If you're 33 and a're a whore and need your ass beat."

He also did a lot of physical humor including imitating an old person falling down ("Oh Lawd, not again Jesus"), having sex before a false alarm of an airplane crashing ("I got four rape charges from that.") and getting on a shirt flight where the three niggaz had to push the airplane for it to go up and the waiters at the venue wearing white shirts and black bowties who he thought doubled as magicians and pulling a table cloth from a table on stage.

He also talked about his grandmother ("She the only one I know who got an airbrush painting of her posing with Jesus and his Disciples hangin on her wall." "She bought me some sneakers from the same places she bought her groceries. Instead of Air Jordans, I got Air Nabiscos.", his mother ("My mother came up to my school with her wig on backwards'), women;s fashions ("Ladies why you wear so many eyelashes, the whole pack? You could hear her blinking.") He ended his set with his dream to be a rapper with groupie by rapping a song titled, "Collonic" making up words that make no sense to show how insensible styled rappers like Lil Wayne when they spit rhymes.

Maurice and Lavell on stage at the end of the show.

Maurice said that he thanked Lavell for coming home to perform and knew who to call to debut Funny First Thursdays.

Fans after the show greet Crawford.

Maurice G also shake hands with fans.

Vanessa Fraction shows OUTCAM her "polite" posterior. LOL
NOTE: This was an oustanding show to redebut this sereis. Crawford and Roberts were side splittingly funny and we were gasping for air during their hilarious sets. Before the show, Fraction gave OUTTOWN an inclusive on her pending criminal case against comedian Joe Torry that we will share on OUT 665 STL-TIDBITZ.

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