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Photos by Ma'atology A picture of the Michael tees that were on sale that nite.

They were designed by Styles Clothing.

Cafe Soul co-creator Angie Brown at the door with the incoming guests.

Major Brands/JC Cognac was a sponsor. They had $5 drink specials and free giveaways as seen were on the table

Cafe Soul tees that were on sale that nite.

The many who attended.

The couple of the note had to have been this female couple!

Signer Aloha Mi-sho in a sexy MJ tee and hot black Lycra/nylon pants. She was one of the performers that nite (as you will see later on the pics)

Poet Corey Black waiting to get marked off on the list. He also performed that nite (as seen below in the pics)

Cultural Cafe's Lynette Daniels and socialites Vincent Flewellyn and Miss Racquel came to support.

Some of the performers that night working on the final touches to their routines outside in the rear of the club.

At the Styles booth with the MJ tees.

Tre Williams of Major Brands pubbin to some lovely ladies.

Cafe Soul co-creator/host Coco Soul shares last minute details of the show with event dee-jay Dj Needles.

Singer Kawanee shares a minute with singer CJ Conrod who both performed that nite.

Coco on stage with her White Glove. On MJ she said, "Michael touched everybody with his music. We are so honored to honor him(tonite). We miss him so much. Bump what went down in his personal life. It was about his music." The event was the second tribute for Jackson. The first was an impromptu tribute on the day he died on June 25 at the Loft, the nite of its monthly event.

Needles on the 1s and 2s. He had placed several Jackson records on top of the DJ booth. And he brought it on the sounds during intermission !

Mr. Dee, founder of the St. Louis band Dr. Zhivegas was the guest guitarist (who also brought it as you will see later on in the pics).

The band who started it off with an instrumental of "Can You Feel it" off the Jacksons, "Triumph" album.

Miss Evelyn made a pastiche poster of Michael Jackson images for that nite.

Coco started off the showcase portion with "Wanna Be Startin Somethin" from "Thriller" and "I Can't Help it" from "Off the Wall." She was joined on stage by Kawanee, Conrod and Justin Hoskins.

Angie Brown and Corey Black share a dance during Coco's intro songs.

Folk held up their cell phones as tribute to Michael.

Hoskins on solo on "Human Nature," from Thriller (an album he says his mama used to play on the record player in the living room) and "The Way you make Me Feel" from Bad.

Folk gettin up to dance during Hoskins set.

Black did a hip-hop/rap version of the Jackson's "Heartbreak Hotel" from

Socialite Larry Blue holds up the Jackson's Destiny album (got from Needles DJ area) showing the inner portion of it.

One of the highlights that nite was makeshift group Encore (comprising of singers Shelitha second from left and Charisse Swan of Fury third from left). They started off with Jackson Five's "Who's Lovin You"

Then switched gears...

And sang a medley of his hits including, "Another part of Me" and "Leave Me Alone:" from Bad, "You Can't Win" from the Wiz Soundtrack, and "Workin Day and Night" from Off the Wall.

A backstage view of Encore killin it on stage.

And they ended with the famous Jacksons point and head jerk dance.

A surprise of the nite was Them Twins who started off a bit shakey with a hip-hop version of Michael's song "Beat it" from Thriller...

But Kevin (or Devin) TOE IT UP on Michael's "You are Not Alone" from History.

Encore in pose.

Unscheduled singer Latriece sang En Vogue;s "Hold On" as Silky Sol (left) and Coco helped on background.

Clear Channel exec Robert Jenkins takes an OUTCAM flick with Stress Free Fridays co-creator Mario Wayne.

"Hey don't you know who I am?" We don't know what singer JVAR (right) said to Coco but it is an interesting shot for converstation.

The Cafe Soul Sistas: Angie Brown, Coco and Nicol Stevenson.

The Cafe Soul Sistas plus Sol (Silky that is).

During intermission, folk got their party on

And on...

"Party people in the house!"

Soul Stylz/singer Jamie Speancer and Conrod gettin energetic on the floor in the middle of the party people flood.

Recognize anyone? LOL

It was like a Nawlins-inspired send off to the King of Pop up in therre!

Crowd uncontrolled!

Silky got the mike to tell folk to get their asses out their seats and party! LOL

After intermission, unscheduled singer Tamara sang Jill Scott's "Do you Remeber Me." She announced that nite that she was leaving St. Louis to pursue career endeavors.

Singer Aloha slowe dit down a bit and sang Michael's "S/he's Out of My Life" from Off the Wall. Before she sang, she said, "Michael is very special to me. My mom used to play this song when I was little."

It was a very poignant performance making it more of Micahel being out of her life bny changing the gender to "He's Out of My Life."

Conrad, who was reluctant to go on after Aloha's standout performance, said before he sang his tribute song, the Jackson 5's " Never Can Say Goodbye" he said about Michael, "Many folk said when he was little, how can he sing like that (such adult emotion) like he knew what he was talking about."

Spencer sang a weatherd voiced version of, "Rock with you" from Off the Wall.

Deep Soul. Silky, Aloha and Coco sang along with Spencer.

Another highlight that nite was when Michael JAckson impersonator Jeff Mack performed. He started off his set with "Billie Jean" from Thriller.

The next song was "LAdy in my Life" from

Then he went into some MJ footsteps. The crowd was in such rapture that women in the crowd started shouting out, "We love you Michael!" TMP.

His last song was the Jackson's "Shake Your Body Down" from Destiny.

Joining Sol and Coco during "Shake Your Body Down" was STL singer Nikko Smith (center).

At that point, the crowd was good and liquored and on the floor (Yawl see the bachelorette gettin her groove on? LOL)

Mack in Michael magic mode.

Spencer and Aloha got a dance in during Mack's performance.

Smith got up and sang, Michael's "Dirty Diana" from Bad. It was during his performance that another highlight that nite occurred.

Well, Silky was in rockin mode.

As well as church fannin mode to Mr Dee who nearly stole Nikko's set.

He threw his gutiar on the stage during Nikko's "Dirty Diana" ....

...And started playing the guitar with his foot!

Nikko felt the spirit too as he jumped down to his knees as Dee played those rocking riffs!

NOTE: We think there was more show after he left, but we pretty much saw enough to say that this was the best Cafe Soul showcase EVER in the three year history of Cafe Soul. OMG!

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