Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Photos by Ma'atology FREETIMe's Raven Akram (center) and Adrian Saddler celebrates Saddler's belated b-day at this year's edition of GLOW (We hear that Saddler didnt get a chance to get on his own party bus to toast and paint the town before hittin Mike Shannons. It was that packed up on da bus!)

Saddler with sexy socialite Miss Tiffany

Also celebrating a b-day was Stress Free Fridays' MarkAnthony Jones (center). Pictured are some of his well wishers: from left ((FRONT): Andrea Hayes, his son, RJ, Sally Jackson, Miss Stephanie and his nephew Andrew.

FREETIME's Theodore Simpson and Allen Whitney flanked with a FREETIME friend.

Poet Corey Black and promoter Martina Parker.

Pictured are Rams cheerleader beauties
Candace Parker and Ashley
Walker posing for the OUTCAM. They were scheduled to attend to sign autographs of their new calendar that nite .

The rest of the Rams cheerleaders.

The calendar.

Comedian Jovan Bibbs and Erica J

Word artists Vandalyzm and Black.

LME's Tim Slater and Chad Collins

AI was the host of the event. DJ OK was on the 1s and 2s.

SOul Stylz's
Jamie Spencer (third from left) and friends.

Therre's socialite Earl Dockett (kneeling), David Walker, FreeTIme's Rachel Westerfield and guest.

Westerfield and her friend who was a bit shy for the OUTCAM. LOL

St. Louis American's Melvin Moore and Miss Nikki. Who knew Moore was tryin to get the gunz goin? LOL

Beige World's David Burnett and Hayes.

Mako (lovin the shaved head!) and socialite Daron Harris (who was celebrating his b-day that weekend as well.)

Corey Hellems (right) and friend.

Folk at the bar

Therre's Earl McDowell Jr with friend girl (left) and girl friend(right).


VIP BAr (Can you spot anyone you know?)

Saddler in party mode.




NOTE: Also in the house were Fox 2's Rob Desir, FREETIME's Roy Robinson, SYGU's Rhashad Whittier, Star Power's Abe Perkins, photographer Jacob Owens, Imperials' Meka Wilson and Ezekiel Obasi, Mr. Kennedy and several guys I attended SIUE with. There were we are sure close to a 1,000 who was up in therre. Besides host AI gettin pissesd off at someone smokin the ooooooooweee, someone losing their Blackberry and the 500 dollar reward for it, and someone pukin in the mens bathroom, this was mos def a great party. LOL

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