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Photos by Erica M Brooks Therre's photographer Erica Brooks (left) and her family taking a snap with gospel superstar Kirk Franklin at Rock the River Concert under the Archgrounds last Sunday.
Franklin performed

Deep in the spirit!

Thousands attended.

STL gospel artist P Dub (right) with a colleague at the Rock the River concert.

Gospel group Hawk Nelson backstage at Rock the River..

Last Friday, former Rams player and current pastor Aeneas Williams gave an uplifting speech during the Stop the Violence concert that was held at Harris Stowe University's Auditorium. Gospel artist TRUTH preformed later that nite. It was hosted by 100.3 The Beat's Hypeman Dwight Stone.

STL Rapper Ludy, who was on the bill, and guest was in attendance.

A member of the STL rap trio June 5th and STL native comedian Arvin Mitchell addressed the crowd.

One of the acts who performed at the event.

That Friday nite, was the MPACs July the Black or White edition of Eye Candy. This lovely young lady won Miss July. She received $500 and a PR package from MPAC which included: a radio interview with Hot 104.1 and feature on their website, picture and bio in The St. Louis American and, a free photo shoot, featured on MPAC TV and a chance to be in the Eye Candy Magazine.

Thats singer Aloha who was gettin' her eye candy on at the event.

MPAC and Eye Candy creator Mo Spoon (center) gearing up with the judges to announce the winner of July Eye Candy.

In the house were 104.1. 's Young Dip (left) and his Team MVPColleague, Karlieon and Ezekiel Obasi of Imperial Events

The July Eye Candy competitors.

Last Wednesday , Brooks checked out the Glow in the Dark Fashion Show at Harris Stowe Auditorium. The event was in tribute to Michael Jackson.

Some of the models in the show.

Photos by Ma'atology Therre's The James'--Majic 104.9 personality BJ the DJ and Gina James of DIVA Planning. BJ was scheduled to announce the Best DJs on stage.

On deck was underground rapper Black Spade, poet Corey Black and rapper Tef Poe. They performed that day.

Miss Camille, DJ Trackstar (in a sling from b-ball) and VAE's VAnita Applebum was there.

Needles was part of the Beat There DJs.

Other DJ's who were on the wheels of steel were The Fly DX (next to Needles), DJ Omaha (in red cap) and veteran DJ Gee Wiz, who's documentary "The Rink" , which he directed was shown recently at the Tivoli during the St. Louis Film Showcase.

Dj Omaha gettin the crowd hyped.

The early attendees made up the racial and youth mix of folk who came to the event.

Some of the early attendees received planet rock masks made by local artist Onra. The masks were a promo for Black Spade's upcoming single, "Planet Rock."

Some Planet Rockers.

During the Beat 3 DJs, some of the crowd did b-boy breakdancing as the crowd formed a huge cipher around the dancers.





Spin control!


White Kanye (See him?LOL)

The mosh pit area crowd.

Some of the preformers who were going to follow the dee-jays including producer Tech Supreme (in white shirt) and rapper Rockwell Knuckles (right)


The Male Ballerina was entertaining the crowd.

....more like entertaining himself!

We heard he walked out of his mental institution to dance for the crowd.


I guess this is his jah-tay or his plee-aye? LOL

And he is off to the...wherever he's goin.

The Live on the Levee poster with some of the acts who performed including national act, Lupe Fiasco.

BJ the DJ welcoming the crowd to the last nite of the Levee.

BJ reading off the laundry list of sponsors.

Black Spade with the Monarchs dancing in the background.

Black Spade spat tracks like "Planet Rock," and cuts from his CD, "To Serve with Love" he also shared the mike with others to give them some shine. One of the background singers was STL singer Jada Avenue (right).

"We get it in like/we do it big like..." Tef Poe on the mike. His new CD, "The Redeemer" was released that day of Live on the Levee.

Black Spade and Tef Poe on Spade's joint "Lavish Life."

A backstage shot of Black Spade on the mike.

Corey Black on stage with the Monarchs.

Tef and Black share the mike.

Tef in rap mode

Under the blue sky...

The highlight was rapper Knuckles who brought it with his track, "Government Name"

Knuckles as Black and Spade look on in the crowd.

Spade rappin to the crowd.

The crowd gettin it all in.

Some fans stop to smile at the OUTCAM.

Black performed, "Finger in my Nose."

He also was wearing a fly Mario Brothers tee.

The Black Spade Crew after their set.

The crowd awaits headliner Lupe Fiasco.

KSDK sports personality Rene Knott preppin to anounce the headliner.

Knott welcomed everybody and did the sponsor roll call. While on stage the crowd started chanting LUPE! LUPE! LUPE!

Glad thats over....... Knott with some fans in VIP after his annoucning Lupe Fiasco.

Therre's Lupe coming out of his trailer.

Lupe and his people as he waits instruction to get to the stage.

Lupe taking of fhis jacket.

Lupe putting back on his jacket.

We guess Lupe was wondering whether to enter Stage Left or Stage Right.

He rushed up Stage Left. As you can see. LOL

The crowd went bananas when he got on stage.

The Chitown based rapper gave the Lupeheads tracks and hits off his two platnum CD's "Food and Liquor" and The Cool" including "Hello/Goodbye," Hip Hop Saved my Life"and "And he gets the Girl."

He was literally a Tasmanaian Devil on stage!

Full of hip hop energy!

He was sketerboi chic!

Lupe and his hypeman on stage.

His fans knew every lyric to his songs. We heard many folk from Ch-town came down for the show.

He didnt leave a spot on stage untouched!

In rock mode!

Totally free on stage!

A backstage view of Lupe in action!

Lupe also spun a few songs taht he wa seither a guest on or just wanted to get teh crowd hype inclduing Kanye's "Touch the Sky," and the hip-hop jams, "Aint I" and "Day and Night."

He told the crowd, "This is sick. The Mississippi River is behind us and under the famous St. Louis ARK." LOL

The Lupe heads were rite with him!

It had to have been over 10,000 Lupe heads at the concert!

Lupe also did his hits including his first one,"Kick/Push"

This was the only time Lupe took a break to wipe his face off with a towel!

He also spat hits, "Superstar" and "Daydream."

He also performed a new joint from his upcoming (and supposedly last ) CD "Aliens' called, "Falling Down." Afterwards he said, "You gotta smile through the haters."

Lupe leaving the stage.

Some of his fans get a handshake from the rapper.

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