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Photos by B. Free Papparazzi (first pic) and Ma'atology
YOURS TRULY, Ma'at Atkins, takes a flick backstage of the Hart-Rock Comedy Show that was held Wednesday at the Ambassador. It was produced and promoted by SDG Promotions. Check out the pics BELOW and what went down at the show

Prior to the show, the comics and promoters took pics with legendary ST. Louis native comedian/activist Dick Gregory backstage. Pictured are comedians Jovan Bibbs, Na'im Lynn (not seen), Arvin Micthell, Gregory, promoter Sheraine Gilliam, Tony Rock (who hosted the show) and headliner Kevin Hart.

Gregory and Hart.

The comics get words of wisdom from Gregory.

Mitchell and Gregory.

SDG Promotions' Sheraine Gilliam and Mo.

Gilliam with rapper Chingy who came through for the show.

Gilliam and her brother, Tony.

Mike Roberts Sr and Jr talk with promoter Mo. The Roberts Brothers sponsored the hotel accommodations for the comedians at their new Hotel Indigo in the Central West End.

Keeping the crowd hyped on the 1s and 2s before the show started was DJ Charlie Chan.

In the crowd was Trenell Billups and FREETIME promoter Daryl Frierson.

Foxy 95 personality Niecy Davis gave the welcome to the crowd.


If you look closely, you can see Teddy Blackett of B Free Paparazzi (and Alive Magazine Sexy and Successful finalist) taking flicks throughout the crowd.

Folk gettin their food and drink together before the show.

Niecy welcoming folk to the show. She also introduced...

...legendary comic Dick Gregory to speak to the crowd who was town to speak on the documentary "Clean Mic" that he and comedian Paul Mooney star in that will be shown this evening, at the Lee Auditorium at Missouri Historical Museum..

Gregory spoke on topics such as Michael Jackson (Don't think what the media tell you on how he died. That's just a trick that they do. Oh, but don;t get me wrong, the nigga was weird. He asked me one time, "Dick, why am I so weird?" I said, "well, Michael, you was a star ever since you was five and you didnt have to beg for no pussy. I've been married for 50 years and I'm still begging for pussy." )

He also talked about President Obama ("When we get a Negro as President, we get a nice nigga. I ran for Presdient in 1968. If I won, all yawl woulda been in trouble. Obama is the most powerful man in America, but he still cant get a cab in NYC. ) and the recent police incident involving Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates ("Obama invited that cracker to the White House to share a beer with him and his friend (Gates). he was so smart that we was dumb for going out of his house to get arrested. The brother messed up. The police didnt wanna see his Harvard I.D., they wanted to see his drivers' license where everyone looked like a criminal.")

After Gregory was the scheduled comics. First up was Jovan Bibbs who talked about people when they are musty ("Have you ever smelled someone so musty that it made you wanna buy a Shrimp St. Paul?") and women with low haircuts ("Stop cutting your hair so low, cuz you're buying out all the wave caps from Walgreen's, lookin like Chingy (he was in the audience )")

Bibbs also did his regular joke about how women dis guys who got it going on but his shoes are busted.

Host Tony Rock got the funny started talking about signs that you are in the hood (" You cant tell you're in the hood not just for the MLK street but in St. Louis, you can tell you're in the hood cuz they still got that billboard of Billy Dee Willaims holding a Colt 45. Billy 99 years old and they got a billboard of him when he was 30 years old. he aint been 30 in 60 years." ) and the difference between white McDonalds and black McDonalds ("The white ones are spotless, workers got same uniforms, their visors are face forward. The black ones a worker is on work release selling food like drugs, the ghetto girl is talkin on her cell phone and her nails are too long to hit the keys on the register.")

Rock also talked about the good and bad of alcohol ("I'll drink anything. Alcohol is used to start a good time but its also an instigator. Alcohol will say, 'I bet you won;t piss in that mailbox.' You cant drive when you;re drunk, but you can drive high.")

During his opening, an audience member him a Tequila shot and he drunk it to the head, but he chugged it up on the stage and then said, "Never buy someone a warm Tequila."

Rock also said alcohol will leave you when you get stopped by the police ("When you're speeding and the police stop you you say'damn where did alcohol go?") . After his minutes, he introduced...

Arvin Mitchell to the stage.

Mitchell said that he wished he could buy rich toys like the Roberts Brothers ("I want some sirens to put on my car." ) and imitating personalities like Notorious B.I.G rappin about food, radio personality Michael Baisden when he announced the the King of Pop died and what rapper DMX would sound like if he became a preacher.

Mithcell also did his regular standup jokes about farting ("I farted so bad one time that a Febreeze commercial came on TV), the black version of "The Price of Right" ("If we got a black host the show would go from "The Price is Right" to "The Price is Aiight." ), and the "What the Leak Look Like" Dance. He also told the crowd that he will start up Funny 1st Sundays at the New House of Comedy starting next month in tribute to his sister who was killed earlier this year.

Some crowd members watching the show.

Next up was L.A. based comic Na'Im Lynn. He talked the irony of getting someone drunk ("Have you ever got drunk trying to get someoen else drunk?" ), men who strongly want sons ("Men will take a retarded son over an intelligent daughter anytime. He could be 13 wearing a diaper and you be like, 'Come on, Radio'")

Lynn also comically talked about teh dating game for him ("Dont you hate when women get tire dof you and they try and tear you down saying shit like' I'm tired of your long balls. they look like titties.' And sometimes I talk pass the pussy. One day I had jogging pants on and I opened the door and this girl said to me, 'Damn, I can see your dick in thse pants.' and I said, 'oh these pants, I hate these pants. I'm just all balls.'" )

One of his highlghted jokes was when he surveyed the crow dasking how many partners are too too many partners for a woman to have when you meet a woman. Then he gave his own number theory on a woman's experience with sex . He said "If a woman sucks your dick with no teeth on it equals 10 guys shes had. If she sucks the dick and jack you off equals 15 guys shes had. If she sucks the dick, jacks you off and juggles your balls, thats 35 guys shes had plus three women. Then he said, is she does all of those things plus wants you to cum in her mouth, then she has a man waiting in the next room. "

The crowd during the show.

Rock in screwin mode. He got into a routine about pussy farts , knowing when you're about to get good head from a woman ("When she puts her schruncho on her ponytail....") and the "gottegaguh" when a woman swallows your dick to the head.

The Rose Lady gave Rock a rose during on stage. Then he introduced...

Headliner Kevin Hart who based his routine about his family, especially his two chidlren. On his son he said, "He no longer is a dumb baby. He's know walking in the right direction now." He also talked about his sons temper tantrums giving a hilarious demonstration and say they are caused after he yells at him to get out of the oven.

Hart also talked about the explanations people do when expalining something happened to ones child after tehy babysat them ("Uhm, look a here. Uhm, you know that uh, before you gave me your baby, they had two eyes right? Well, it was a gas explosion and uh, his face blew off . I mean, he should have ran out the house just like the rest of us." )

Hart also talked about his buddy who got pisse dthat his little girl had shown him a picture of a little boy's dick on her cell phone and went to the school to try and find the boy's dick on the phone; his father using scare tactics to whip him ("You dont wanna see Steve do you?" ) and talking shit cuz he's small ("I'm always with big people when I'm out in the club. I'll just talk shit and throw a drink in your face then leave." )

Hart also did a hilarious routine about his crazy uncle who hasnt coped since leaving prison. He said that he helped him personal train at the gym and said that when he was spotting him on the bench, he was struggling and hsi mouth was open
and his uncle said, "Close your mouth before someone put they dick in it!"

Hart also asked the "Is this gay" question when he said, "Does this make me gay if a guy fan kisses his hand and throws the kiss to me and I catch it?"

The crowd enjoying Hart on stage.

Therre's the STL Social Girl who is notorious in the clubs for dancing and pulling up her skirt to show off her arse!

Hart also did a funny routine of how his road manager prepares to get ready to leave as he takes his time and checking everything before taking off.

And a hilarious joke about having phone sex with his wife at home and his daughter picks up and say, "Daddy you want me to touch my nipples too?"

Gilliam and the comics on stage after the show is over. Hart said that the Hart-Rock show will tour the country and that St. Louis was the first stop.

Mitchell greeting fans after the show.

Rock gretting fans after the show.

...and signs an autograph for STL Social Girl.

Mitchell takes an OUTCAM pic with his longtime childhood friend, Taneshia King.

Some fans take a pic with Rock.

A fan takes a pic with Lynn, who wa sslling tees of that read "Nah, I am Lyin" (A wordplay on his name Na'im Lynn) .

The Tee enterprisers Carl B Mitchell and Alexander Green were in the cut at the show. They are the ones who sold those popular My Prez Is Black tees earlier this year.

NOTE: Also in the house were Dick Gregory's brother activtist Ron Gregory, St. Lunatic member Kyjuan , Close To Famous' Triky(who got joaned on by Rock for walking in front of the stage when Rock said, "Yeah, he strong with his braids and purple Barney shirt on"), Liquid Assets' Phil Assets, socialite Corety Hellems and Quentin Womack.

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