Monday, August 10, 2009


Photos by Ma'atology Hot 104.1 personality Boogie D and St. Louis rapper/Lunatic member Murphy Lee fist mugging for OUTCAM in the VIP Lounge right before their anticipated fight with the video game EA Sports Fight Night Round 4(with Boogie holding the belt on his shoulder, was a premonition to happen). The guys competed at the Loft Nightclub where the bet was the loser had to either take 10 ladies and their guests out to dinner (if Boogie D won) or run Boogie D's radio show for one day (if Murph won).

Boogie and Murph goin over whats going to happen before they went out to the club area to play the video game.

Boogie D feeling out the game before the competition started.

Boogie announcing to the crowd that the start of the fight is about to start. The decisions were based on a three rounds, 5 minute each.

This young lady picked names of out of Murphy Lee's cap on which boxers they were going to be representing on the video game. The First Round was the Heavyweights.

The names chosen were Joe Galzaghe (Boogie D)
and Ray Jones Jr (Murphy Lee).

The competitors in eye-to-TV-to-finger form. LOL.


As the two are in playmode, Murph's brother and fellow St. Lunatic Kyjuan eggs on Murph from behind....Boogie D eventually won the 1st round of five minutes.

Next up was the Lightweights division. Chosen were Roberto Duran (Boogie D) and Pernell Whitaker (Murph)

The crowd were all up in it.

Deep and intense... and the winner of round two was:

Boogie D!

Boogie also won the title as he bragged on the mike to his fans.

"How ya like me now!"

Boogie D takes the belt as Kyjuan looks on.

Boogie paraded the Loft as the champ.

Boogie boasts to the local TV cams of his win.

In the end, the two were both winners. (We wonder where Murph took his guestsafter losing the friendly bet? We hope not White Castle drive thru in the back of his truck like what Boogie D joked on his radio show last week. LOL


We had gone to the Sneek Preview of the new House of Comedy and Laughs Lounge at its newest location on 19th and Washington during its Free WEEKEND. The featured comic that weekend was Deon Cole.

Cole had the crowd laughing with his calm, dry witted humor.

The waitresses gettin their ching ching on in the cashier's room of the venue.

The Lounge area of the venue where assistant Maria Maria Wilson stopped to smile at the OUTCAM.

Cole did his regular routine such as "moist" ass niggaz in L.A. and his friend porn star Wesley Pipes ("He goes balls deep." )

His newest joke was about Michael Jackson talking about the hospital he was rushed to in Los Angeles (" He was at a hospital at UCLA . I jumped up and went to the hospital when I found out. I was like, 'What??? he four minutes away from my house. I shoulda been stalking him.'"

House of Comedy owner and host Dee Lee thanked the crowd for coming out to the free weekend of the club.

Dee Lee said a joke about people dont complain about still having to purchase a two drink minimum cuz they got in free.

After the show, Dee Lee takes a pic with one of his well wishers, promoter Mocha Latte.

M&M Girlz: Mocha and Maria Maria take a pic with I AM Boutique owner/Delux Magazine's Brooklyn Kingsboro in the background.

Promoter/photographer JE had it on lock with the club pics on the House of Comedy Wall.

Dee Lee takes a pic with Deon Cole on stage after the show in front of the logo.

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