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Photos by (first pic) and Ma'atology YOURS TRULY, Maat Atkins takes a flick with OUTTOWN fans at Cafe Soul's three-year anniversary at the Loft last Thursday. Check out pics below of what went down at this event!

House of Comedy assistant Diesal and poet/event performer Starlite

The lovely socialite dance instructor Andrea Hayes.

The Major Brands Girls


Members of the National Sales Network were in attendance(including promoter Larry Blue in the center). The group had a meet and greet in the club's VIP area with featured artist Al B Sure! prior to the Cafe Soul event.


Coco Soul welcomes the crowd

Soul's co-host was the lively Silky Sol (left)

Sol and Soul got it started with Jill Scott's "It's Love."

Soul and the CROWD

A crowd member coordinated in blue.

Background singer Kawanee joined Sol and Soul on Rufus' "Everlasting Love."

Next up was STl singer Nikko Smith.

Smith, along with background singers CJ Conrod, Kawanee and Soul, sang Rude Boys' "Written All Over Your Face" and Michael's "Dirty Diana."

Singer Justin Hoskins and Soul. Hoskins also performed later in the show.

Poet Lightnin told it like it was for the sistas.

Soul Stylz/singer Jamie Spencer sang, Anthony Hamilton's "Point of it All."

Before he performed, 16 Bars gave a speech about the ladies of Cafe Soul (Angie Brown and Soul) and their contribution to St. Louis. He presented them with certificates of appreciation.

The Ladies show their awards.

16 Bars performing.

Spoken word artist Corey Black and singer Theresa share a schmooze.

Hoskins sang Marvin's "Let's Get it on."

Black on stage.

A long shot of Black on stage.

Actress Cody Lashea sang Jill Scott's "Golden."

The Cafe Soul crew

Starlite spat a poem about back in the day.

Theresa was a standout as she rocked Beyonce's "DeJa Vu."

Spencer was engulfed with Theresa's performance.

SYGU's Eddie Hollman (center) also came through.

During intermission, Needles spun the old school jams. One of the ones there gettin their groove on was poet A.D. (center).

Theresa also was one of the ones gettin their groove on.


Corey Balck got into the groove, too!

Conrod, Black and SYGU's Daryl Gillespie in groove unison!

Get it poppin !

Sol introduced the featured artist..................

Singer Al B. Sure!

Sure started off with his hit, "Off On Your Own Girl," in clear falsetto. Then said, "Let's go back down memory lane." Then sang his last major hit, "Right Now."

Sure! said that the entertainment industry is not easy and thanked the crowd for allowing him to be in it for 25 years which caused the crowd to burst in applause.

Sure! was very aplogetic about his appearance throughout his set ("I'm sorry I got old"), revealed that he was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and got extra emotional over Michael Jackson's passing which occurred days before the release of his new CD, "
Honey I'm Home."

Sure! said, "I'm sorry I waited for so long for the new album, 15 years, I wa stired of what was going on on radio. The Auto Tuning. Do I sound like the record? " And the crowd shouted, YES.

Sure joining vocalists Kawanee, Conrod and Soul who all got a chance to spotlight their singing ability during Sure's tribute to Michael on the song, "Lady in my Life."

Sure! walked through the crowd to be closer to his fans during singing, "Secret Garden." One crowd memebr boldly said, "Wow Al B Sure! can sing." and he commented about what she said. LOL

Sure! did the first single off his new CD, "I Love it."

Sure! told the crowd to raise their cell phones in the air during the MJ tribute.

Sure! gave the band their time to shine as well, including this guitarist. then he did a medley of his other popular song: "Killing Me Softly," "If I'm Not Your Lover" (where he forgot the words and resang the song), "Rescue Me" (and doing the dance from the video), "This Love is So." and his big hit, "Nite and Day."

After his set he thanked Cafe Soul for inviting him to perform.

The Cafe Soul Girls (Soul, Nicol Stevenson and Brown) on stage with Sure! as he congratulated them on their event.

The Girls soaked up every word!

Sure! departing the stage......

.....and hugged some of his fans

Huggy huggs. Look like socialite Becky Blue (left )was not amused. LOL

Sure! met some of his fans in the VIP Room. Here Sure! takes a pic with Stevenson.

.....and a fan.

NOTE: Overall the anniversary show was entertaining. The open acts did their thing as always (especially Theresa). The crowd should respect the mike on the poets though with all the talking, but with the alcohol flowing it was hard to do that. Al B. Sure! was just OK. He seemed to get the sympathy vote from the female fans who remember him during his uberhot days in the 80s and 90s with the contstant apologizing that he got old (and for the record, 41 is not old). He sounded pretty much like himself, minimal yet expressive at best. He was more the elderstateman than the R&B heartthrob.
Also in the house were Quentin Womack, Darylynn Bosley, Gilberto Pinella, Fred Finley, Mario Wayne, Bryan Cannon, and Damon Green to name a few.

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