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Photos by Ma'atology Philly neo soulster Eric Roberson poses with VAE promoter Vanita Applebum last Wednesday. Applebum brought in Roberson to perform for her Red Star Showcase Series as part of the monthly Suite Soul Spot event currently held at the Black Label in downtown St. Louis.

The crowd waiting for the show to begin.

The hosts were Nicci Roach and Kenneth DeShields (who sang a brief gospel tune at the end of Roberson set).

First up was Chitown singer Frankie who's brief set began with the cover, Terence Trent D'Arby's "Sign Your Name."

In the crowd watching was singer Teresa Jenee
who was baited by the crowd to no avail to join Frankie up on stage during his cover of....

....Prince's "Do Me Baby" that wowed the ladies in the audience.

Frankie was charming them up in there!

Frankie's set brought on volunteer singers on stage to do a brief rendition of the Prince song including Miss Tasha who, in pics below, has a highlighted moment in the show from headliner Roberson..

After Tasha, singer Flirt did his some bars of the Prince song.

Crowd members. Do you see singer Sineta in the crowd?

Opening act Theresa got it crunk starting with the original, "So Good," of her debut CD, "Ready Set Go."

Theresa even got her scream rock vocals going up in therre.

Theresa surprised the crowd that she performed after recently having a baby girl a few weeks ago.

Applebum and Roach take a pic during the Theresa set.

Roach takes a pic with Roberson's guitarist Curt Chambers on the patio before Roberson's set.

Singer Coco Soul chats with singer Frankie on the patio as Cafe SOul co-creator Angie Brown (in green) and Frankie's producer, James Glasco (next to Soul) look on.

Brown and Soul take a pic with Roberson before his set.

Soul spoke on the mike about her upcoming show to celebrate Cafe Soul's three year anniversary at the Loft later on this month.

Monopoly Promotion's Mocha Latte was on the scene and doing her promotions with fliers.

Soul Sessions' Seven also was in the house.

They had some time to fill so they asked any poets who wanted to break words on the mike. First up was Corey Black.

Next was the firey Lightnin.

Roberson walkin up to the stage to do his set with lasted until midnite.

Roberson's set included songs from his past CDs as well as his newest CD, "Music Fan First."
The opening sings included his popular song, "Back in the Day." and "Right Back to You,' from "The Vault Vol. 1.5"

Roberson was also quite the comedian.
That nite, he said that he was married and that now the women are saying to themselves that they had to have second plans to try and go with him to his hotel."

Roberson also sang the popular, "When Love Calls on You." from his Vault 1.0" CD that got the ladies (and some guys) screaming for more. he also sang a new song, "Borrow You," from his newest CD. he also got into the politics of the gospel world in Philly when he said, "In Philly, every big name act is touring with one Phill act but gospel artists challenge is not having any act that sings secular music." he went on to say, "I love all forms of music." He then asked the question of whether his song, "Deaf ears" (that he performed next) was a gospel song as it relates to him praying to God about a lady that doesnt realize they should be together."

Roberson said that he enjoyed doing his newest CD and sang another track from it "Newness." But the highlight of the set was during his performance of his standard song, "Softest Lips," that audience member and open mic volunteer Tasha screamed up a storm. As a result, Roberson walked down from the stage toward her as she stood up and got serenaded by him.

Roberson caught up in the moment pulled her closely to him.

...and sang to her.

And dramatically walked away as she responded to his departure.

He also sang, "Dont Change for Me," written by St. Lousi native writer Osunlade and did his signature adlib song when he asks the crowd to give him phrases to incorporate into the song.

The phrases used included this married couple's names Dara and Shawn, as well as Obama's health care speech, Twitter, Madoff and German Chocolate cake.

The crowd

Roberson went well over his 45 minutes and going close to 90 minutes as he got into the spirit with impromptu churchin (He did a holy rollin "Jesus is my Cousin" and holy dance) much to the delight of the crowd. Afterwards he took pictures with the crowd and signed and sold copies of his latest CD. Other STLers spotted there were Darrion Phelps, Courtney Mccall, Dj Enoch, Dj Needles, Earl McDowell, Joe Jennings, Wordsmith, Maurice "Invisible Man" Minor, and Starlite.


We checked out actor/director Joel King's theatre showcase. Pictured is King welcoming people for coming to get a snippet of his directed piece, "Thru the Eyes" that will be staged this weekend at the Kranzberg Theatre and his stageplay, "Real Life."

Supporter and sponsor was Nicle Colbert-Botchway.

The cast of "Thru the Eyes."

One of the cast members include STL actress Leah Stewart (left)

KMOV TV personality Vickie Newton spoke and gave her support to King and his upcoming projects.

The cast of "Real Life." Members include from LEFT: Chi Mathias, Black Pearl and Erin Dempsey.

Cody Lashea (Aaron) also in ithe cast.

Kevin Kline Award nominee Willena Vaughn (front) in a solo, is also in the cast.

Sir Earvin Williams and L.A. Williams in a scene

Cody Lashea and cast member in a duet

Dempsey and Williams in a prison visit scene.

A powerful scene with Williams with young actor.

King and cast finale.

The entire cast and crew.

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