Monday, September 21, 2009

OUT 689--Liberation Christian Church and JPEK present THRU the EYES @Kranzberg Center Sept.20

Photos by Ma'atology A photo of the graphic work of the poster for the inspirational musical production based on a true story that was staged Sept 17 thru the 20.

A pic of the program.

An opening scene of the play with the cast.
Actresses Leah Stewart and Lakeetha Nichelle Blakeney (who were standouts in the play) in a duet. Stewart played bio author Roz and Blakeney portrayed the masochistic Young Roz in flashback from the 1960s.

Blakeney and actress Cody Lashea in a scene. Lashea played Louise, Roz's mother

Blakeney and Lashea in a scene where Lashea's character doesnt believe she is beautiful after being told by her father she was "short, dark and ugly" sings to her about believing in herself that she is beautiful.

Stewart and actor Steven Page who played her easy going and loving husband, Ed.

A flashback scene with actor Joel P.E. King (the playwrighter and of JPEK) as Roz's bittered and drunken father Andie, actreess Vanyah Moore as Roz's maverick sister Marsha and Blackeney.

Lashea and King in a scene involving domestic conflict between the two.

One of the many physical scenes with Lashea and King.

One of the memorable and most disturbing scenes involving King's character throwing out Lashea's character permanently from the house with a police order. Also in the scene was A'lexus Jones (right) as the police officer.

Stewart and Lashea in a music number involving Lashea's chraracter leaving the house against her will.

Lashea in sorrow.

Blackeney in an elegy of her own.

In a scene after the mother has left the house and her children discussing it.

In one of the musical scenes involving the present and past Roz characters forgiving their father for his actions.

The cast singing the final number.

King coming out to direct the crowd to join in on the number.

After the play, director and SIUE instructor Kathi Bentley thanks King for his work.

Rosiland King (center), on whose life the play was based on, emotionally speaks to the crowd while holding her son, Joel's hand about her story and how to help others with it as actress Stewart looks on.

Stewart, Blakeney and Ms. King.

Well wishers Nicole Colbert-Botchway (LEFT) and her mother (next to Nicole), Ms. King, Joel King and a supporter.

King takes a pic of the marquee outside of The Kranzberg Center promoting his play.

NOTE: Overall THRU THE EYES is quite the story involving an accomplished woman, Roz, forgiving her father, after getting news of his stroke, for his cruel action of forcing out her mother from their family home when she was a teen. Told from both present and past times, THRU THE EYES was a very gutsy and provocative play that pulled at heartstrings as well relfections of how even family can inflict the most pain on others.
Although reminiscent to the The Color Purple in some instances especially with the surly character Andie (played by King) and his dealings toward family members, what is refreshing about THRU THE EYES is seeing the opposite of that pathos with Roz's husband (played by Page) who is loving, gentle and shows a sensitivity that one rarely sees in female-dominated plays involving their relationship with men (It was also nice to see Stewart and Page loving banter with each other as well). .
Standout performances came from Blakeney as the Young Roz and Lashea as Louise in their acting and singing roles. Not to mention the great segways of a present day Roz breaking the fourth wall to tell her story while looking at scenes of her past from the opposite end of the stage.

Bravo to King to a masterpeice in the making!

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