Monday, September 21, 2009


Photos by Ma'atology Therre's Say When manager/socialite Calvin Nelson (left) with Say When attendees including STL socilaite J Blizz (right). The bar was hosting a Mayweather fight watch party that nite.

Socialite/promoter Cerise Cohee and Nelson. Cohee is a waitress at Say When.

Some of the early crowd members during the opening fights on TV.

Cohee on the job gettin them drinks.

Nelson also was helping to serve...

..........................with a smile. LOL

A TV shot of boxers Floyd Mayweather and Juan Manuel Marquez at the weight in before the fight.

"I got you. I got you."

Attendees Spanky and Tee Baby.

Folk watching the fight (and the lady in the middle watching OUTCAM. LOL)

NOTE: Also in the house were Imperial Events' Meka Wilson and Ezekiel Obasi.

We checked out FREETIME's 4th Year Anniversary "New Jack City" celebration at the Goldhouse in Forest Park. Pictured are members Adrian Saddler, Kevin Benford and Daryl Freirson.

....and there's FREETIME member Roy Robinson sporting some CRAAAAZY FUN fashion with his tux.

Host A.I. doin his thang on the mike.

Meetin and greetin was going around.

The attendance was slow paced with it being Mayweather Fight Night, but they were there.

Attendees NightSociety Maurice Bishop and friend.

Singles Vibe Joe Jennings, guest and Stress Free Friday's Mario Wayne were also there.

DJ OK was in the building.

And so were HERS! LOL

Socialite Kwame Ofori gave OUTCAM his Mayweather stance.

Party people in the house.

Folk checkin in to the party.

This sister made conversation with her HAIRR.

Lovely ladies in rows.

A long shot of the crowd (and no, the TV you see wasnt on the Mayweather fight but pics of FREETIME events)

PARTY DOWN (literally with sista girl on the right. LOL)

Saddler and his FREETIME crew getiin their drink and party on.


NOTE: The overall event was nice. It was cool seeing the FREETIME guys dressed in their dapper New Jack City tux (Gunned member Allen Whitney stripped to his vest after awhile. LOL). Although we missed the first 400 get a free drink, we did get a sample of a Gentleman Jack product from one of the waitresses who were passing them around. It was a decent crowd despite the competing Mayweather Watch Parties that went down that nite

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