Monday, September 14, 2009


Photos by Ma'atology and B Free Paparazzi
Soul Sessions host Seven (middle) is flanked with supporters Miss Maria and Miss Dana. Seven hosts this weekly Thursday poetry and music showcase put on by JE Entertainment.

Poet and promoter Xplicit performed.

Seven on the mike introducing the acts.

Brother Ting was one of the opening acts.

As well as erotic poet Mocha who brought headliner Black Ice on stage as she seduced him with her words.

Musician/singer Marvin Michael also performed

As well as rapper Nite Owl who has a new CD entitled, "Cheers and Boos."

And vet poet Floyd Boyskin who did a piecw from his newest CD, "Earthology."

Headliner Black Ice infused his poetry with stories about his experience being the first (and last) poet signed to Def Jam.

Ice talked comically about "Hollywood hip-hop niggas" and how they believe their hype and how it was hard for him to get money from the Def Jam label when he was signed to them .

Ice also talked about taping the second season of Def Poetry Jam" and his spittin his infamous piece, " 410 days in Darkness." about how the industry makes rappers into drug dealers.

Ice also talked about his meeting Jesse Jackson and how down to earth he was and that he knew him and he said to him, "You that MF nigga, Damn." Additionally he spoke on his stint on Broadway and how he and his goons watched the infamous season of P Diddys "Making the Band' when he had the contestants go and get some cheesecake for him in Brooklyn and that they filmed near where he stayed and how his goons dont fuck with Puff. He also expounded on his day taping BET's "106 and Park Prime" and that his daughter told him that wasnt the real "106 and Park" show .


YOURS TRULY, Ma'at Atkins (taking a pic with poet Xplicit) checked out Alive Magazine's Sexy and Successful Contest gala at the opening of the new Red Kitchen inside the Hyatt in downtown St. Louis. The event was based on a public poll for people to vote on 20 of St. Louis personalities in the running. That nite, the magazine selected the Top Four winners.

The poster for the event

The Alive Magazine for September 2009.

Alive Magazine's Jason Nichols and STL Post Fashion Editor Debra Bass.

Therre's STl fashion designer Ola Hawatmeh (middle in dark hair) of Mom Me Makeover chatting with guests. She is currently putting on a Fashion Week in Saint Charles.

Guests networking

There's Nichols in the thick of schmooze.

Attendee dancer/instructor Andrea Hayes.

Alive Magazine founder Elizabeth Tucker (right) with Alive Magazine contestant Corrine Sweigert.

More of the crowd.

People at the bar.

Tucker with Moonrise Hotel manager Adrian Lunt.

Hayes with Alive Magazine contestant Teddy Blackett.

DJ Steve Meyer on the 1s and 2s was mixing up hip hop with old school rock.

Blackett talkin with one of his supporters, SYGU's Eddie Hollman.

The ladies were gettin their drink on four ways!

Along with Hollman, FREETIME's Daryl Freirson and SYGU's Rhashad Shadzilla Whittier also came through.

FREETIME's Roy Robinson also was in the house as he got his dance on with other attendees.

Folks gettin tagged to go into the VIP event.

We hard that well over 600 or so folk were up in the Kitchen.

Meyer annoucning the Top Four

One of the winners was TV journalist Emily Clark with friend.

Clark with another winner businesswoman Sweigert.

The Top Four Court: Joey Gillberti (left) and Blackett (right)

Blackett swiggin on what he won!

Blackett with his friends and some of his supporters.

NOTE: The event was definitely one of the better events that Alive Magazine put on this year exclusing Spring Fashion Week. VIPers had access to free drinks (to a particular time) and delectable appetizers which included, plumb vodka shots, jumbo shrimp, pizza, and Crab Rangoon.

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