Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Therre's YOURS TRULY, Ma'at Atkins with singer Charisse Swan of Fury at the K Jon concert at the Loft last Thursday. Check out the action at this event below!

Photos by Ma'atology, Erica M Brooks (Bradford pics below) and Angie Brown (above pic)
The Cafe Soul promoters Angie Brown (left), Coco Soul and Nichol Stevenson (right) take a pic with new R&B artist KJon who was in town in St. Louis last Thursday to perform for PRE-LABOR DAY CELEBRATION at the Loft Nightclub put on by Cafe Soul and Urbanism. Check out below what else went down at this concert.

Coco Soul welcoming folk to the show.

Open act artists Az One (left and right) pose with singer Silky Sol before the start of the show.

Az One tearin it on stage.

Silky Sol got the crowd on their feet...or else.

Sol got some background from Charisse Swan of Fury and Soul.

Swan was in perfect pitch.

An audience member was chosen to select the winners of the free passes to the upcoming Eric Robeson concert at Black Label.

One of the winners

2007 McDonald R&B/Soul Search winner Justin Hoskins performed. He announced to the crowd that just left a gig performing with old school act, The Drifters.

Sol, Kawanee and swan on the extra vocals.

Coco brought it. She also let OUTTOWN know that her debut CD that she has been working on for several years will soon be out next month.

Sol with the background sistas.

Some of the crowd watching.

Midway through the opening acts, KJOn (in white) and his crew was coming through the door.

They came out of this charter bus parked behind the club.

K Jon walking up to the stage.

Detroit native K Jon brought along his guitar player Augustine Alvarez from Chi-town (left), who plays on his debut CD, "I Get Around" and his dee-jay (right)

K Jon thanked those who made his debut hit, "On the Ocean" a No. 1 hit on the Urban Adult Contemporary Charts.

Some crowd members gettin their dance on.

In play mode.

These two were showing the crowd how to two step as KJon looks on interestingly enough. LOL

KJon performed songs from his debut Universal CD, "I Get Around" including the cuts, "After the Club" and the second single, "This Time." But the standout of the show was violinist Lee England (right) who played hip-hop hits with his violinist with the dee-jay after K Jon took a 20 minute intermission. England, who is featured on K JOn's CD, was recently won a slot in P Diddy's band from the reality competition "Making His Band."

Stevenson in dance mode with a patron.

K Jon dedicated his show to the audience member with the corn roll puffs.

When K Jon performed his debut hit, "On the Ocean,"' the crowd went wild and rushed the front of the stage.

K Jon crooned to the ladies, especially the two sistas up front. One of them got the "Orgasm Ghost." It was..............

....................HER! LOL

This crowd member was all smiles when K Jon chose her as one of the sernadees.

"Sign it, to my future baby mamma." After the show, K Jon signed autographs.

K Jon taking pics with fans as the ladies await to meet him.

The ladies waited patiently to meet K Jon.

The dee-jay of the night was Needles. Although he bruised his wrist he was still at trooper on the music steel machine.


St. Louis native comedian Darius Bradford had a comedy show at Celebrity Nites in North County last Wednesday. The show was a showcase for various cable networks such as ABC, CBS, NBC, and T.V-One ) to consider filming his show, from the Lou.

Egriff was one of the comedians to entertain the crowd.

The other was Andre.

Bradford posing with a fan after the show.

The Rose Lady (Lee Nixon's daughter) also came through with her red roses.

Bradford and Andre with more fans.

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