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Photos by Erica M. Brooks Streetballers Crew: Director Matthew Krentz, Producer Craig Thomas and Producer Patrick Rooney. All three were also in the cast. The three of them are preparing to premiere the hit indy film at Mann Chinese Theatre in Hollywood Sept 25. The party was doubled as a going away party and a celebration of the soundtrack to the film.

LEFT: Loft manager/Black Label co-owner Craig Morris, promoter Mocha Latte and Chris Little . Latte, who is also going with the crew to Hollywood premiere, helped to promote the event.

RIGHT: Morris, Chris Little , 100.3 The Beat personality Kiki the 1st lady and Krentz.

St. Louis Post Pop Critic Kevin Johnson, Krentz and Kiki.

The pimped out Streetballers car.

Some of the performers included Aloha.

As well as rapper Potzee (middle)

Rapper Vega (right)

The crowd gettin into it!

Photos by Ma'atology (IN ORDER OF EVENT)

Arriving at the event as people got searched before entering.

Therre's Radio One personality Boogie D (right) walking within the early crowd members.

The stage

IN THE VIP TENT: Foxy 95's Niecy Davis and Boogie D.

Folks up in the VIP Tent.

Crowd shots of some of the interesting people

This sista said she was celebrating her b-day and dancin until she get tired (as you will see later on in the piss she definitely did that! )

Gettin the crowd hyped were Foxy 95 personalities Needles (on the 1s and 2s) and local producer of the Michael Baisden show hypeman Soundz.

Crowd in it!

Feelin it!

There goes b-day sista gettin low!

This couple were dressed alike in jean attire.

This sista with the pink feather blouse was a sight for sure!

Cuttin a rug!

Near the stage was 2009 McDonald's R&B /Soul Search winner Katrina Reece posing with Davis. Reece opened up this year's Foxyfest.

B-Day sista with her hands in the aiyer!

Partyin down!

Crowd in dance mode!

Davis and the Foxy staff on stage welcoming everyone to the event.

Legendary radio personality Gentleman Jim Gates addresses the crowd.

Gates and his son, Needles.

Gospel Dj Mary Tillman.

Reece did cover tune snippets including Shirley Murdock's "Go On Without YOu," MJ's "Rock with you," amd Beyonce's :"Ego."

Reece also covered Chrisette Michelle's newest hit, "Blame it on Me."

Reece in closeup mode.

Next up was local group LLC in their dream cicle colored outfits.

They covered many of the Ojays' hits including, "Love Train," and "Back Stabbers," and Barry White's "Practice What You Preach."

A long shot of LLc on stage.

Meanwhile in the VIp tent was Cafe Soul's Angie Brown, StL Post's Kevin Johnson and Davis.

This couple was in VIP and peep out brotha man man's shirt that his wife picked out for him. If you cant see it, the next pic will give you an idea.....

And his name is not Dick. LOL

This sista was working overtime in the VIP Tent with the free drinks including Bombay mix drinks. The liquor brand was one of the sponsors of the event.

This LLC member performed his hit, "Leave Well Enough Alone."

The group after their first set

They were brought on for an encore and sang their original tune, "Pain comes after Midnight."

Davis with Foxy perosnlaity Stevie B.

Soundz with a friend.

Next up was Kinloch based band, Black and White Band.

They performed cover tunes including E, W &F's "Septmeber," Taste of Honey's "Boogie Oogie oogie," and Maxwell's "Ascension."

Johnson takes a pic with STL singer Silky Sol.

The line for the free drinks in VIp Tent was constant and endless.

Godo thing bruh man didnt have pink shoes to match. LOl

The Black and White band performing.

They had the glitter suits going as well!

The crowd member was all up in it.

During dusk, the VIP area was packed.

This sista was the party girl up in VIP.

Socialite Deidre Exum with grandaughter Attiana and her friend Azlarion.

Some of the members of the Black and White band after their lively set.

Arriving was socialite and promoter Mocha Latte.

Majic 104.9's BJ the DJ and Foxy's Steve Byas take a pic.

DIVA Planning's Gina James poses with her teen son.

Next up was headliner SOS Band.

Original lead singer Mary Davis in performance mode.

The group started their set with the hit, "Just the Way you Like it."

The SOS member said to the crowd, "All yawl smell like BBQ."

They also performed, "the Finest," Tell Me If you Still Care," and the radio hit, "High Hopes."

They also hyped their wensite SOS Online as well.

Byas shares a dance with Sol.

The band waving goodbye after performing their last song, their biggest hit, "Take Your Tme."

Therres' Ms. Craig Black (left) at one of the vending booths.

Another vendor there was Grand-Mah's

Southern Delight had the bomb fried fish we heard.

People preapring to leave after six hours of food, fun and music.

NOTE: We heard that over 11,000 folk came out to Foxy fest 2.

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