Monday, March 22, 2010


PHOTOS by Ma'atology

Herre's some pics of the event from my cell phone (THe ones that were eye-legible. LOL) ON RIGHT: People waiting to get inside of the event. Close to 600 people attended the free event that was advertised in the Riverfront Times where people RSVP and registered to attend. LEFT: The event's ice sculpture .

The opening act was a mesmerizing duo who did def defying acrobatic moves on stage,

Its local sponsor was STL promoter Keenan Harris. He announced that night's People's Choice Award for Venue and it had gone to Rookie's and the Overall winner was Georgie's. Both won free bottle service at the afterparty held at the Halo Bar located next to the Pageant.

The event producer and creator and host Candy Smith who had folk in stitches with her raw and candid comments on the contestants.

One of the 14 contestants that nite was Ashley with an East Indian performance. Each contestant competed with body art and performance.

Trent Price did Michael Jackson (his shirt was painted on).

Leon McKenzie did a spoken word and hip-hop breakdance routine.

Adrienne was the rocker chick who played the guitar as Smith gets into the performance.

This contestant performed a Prince medley who's upper body was painted purple with the "Symbol" on his back. After his performance Smith made a comment about his arse saying, "Did you all see his ass? It was like two pregnant cantaloupes!"

This contestant, Victoria, was Kitty and she did a mind boggling routine with three hula hoops.

One half side of the 14 contestants during the finale.

The other half of the contestants.

The contestants in the finale number.

NOTE: Before the winner was announced there was a performance by a perfomer who was Marilyn Manson(who we thought should have been in he competition) . Half of her body was of Marilyn Monroe and her white dress and blonde wig and the other half was of a heavy metal star in leather corset , Kiss-like makeup and black fright wig, panty hose and a black boot. She alternated between the two performing sideways as the dee-jay played, :"I Wanna be Love By You,": and ; Manson's "The Beautiful People" . The winner was determined by the audience members texting in their choice and the winner was Victoria. All the charges from the texts were donated to the Food Bank who had a vending booth set up there at the event. There also was a booth where people could receive a painted tattoo and a computer-generated morph of their head attached to a body paint figure. There were also a set of mannequins dressed in body paint as well. The dee-jay was Que. In the house were the Posts' Kevin C. Johnson and SYNERGY's Amit Dawhan.

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