Monday, March 1, 2010



Patrons entering the event. It was FREE til mid for those who didnt wanna get charged.

One of the early arrivals was House of Comedy assistant Maria Maria Wilson.

Wilson takes a flick with the Committee's Calvin Nelson

Early crowd gettin their party on.

The lady of the hour, Mocha Latte (fourth from left) arrived right before midnite just in time before her official day was over. Here, she is pictured in her booth with (FROMLEFT) guest, Nancy Sanders, Evening Whirl Editor in hef Anthony Sanders and Louflick's Tommie Choncie.

Latte taking a pic in front of her b-day banner.

Latte and Wilson.

Choncie gettin the nite started with his party libation.

Comic STL SLim was tryin to get in where he fit in up in VIP.

Latte officially thanking folk for coming to her b-day celebration as she got into her hosting mode that nite.

Nelson was one of many of her well wishers who brought gifts for Latte.

Latte showing off her many gifts, a earring, bracelet and pen set.

Nelson, Latte and guest pose for OUTCAM in VIP.

This sista didnt need no patna to get her part on !

Another well wisher speaking to Latte.

The Love gift bag where many of Lattes gifts were stored.

Latte and Sanders

Sip and pose. Latte gettin' served by her servant, we mean assistant. LOL.

Latte showing off her see through back.

More well wishers and gifts.

The paparazzi were in the house for Latte's big day.

Karma co-owner Loose Cannon's Welllz Fargo Slim takes a stop to flick with "Big Love" Sanders.

Close to one -o'clock R&B sex symbol Tank arrived at Karma with his entourage up in VIP.

Latte and friends

Latte brightening up the cam, with her smile and bling.

Tank gettin settled in the spot where he was gonna be stationed at that nite.

Therre's East St. Louis native poet Willie Lynch JUUUUUUUNIA. LOL

Ladies took pics with the R&B singer manned by a bouncer who controlled the flow.

Latte got hers in with him!

Latte and well wisher poet 16 Bars.

"So how many Tank CD's you got? " (LOL) . Sanders talkin it up with STL comic Kym Dobbs.

The club was megapacked during the time Tank got settled.

Teddy "B Free" Blackett was in the building taking snaps.

Latte in cheek-to cheek and pucker mode.

Tank talkin with folk in VIP.

The arrival of her cake!

Tank, as expected, serenaded the Queen of Promotions with "Happy Birthday."

The Sanders and Latte.

Latte posing with a immaculately decorated cake was shaped like two turnatbles with a mic. She said that her dream was to be a dee-jay. The cake was decorated with diamond like jewels.

Meanwhile, Tank performed a few songs for the crowd including "Maybe I Deserve" and "PLease Don't Go." He also teased the ladies and said that it was so hot in there that he felt like taking his shirt off which caused the ladies to scream but to much of the ladies' dispppaointment he didnt further the thought.

Latte scratching to the beat --on her cake. LOL

Club Society host Big Terrence joined Latte on her one's and two's.

Latte pose with tank one mo gain.

Latte was all in it by that time!

 you can see! LOL

Latte poses with her wishing well and well wisher St. Lunatic member City Spud.

Slim, asks, more like, tells the crowd to wish Latte a Happy Birthday by having them shout out the wish.

Slim and his tatted arm in reach mode.

And you know party AINT a party without the rep of the Roseman's fam in the house.

Promoter Big Tah was another well wisher .

Mocha Latte in the building (and always in eye contact when the OUTCAM tries to get her in action mode).

Latte and well wisher makeup artist Gorgeous.

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