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Photos by Ma'atology

The folk coming to the award show. It was estimated that about 1500 attended the show. The red carpet host was Inbox's NeKay .
Pictured, she is interviewing TMA nominee Ms. Funy.

Folk waiting to go inside for the show.

Presenter and radio personality Craig Blac and his wife.

Dora the Explorer even showed up. LOL

Hot 104.1's Soundz (front left) at the table with members of the new promotions group, The Committee.

The first on stage was Miss Bee

Folk crowding in.

Dora and Diego on stage with some small fans.

Sexy Quartet. TMA nominees Aloha Misho with cigar in hand giving sexy androgyny with rap trio June 5th.

Sydney Latte posing with her mom, TMA nominee Mocha Latte.

Soundz and radio colleague TMA nominee Young Dip in a convo.

Fyre Boy's Mo Lyric and T Baby and her pimp cup.

Host and TMA creator 104.1's Tony J greeting a member of the press.

Tony J said to the crowd that he didnt wear the white suit this year. LOL

Tony J with Dora.

This brother didnt have one, but two blinged out watches.

Hollywood Colorz on stage.

The first presenters were Evening Whirl photographer Hot Rod and 104.1's Big D who presented the alternative Rock Artist award to:


TMA nominee Hot 104.1's Staci Static in close view.

THerre's Soundz sitting with two other presenters veteran journalist Robin Boyce (third from left) and Wendell Hill(next to Boyce) .


The next presenters were Blac and Dip who gave out the award for Collaboration. But before they gave out the award, Blac asked the crowd to give their stand up for independent artists.

And they did. And the winner of Collaboration was....

Louie V. Shorty and Laudie for "DO YOur OWn Dance." Louie V was not present but the other two accepted the award.

Boyce presented the Politician of Educator of the Year to:

JOEL JACKSON. A TMP moment happened was when before Jackson got on stage and when she saw him she asked the crowd, "Is this Joel? " LOL

June 5th performed

Members of Exquisite Fashions presented the Street Song of the Year to Murphy Lee's "St Louis Winner". Lee was not present.

Tony J gave props to DJ Sno for setting the tone for dee-jays supporting ST. LOuis hip hop. Tony also said that Sno who just came from touring Japan with rapper Chingy.

Hollywood Colorz got on stage once again.

STL native NFLer Laurence Maroney and JAzz LOft owner Drexel Stith presented the award Producer of the Year TO:


Next was a seductive performance by TMA nominee J'VAr.

He serenaded a young lady from the audience.

Gettin into the groove.

Members of The Committee presented the TV Personality of the Year to:

Fox 2's April Simpson.

A highlighted performance was when Rucka Puff started his performance with a toilet on stage! LOL

Ruka Puff always brings the wild and crazy!

Chub hop.

A representative of the City of St. Louis presented Tony J a Proclamation for the Traffic Music Awards.

Tony J receiving award posed with members of tthe media company, Junkyard (who presented the Group of the Year award) and rep from the city of ST. LOuis.

The Group of the Year award went to rap duo Unladylike but they did not attend to receive award.

Ray Goss (RIGHT)) and Justin Hoskins performed next.

Hot 104.1 's Jenee and Notifi Radio's Dwight Stone presented Club Song to:

Young Ro's "Donk that Booty." Accepting for him was his label Black Pearl Entertainment. Ro was in Chi-town performing at a concert.

Performing next was Laudie

G Child, new 10.1 program director Micky J and Codog presented Comedian of the Year but before the winner could come up on stage:

A fight ensued with several guys. Security had to be called and they broke up the melee by tasering the fighters. A few minutes later, backstage there was an altercation involving mistaken identity involving Orlando Pretty Boy who was mistook for starting the fight, but that was not true and security apologized. It was speculated that the fight happened because of Tony J having folk in the crowd shout oft their hoods which brewed in somr, rival hoods gettin into a toussle.

After Tony J got the program back on track, Ms. Funny want up to the podium to accept her award for Comedian of the Year Ms Funy said during her acceptance speech, " Aye, yawl stop all that fighting before I jump out into the crowd and kill all of ya'll!!!"

Coemdian Darious Bradford got on stage and ripped on the guys who giot into the fight saying, "Thety probably mad becsue the IRS took their income tax return.

SloDown and Skiddalz presented Publication of the Year. Before they presented, Slo Down announced his new indy label Reject Music and his first artist signed is Skiddalz.

THe Publication went to:

ST. Louis American. Accepting was American writer Kenya Vaughn

Next up performing was Tef Poe

....joined by Corey Black

Presenting the Promoter of the Year was Mocha Latte and her daughter, Sydney


Loose Cannon. Mocha accepted the award for Loose Cannon, who's one third member is Mocha.

Bree and George Pittan II presented the DJ of the Year Award to:


Khalia (right) and her daughter presented the Choreographer of the Year TO:


TMA nominee Aloha on stage bringing the heat...with dem boots!

Aloha and her background singers.

Comedians Longhorn, Mark Bland and Cuttin T presented the Beauuty Shop of the Year to:

Toodles Hair Salon

Kenya Vaughn presented the R&B Artist Award to:

Bradd YOUNG.

Rockwell Knuckles also performed that nite.

Crown Vick and Silly Asz presented the Politican of the Year to Charlie Dooley. Asz made a joke before the presentation that Vick had some weed on him. When Dooley was the winner he said, "I know he ain't here. I need to talk to him anyway about some tickets I need to get straightened out."

Big D and Soundz presented the Legend Award to Projocks: Doc Love and Tossin Ted. Both were teher but left after the melee occurred we got word from Love himself. They were tied with the late Roseman.

Rappers Rucka Puff and Joka presented the Female artist to:

ALOHA. Oddly enough some female in crowd blurted out after she won: "Bullshit." TMP!

Fyre Boy's Ms. Lyric and Barber Steve Lacy presneted the Host of the Year award. Before presenting the winner, Ms. Lyrics got on a frenzy reppin her hood. Lacy was looking quite puzzled of her flow. LOL



Derrty ENT's Mousie and Wendell Hill presented the Humanitariun Award to Matthew Dickeys Boys' and Girls' Club. No one accepted the award.

Vega was next to perform.

Tony J posing with his TMA assistant, Mo.

Hairstylist Tiffany Johnson (left) and friend

Another shot of Vega performing.

The TMAs introduced a new segment this year with the filmed cyphers from local hip hoppers. On this one its Prince Ea (CENTER), Tef Poe and Vandalyzm (Left).

Ms. StL and TMA sponsor Major Brands' Tre Williams presented the Film/Videographer of the Year to:

Block TV. They were actually filming the awards and when they accepted this award as well.

Smoove and PR presented the Radio Personality of the Year to Rickey Smiley. He did not attend. PR said that he was going to give the award to a local personality, someone like Tony J.

The next filmed cypher segment consisted of female hip hoppers Bell, Mary McGwire (CENTER) and Ebony Eyez.

Latte posing with her awards, one for Host and the other accepting one -third of the Promoter of the Year, Loose Cannon

Up next was Miss Kriss

Miss Kriss brought the fire!

A long shot of Miss Kriss in action.

STl singer Mailee and comedian Arvin Micthell presented the Label of the Year to:


Tony J presented the Barber Shop Award to:

LEROYS. Accepting was Cuttin T.

Performing was Huey and crew.

Huey performed tracks off his new mixtape CD, "Back 2 Business."

Mykeia Coco Thomas poses with TOny J .

DJ Sno presented the Venue of the Year Award to:


Comedian Hot Sauce presented the Radio Song of the Year to:

"Push it back" by Young Ro. Accepting was his label, Black Pearl ENT.

T-Baby(RIGHT) and her lady presented Male Artist of the Year TO:

Young Ro. Accepting was BP again. But the audience seemed to had cooled down on Young Ro winning even having the leader of BP to ask why they werent clapping for them.

MC was next performing

MC brought the rock star edge to his performance.

MC's crew leaving the stage.

The last award of the nite was SONG of the YEAR which was presented to:

"Grown Man Lovin" by Bradd Young.

The Wildboys then performed.

Backstage, Rockhouse ENT's Aloha and Bradd Young pose with their awards.

Winners BP and Rockhouse pose for the OUTCAM.

Closing the show was Bradd Young.

He had his crowd going.

And he closed it with his radio hit, "Grown Man Lovin."

NOTE: The big winner that nite was Young Ro and the Black Pearl ENT crew. Young Ro won two and BP won three with a total of five. Bradd Young suprisingly only won two of his seven awards (one award the Songwriters Award was not presenetd that nite). His Rockhouse ENt label won three altogether with Aloha winning Female Artist. Teh ST. Lnatics wer shut out of its three nominations, but Murphy Lee manage dto win one of his three nods with Street Song for "St. Louis Winner." Returning winners from last year were April Simpson and St. Louis American. Other awards that were not presented that nite were: Poet, Model, Clothing Designer, Business and Author.

The after party was held at the Loft.

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