Monday, March 22, 2010


Photos by Ma'atology

LEFT: One of the plasma screens with Monica's new video, "Everything To me." Playing on rotation.

RIGHT: The poster publicizing her new CD, "
Still Standing."

Spotted at the event was the very dapper STL native comic Joe Torry. Pictured with him was a clubgoer who was one of Monica's biggest fans.
RIGHT: Promoter Mocha Latte on the scene as the venue and event's host.

Latte's platinum high heel sneaker shoe (left) was in "battle" with another sista's identical shoes.LOL

Latte posed up with Hot 104.1's Tony J.

Latte and J.

On the 1s and 2s was dee-jay Sir Thurl.

Socialite Corey Hellems and 3 Way Promotions' Big Tah.

The crowd gettin packed in.

Local rapper Bertell on the mic.

The OUTCAM taking a pic of Bertell's complimentary CD single that was given out to the crowd.

Videographer Mo B gettin the scene in.

The TMP pic was of poet Abbey gettin his groove on (and his pants up) on the dance floor. LOL

"Say, baby, don't you know who I am?"

After midnight, singer Monica along with her bodyguards walked in the club from the upstairs rear of the club as crowd members clapped and rattled about from her appearance.

Monica smiling to the first level crowd.

She was face fresh and ready for the cameras!

She was in a good spirits in lieu of the rumors that her and her boo rapper Rocko were hitting splitsville.

Latte joined Monica up in VIP.

M&M--Monica and Mocha

Latte was gettin it crunk as Monica got hers in as well.

Double cheese.

Monica had no shame gettin her groove on!

J joined the ladies up in VIP.

Monica asked Mocha if they could play her song, not HER song but her song up in the club.

And she got her wish!

Monica taking a water break and talking with a fan.

Monica also did a shout out for Mo-B.

A long shot of Monica and VIP.

NOTEL Overall it was OK. From Facebook reports, folk were a bit disappointed that Monica did no speak to the crowd nor sing. It was reported that she was on vocal rest because of a show that she had the following day. This nite also was the start up of having celebs stationed upstairs as opposed to downstairs.


................St. Lunatic member Kyjuan tryin to get into the downstairs VIP area!

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