Monday, March 1, 2010


THERRE's YOURS TRULY Ma'at Atkins gettin his "reg pose" on the red carpet at Ice Enetrtainment's White Ice Event at the Ambassador last Saturday. Check out the other pics below from this event! (photo by King Tungsten)

PHOTOS by Ma'atology

The Ice Angels began the show with a fashion show

Notifi Radio/Saved in the City's Dwight Stone held it down on the music.

All the Ice Angels in diva pose.

The male models also was modelin.

Backstage action going on with I AM's Kim Trigg and seven time TMA nominee singer/producer Bradd Young who headlined the event.

Also backstage was Niddy, rapper Spiffy (who was a performer that nite), Rockhouse assistant Mani Savilay, and Young.

Scheduled artist rapper Ludy and Young.

Event creator Nancy "Ice" Murry with event model Alex Day

The models

Gospel singer Jai on stage with rapper Thi'sl

They had it crunk for Christ.

Jai gave a testimony for those in the crowd who may be going through something in their life and that God is always there.

Backstage in one of the dressing rooms was TMA nominated singer Aloha (in shades) was did background for Young.

Patrons enjoying the show in the white ice colored VIP area.

More folk in White Ice VIP area.

Young got interviewed by this very color coordinated interviewer in his dressing room .

Aloha is always on point when it comes to fashion and that nite was no different!

And those STY-LET-them-TOES were no joke!

Meanwhile, on stage was gospel rock artist J.R.

He had it crunk as well.

B-day guy fitness trainer Deanthony Moore celebrated his b-day with friends.

Notifi Radio dee-jay DJ Quinn gettin some in during one of the event breaks as D. Stone looked on.

Up next was rapper Ludy who performed his club hits, "Sick with it," and "She Can Get it."

In rap swag mode.

Some fo Ludy's fans gettin their groove on, frosted stands and all. LOL

Ludy was joined on stage by some of the Ice Angels models.

Joining Ludy was rapper Spiffy who spat his latest single, "Arrogant."

Right before Young and Aloha got on stage they took another pic with the rest of his Rockhouse fam including Vega (second from left) and assistant Savilay.

Young got his rock star mode on starting off his set.

Electro funk .

His Rockhouse fans all in it!

Aloha gettin background in .

One fan was ready for the OUTCAM!

Young did an ode to slow jams including an R&B version of LL 's classic rap ballad,"I Need Love. "

And of course he sang, "Grown Man Lovin." that closed off his set.

The Stones, Dwight and Elise.

NOTE: The crowd was a bit sparse but it was a nice blend of fashion, hip hop, gospel and R&B. Scheduled artist KB was not able to attend cuz he was in the hospital but he sent a performance via DVD that was shown on the big screen that nite. And there was a gimed out chic sista who wore some fishnet stockings with some black and white checkerboard hot pants (more like bloomers) that had folks crackin on this sista (PIC IS ON BLIND PICZ at OUT 795--ILLIMO A&E BITZ ).

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