Monday, March 22, 2010

OUT 803--REVOLVE at CITY HALL hosted by ROSCI March 19

Photos by Night Society (first pic) and Ma'atology
There's YOURS TRULY, Ma'at Atkins, in signature pose at City Hall for Revolve, an every fourth Friday concept produced by SYGU, John Burns and Soul Stylz, where a different building that is not a club is transformed into a club setting.

The REVOLVE beauties who waitressed at the makeshift bar set up. One of the beauties was model Ashlai Box (left).

In the house were LME's Mr. Chad and Otto Nichols

The makeshift bar was lit in white neon lights,

Some early comers.

These brothers--Ripp, Vel and Jae from Kansas City came to the event. They were a part of the KC music scene with All in One Entertainment

Socialite Evangela sporting a bald blonde do and leopard print cat suit and OUTTOWN fan Ebony Tidwell.

Some of the many ladies who attended.

There were many convo pieces up in therre including the piece that was on the back of this sista's head, a black foxtail on low blonde cut!

Another OUTTOWN fan, Sharmaine Williams.

So Diverse's Miss Patrice and socialite Nicole Griffin. Patrice told OUTTOWN that she was engaged and is planning her big day in February with an outside wedding in the Dominican Republic!

Folk sitting in the white sofa chairs.

The DJ booth set up was in between the stairwell of city hall. They had three dee-jays , they were Reminise, Big Terrence and Sir Thirl, who was one of two hypemen that nite on the mic.

Sistas in a row.

The other hypeman was LME's Tim Slater

Slater got em goin, especially the sista pictured here.

Folk were coming in strong.

Soul Stylz' Jamie Spencer and Treanna Kerney and East Coast guest Mansur.

SYGU's Rhashad Whittier in signature pose and Slater.

This sista had the most talked about outfit that nite with the black vinyl short set, vinyl boots with red visors!

Sir Thurl showin OUTCAM some love.

STL rappers Ebony Eyez and Hakeem tha Dream. Eyez performed later that nite.

Promoter Big Tah (bald guy) had got his party on with one particular eventgoer.

Tah was layin it to this sista.

At every angle. LOL

Even in the long shot. LOL

P. Douglas and Big Terrence.

Gettin her "smeyes" (smiling eyes) on was singer Aloha.

Evangela and rapper/model Kello.

Close to 1am, Eyez got on the mic to perform a quick set about her being the Queen of STL hip-hop.

She was all in their face!

Eyez near the dee-jay booth as Soul Stylz' Cornell Boone looked on.

After 1a.m. Rosci finally showed up to "host" the party.

Rosci looking out to the crowd.

Look like Rosci is gettin some girl's advice on sumpin.

Rosci savoring every minute that she was there.

NOTE: The concept of REVOLVE was an admirable one. It debuted one week earlier than promoted (third Friday as opposed to the every fourth Friday) to piggyback on the adjacent concert flow after the Jay Z concert at Scott Trade Center (although the event was not a Jay Z afterparty as it had posted near the search and seizure area of City Hall for patrons to enter.) The event was very reminiscent of First Friday back in the 90s with upscale dressed folk networking until the hood component arrived through and reversed that nostalgia turn (and what was up with the two hood dudes one in long cornrolls and pants sagging under his drawers who posed in front of the Crown Royal Poster Board and got their pics taken by the event photograoher and eventually taking off their shirts to expose their body tatts and looked very couply? ) as the music turned from 90s R&B into Luke style jams.
They were charging 20 at the door and we heard that the price doubled for those who wanted to cut the line.
Now the Rosci lateness. We found out that Rosci landed in the STL around 10ish and headed to her hotel. We dont know what transpired on what caused her lateness or if there was a set time for her to appear, but when Sir Thurl and Tim Slater got the hype mic going, we speculated that this was the time that probably Rosci's role as host was to be. Many people kept asking OUTTOWN, "Where is Rosci?" Well, when she did show, which was a little after 1 a.m., she was surrounded by bodyguards (which we questioned as far as her celeb status) and whisked upstairs to the dee-jay area and immediately started hypin on the mic with one liners (e.g. "Where my Ballas at?" ), but unfortunately, those clubbers focused more on exiting from the building and heading to their next destinations.

Others in the house were Derrick Hibbler, FREETIMEs Roy Robinson and Daryl Freirson, B Free's Miata Lewis, Major Brands' Tre Williams and Kim Jordan, and Louflicks' Tommie Choncie.

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