Monday, March 29, 2010


Photos by Ma'atology The Table Tent of the special drinks that were complimentary to the event.

The bartender finalists aka MIXOLOGISTS competing that night were (FROM LEFT) Justin Sampson of Roxane's, James Dunse of Just John,Jennifer Pratte of Mike Shannon's, Megan "Beams" Bright of Morgan Street Brewery,Jason Reed of Eclipse and Dave Ragan of Ice Kitchen.

The mixers gettin ready.

Promoter Mocha Latte and Alive Magazine's Cristy Miller were two of the five judges selected to score the mixers.

Another was Graham Kimura reppin 360 Vodka Brand Ambassador, one of the sponsors of the event.

Socialite and architect Charles Brown attended the event.

Alive Magazine's Jason Nichols moderated the event.

Another judge was Kevin Johnson of the St. Louis Post Dispatch (second from right)

In the first of three rounds, mixers had to mix a drink with a particular theme along with the 360 Vodka. One of the two mixers picked a theme from a pail and the first theme was ASIA. Ragan worked on his drink .

Onlookers checkin out the competition.

Ragan gettin the display drink together.

Bright mixed her display ASIA drink as well.

The contestants had to also write down the name of the drinks they made in each round. Ragan named his ASIA drink, 360 Mandarin Orange.

Johnson tasting the sample.

The crowd.

Next up was Dunse and Pratt

Pratt picking out another theme and the me was AFRICA

Dunse gettin his drink together as judge B Free 's Teddy Blackett looks on.

Pratt mixin it up.

...and writing the name of her drink which was...


next up was Sampson and Reed and their theme was ANTARCTIC

Sampson mixed it up

Sampson and Reed shakin it up!

FOR the next round, the mixers had to pick an ingredient that is not associated with mixing in a drink. Those chosen were MUSTARD, WASABI and BEET JUICE.

Reed writing down the name of his mixed drink made out of beat juice and he called it....


Pratt picked...


A display of the mixed drinks made thus far in the competition. Hmm, wonder what would be the BAC in take from drinking all of them? LOL

Nichols and the Alive Magazine crew took a few minutes to tally up the scores to select the Top 2 who would battle for the Mixologist of the Year. AND THE TWO WHO WERE CHOSEN WERE:


In the FINAL ROUND, the secret ingredient was chosen for both to make. And the ingredient was:


Each contestant had two minutes to mix up the drink and name it (The time max in all rounds).

Pratte gettin to work.

Dunse and Pratt neck in neck in peanut butter.

Pratt called her mixed drink INERTIA CREEPS

Johnson scoring the round.

Alive Magazine's Jill Schroeder takes a sip of the Inertia. LOL

AN THe WINNER WAS.............


The winner of the competition received $50 toward people who come to her to place an order for a drink for the rest of the night. The others in the competition also served drinks.

Show Me Nights TV was in the house reporting on the event.

Peopel in line to get a drink.

Another shot

Sampson gettin orders in from the crowd.

NOTE: We just assume that Jennifer Pratt won because of her big advantage of $50 into the bar kitty. With that said, the winner of the contest received $300 cash and various prizes including $200 worth of Miller Lite gear, an iPod Touch courtesy of 360 Vodka and a six-month supply of Vitaminwater.

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