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From veteran promotions group 13 Black Katz to newbie promotions group rappers MCG and Vega, St. Louis has seen a major jump in the number of promoters who bring various networking and music events to the city for the social life stars to be seen and photographed.

BELOW, OUTTOWN lists the Top 10 Promocialites (Promoters and Socialites) of 2011 as calculated by the number of times each listed person was named Promocialicious each week on OUTTOWN.


10. Fred Finley and Harry Michel. Exo owners, promoters of the monthly networking event 1st Fridays

9.Terrence Reynolds Promoter of the monthly exotic male dancer events Magnum XL at Escalades, weekly comedy night at Cotton Club

8.MoSpoon of MPAC Winner of Promoter of the Year at this years Notice Me Awards;Promoter of the monthly Eye Candy party; promoted events at Club Envy and with various STL promoters on weekly $2 Tuesdays with Hella Fly Promotions at BSV Lounge)

7.Teddy Bfree Blackett of BFree Paparazzi. Winner of Photographer of the Year at this year's Notice Me Awards, owner of popular photography site B Free Paparazzi, promoter of various events including the brief networking event Recess at Ginger Bistro and Neo Soul Listening Party with VAE at Inspot Lounge.

6.Big Tah. He is one of two promoters on this list who wasnt featured in the PROMOCIALICIOUS segments, but was a big socialite at major events in St Louis .He also co-promoted with several promoters in STL mainly bus trips to the CrownValley winery (Hella Fly) and his own during NYE 11; continued his weekly Summer in the City Contests at The Loft

5.The Men of Close to Famous (Triky Haley and KellyHall) They had several weekly networking events in 2011 including debut of The Professional co-promoted by Star Power(that dubbed as the after party for R Kelly's concert hosted by opener Marsha Ambrosius) held at Exo and they co-promoted with various promoters for memorable events including the State of Emergency Concert afterparty at Black Label (co-promoted with Loose Cannon), The Pink,Purple and Platinum Party at Black Label , The Cardinals 11 in11 party at Exo and their yearly Grace during T-giving at The City, whrere they had various parties on several occassions.

4. Slim of Loosecannon. Most of this veteran promotion machine was overshadowed this year with the now infamous Twitter beef with rapper Nelly last summer after Slim's memorable Celebrity BBall and Bday Weekend last May, but Slim continued to get his promotions on reviving Friday NightFixx at Posh bringing in various hip hop artists including Lil Wayne, Wocka Flaka and R Kelly(some he co-promoted with Liquid Assets as well as afterparties at Bottoms up . He also filmed a movie THE FIRST PICK in Atlanta and had a release party in for his debut mixtape FREE PROMO to close out the year.

3.Orlando Watson CEO of Rockhouse Entertainment. He is the second of the two promoters who wasn't featured in a section of PROMOCIALICIOUS, but most of his tallies come from co-promoting with mainstay promoters Hella Fly on the weekly Sexy As You Wanna Be Sundays that moved from The Label to the Loft and its final home,Lola (until it morphed into special themed Sunday events). He also had several events that were noted including I'm a Survivor, a benefit to raise awareness of cancer at Golfhouse this past spring;promotes STL artists Aloha, Bradd Young and Vega. He will close the year with a Las Vegas style NYE party with Hella Fly at Copia

2. The Men of Hella Fly Promotions (King Kerry and Dano Johnson). These two head guys had several mainstay events going on every week of 2011 including $4 and $5 Fridays at The Broadway and Sexy As You Wanna Be Sundays co-promoted with Rockhouse Entertainment first at The Label, then to the Loft and currently Lola (whose name has changed to specific themes). Kerry held the fort for a few weeks this summer when his partner in crime, Johnson, was stabbed at Club Envy and had to be hospitalized. During his recovery, there was a huge benefit for Johnson done by Kerry and other promoters (and hosted by Mocha Latte) at the Area Code.

They also co-promoted other events with MoSpoon at Club Envy and BSV Lounge (currently with Happy Hours)and 3 Way Promotions with sporadic trips to Crown Winery in St Genevieve. They also had several Coca Cola Bottle Model contests at Area Code-cum-BSV Lounge that Johnson hosted.


1. PHIL ASSETS (LIQUID ASSETS) This gent had a trying time in 2011, but was able to prevail with the turmoil this promoter has gone through. Assets,who's the CEO of Liquid Assets, had at a time had about four themed events on four separate nights on a weekly basis at Club Amnesia (mainly Red Hott Thursdays-cum-Look at Me Now Thursdays and Best Damned Ladies Night Period (hosted and co-promoted by Mocha Latte)--cum Ladies Night. He also co-promoted various events with Slim of Loose Cannon including Slim's weekly Friday Night Fixx at Posh and the latter's afterparties for State of Emergency concert and B-Ball Celebrity Weekend.

He also is the spearhead of the annual Notice Me Awards that was held at Roberts Towers at Mayfair Hotel in March.

Earlier this year, the owners of Club Amnesia (The Trupino Family) had gone through a threat to close down by the city from well-reported incidents of supposed gun violence near the club (but the club still remains) thus Assets was able to have his themed parties.This summer, he bought Club Envy where various promoters,including himself,had special themed events,but a few months in, the venue mysteriously burned down with an investigated arson charge reported due to the club's looming hearing with the board on its liquor license. Yet, Assets continued on with his weekly parties at Club Amnesia.

He was last spotted at Nelly's Black and White Ball held at Chase Park Plaza in mid December and his promotion team will end the year with a 12-12 NYE party at Club Amnesia.


10. The Women of Cafe Soul (Nichol Stevenson, Tendai Morris and Angela Brown) Their monthly R&B showcase juggernaut Cafe Soul every third Friday at The Loft. This year they had special themed showcases (e.g. Lucas House reunion) and co-promoted this year's McDonald's R&B Soul Search held this summer at The Loft. Morris, who hosted the showcase, branched off to have a monthly music presentation fronting the A-1 Band with A1 Sundays at Quintessentials in St Charles.

9. Kym D. This charismatic comedienne hosted the brief weekly poetry showcase Raw Suger on Fridays earlier this year with Alice Prince at Club Amnesia. She also hosted comedy shows at Cigar Inn in Belleville and the Inspot Lounge and co-hosted with Mocha Latte this year's Notice Me Awards. She has been featured as a comedian at various venues including Nubia Cafe Jessie Taylors Funny Sundays at Lights on Broadway. And for those who follows her on Facebook, she does her own raunchy sex burbs, Facebook After Dark.

8.Coco Soul. This singer was doing duty in 2011 as a front woman for DJ Needles' B- Sides with Elements and Soul and singing with SoulAlliance doing monthly gigs with both groups at Lola. She returned to her hosting role hosting a concert for Bilal this summer at Lola . She and her former Cafe Soul promoters Nichol Stevenson and Angela Brown were reunited when Soul performed at Brown's bday party this February at The Jive N Wail. She also formed a glee team with the state ran Soul Academy of Music . As of this writing, she would had closed out 2011 with a jam session with various performers at Lola Dec 28.

7. Christia Parker, This young lady hosted her own show on STL TV called STL Live every Monday and she was featured in various fashion shows spotlighting her 80s inspired brand Moda Christia (recently at She Is Queen Charity Fashion Show at Lola). She also was a judge with YOURS TRULY's annual Mista Couture Style Contest. She also attended various fashion and music events with her boyfriend, musician Kenneth DeShields

6.Stacy Static. This veteran of radio is heard weekdays on WHHL FM. She also hosted live remote casts from The Loft on Saturdays for most of 2011 and at Junkyard Bar and Grill on Thursdays which returned Labor Day. She also was a presenter and nominee at this years Traffic Music Awards held at The Ambassador last March.

5.JoAnn Smith (PIC NOT SEEN) of KeepLiving Entertainment. This sista spent the first half of 2011 doing a music showcase Tuesday Night Fusion every Tuesday at Club Viva. She also promoted several concerts at The Fubar. She also managed rapper Prince Ea during his YouTube explosion of his video, "Backwards Rappers." Also with the rapper, she appeared in his St Louis Cardinals music video,"Cardinals Nation.". Smith was also seen at nearly every social event that was going on promoted by STL promoters.

4. DJ Jewel. One of a few female turntablists in the STL,she got it in as a radio host with weekly with her radio show the Jewel Box every Monday on 89.5 FM, The Wave. She also co-hosted STLJams with former WHHL personalities Finsta and DJ Sno on Sundays on WHHL FM. As a promoter,she created two events in 2011,Cater To You Fridays , an event to pamper men held at former Aqua Bar and the summer series Sistah Girl Tuesdays hosted by Mocha Latte at The Loft.

3.Ola. This stylist and promoter of Ola Style was on all the local TV shows promoting her design line in 2011. She also was featured in many fashion shows in St Louis(Fashion in the City at City Museum, Missouri Black Expo and most recent She Is Queen Charity Show at Copia, a spot that she co-owns) In print, she has been featured in a monthly column in Alive Magazine and she was one of four who won Alive Mag's Mist Wanted Contest held T-giving Eve. Plus, she celebrated her three year anniversary of Ola Style that was held at Bar Louie this summer and coordinated a memorable Sweet 16 party at Harrys Bar in August. She was last seen at Nelly's Black and White Ball held recently at Chase Park Plaza.

2.G'Bassa D'Acosta. This lady is the creative mind behind the weekly entertainment show Sexy InThe STL where she is also a host that airs Wednesdays on Channel 3 Access channel and late Saturdays on Fox 2. She also hosted several fashion events including Steve Elle's Collection at the Glass Factory and her TV team helped promote the talent showcase Winning Wednesdays at Europe Nightclub. She also tied with Ashley Terry for Promotion Model of the Year at this year's Notice Me Awards. Plus, she was on the cover and featured in the June issue of the e-magazine, Elitism Magazine, a monthly online mag where she was one of the editors.


1. Mocha Latte. Dubbed "The Queen of Promotions," Latte was a constant regular in the PROMOCILICIOUS section of OUTTOWN mainly with hosting weekly themed parties at the former Black Label with Open Bar Saturdays-cum-Saturday Night Live, then to Club Amnesia with her created Best Damned Ladies Night Period on Saturdays , and taking over Staci Static's hosting gig on Saturday nites at The Loft, Sistah Girl Tuesdays at The Loft, and bringing back her popular poetry showcase Got Lyrics that she hosted monthly at The Loft then to Inspot Lounge. She also hosted other promoters events including BigTah Bday bash at The Loft, Dano Johnson's Benefit at Area code and more recent Chingy For Change at Flamingo Bowl. She also continued her column Coffee Talk in the Evening Whirl and she won several awards at this year's Notice Me Awards that she also co-hosted.

She also was spotted at many social events given by most of the promoters listed here. One of her recent appearances was at Nelly's Black and White Ball held recently at Chase Park Plaza.



We had our OUTTOWN readers to choose which five of the Top 40 STL promoters that were selected to be listed in the countdown were the promoters/socialites of 2011.

Here are the Top Five OUTTOWNERS had chosen.

There was a THREE WAY TIE for No.5

Vanita Applebum of VAE (monthly music showcase Suite Soul Spot;weekly Listening Party at InspotLonge )

Phil Assets of Liquid Assets

AND Coco Soul

4.Mocha Latte

3.Teddy B Free Blackett of B Free Paparazzi

2.Orlando Watson of Rockhouse Entertainment


1.JoANN Smith of KeepLiving Entertainment '

HERE are the Top 20 PROMOCIALITES of 2011 FROM #20 to #1

20.Silky Sol

19.Ashley Salazaar

18.Joel P.E.King (JPEK)

17.Christia Parker

16.Kym D

15.Terrence Reynolds

14.Fred Finley and Harry Michel

13.Mo Spoon (MPAC)

12.Teddy B Free Blackett (B Free Paparazzi)

11.The Men of Close to Famous (Triky Haley and Kelly Hall)

10.Staci Static

9.JoAnn Smith of KeepLiving Entertainment

8.DJ Jewel

7.Slim of Loose Cannon

6.Ola of OlaStyle

5.GBassa D'Acosta of Sexy In STL

4.Orlando Watson of Rockhouse Entertainment

3.The Men of Hella Fly Promotions (King Kerry and DanoJohnson)

2.Mocha Latte


1.Phil Assets of Liquid Assets


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