Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Photos by Ma'atology

Comedian Darius Bradford,who co-emceed the ball,and his date. He said on the red carpet,"She's my date. I paid a lot of money for her."LOL

Nelly's mother Rhonda Mack and her husband, Nelly's stepfather

African acrobats Zuma Zuma as seen on Americas GotTalent was one of the nite's entertainment

St Louis Post Dispatch Critic Kevin C Johnson

Syngery assistant instructs the media on details

Alive Mag Editor Jennifer Dulin Wiley and husband

Promoter and event host Mocha Latte

Alice Prince (right) and attendee

Lindenwood University Program Manager for Criminal Justice Pernell Witherspoon and his sister

Guest and newlyweds Kelly (Hummert) and Synergy'sAmit Dhawan,who promoted the ball.

St Louis Cardinals' outfielder John Jay and date

Dhawan and Jay

Nelly's sister Ashley Donahue

Nelly arriving

The paparazzi swarm Nelly

KMOV TV anchor Vickie Newton interviews Nelly

YOURS TRULY,Ma'at Atkins

Photographer Erica Brooks

Natashia Griffin

Photographers Arthur Smith, King Yella and Lawrence Bryant

The dinner crowd

Nelly's grandmother

Young attendee Uncle Rudy, Cornell Haynes Sr (Nelly's father) and Nelly's grandmother

Haynes Sr and wife

Zuma Zuma performs

Blogger Nichole Moore Lyles poses with attendee, singer Johnny Gill who performed that nite.

A couple from the evening. Her dress could have been a winner but the back flap and wrist piece and flapper cap made the gown a bit costumey.

Inside the ballroom

Griffin poses with Gill

Rapper City Spud and date

The Derrty. Ent crew

Boxer trainer Kevin Cunningham and wife

Nellys manager T Luv and wife

Producer Jermaine Dupri came with his lovely daughter. Durpi spun the sounds during the After Party.

DJ Charlie Chan spun during the dinner.

Zuma Zuma

Zuma Zuma performing for a second time

Nelly presents a plaque to one of this years' Lindenwood Univeristy Scholarship recipient, Chelsea Smith

Carmen Rhodes was the other recipient.

Singer Seviin Lii and her mate Murphy Lee arriving.

Lii knocked them dead with this sleek backless gown.

Ola and her publicist Jane Higgins


A video is shown about Nelly's recording school Extreme Institute.

A Remy Martin ice sculpture. They were one of the sponsors of the ball.

Some of the desserts served after dinner

Bradford and Q107.7 personality Curt Copeland emceed the event and ribbed each other with jokes all nite.

Long shot of the ballroom

Ola and Alive Mag's Damon Johnson

One of the open bars in the ballroom.

The special drinks with a Nelly theme

Nelly mingles with guests

Dulin and Ola

Nelly at Dupri's table.Looks like Nelly is talkin on the phone to someone.

Lee and Lii on the dancefloor

Brooks takes a pic with boxer Devon Alexander

Nelly posing for the cameras.

An attendee talks with Dupri

Nelly gets interviewed by Gas Life TV

A long shot of the ballroom

Latte, Nelly and Ola

State Rep Tishaura Jones and husband

Promoter couple Keith and Carri Griffin

Derrty Ent assistant Brickhouse

Rapper Yung Ro and date(How high can you go with that dress!)

Mack Tv's Spoil Danielle and friend

Businessman Leon OHara brought his fiance Tasha Allen onstage

....and surprised her with a wedding proposal

Allen was overcome with happiness.

She said YES and kissed him.

Allen shows off her engagement ring

Copeland on stage to introduce.....

ZumaZuma for the third and last performance of the nite

The crowd

Promoter Daryel Oliver gets interviewed by Gas Life TV

Nelly introduces....

Gill on stage. After some technical difficulties with the sound he performed a 20 minute set which included songs, "My My My,"and his latest,"In the Mood."

Gill brought roses for the ladies

Lyles got a rose

And who's hand is this grabbing a rose?

Ms. Brooks.

Roses were passed out to the ladies

Gill in romance mode

GasLife TV zooms in on Gill's performance

Nelly and Gill share a laugh after Gill's performance

Nelly brings up his St Lunatic group members Murphy Lee and Kyjuan

Nelly surprises Murphy with a a bday cake

They ask the crowd to sing Happy Birthday to Lee

Lee cuts the cake

Lee pours some of his and Kyjuans Freaky Muscato in a lady's wine glass.

Dupri on the sounds to start the After Party

A long shot of the crowd behind the deejay booth

Nelly talks with Dhawan

Nelly smiles out to the crowd

Former St Louis Rams player and recent Hall of Famer Marshall Faulk is on stage with Nelly.

Nelly and Faulk asks the crowd to toast up their drinks to celebrate Faulk's Hall of Fame accolade.

NOTE: This event was classy as always. Also attended were former NFL player Erik Dickerson, Former Rams player Roland Williams, Comptroller Darlene Green,President of the Board of Alderman Lewis Reed, and business mogul Mike and Steve Roberts. Other STLians spotted were Platinum Group's Jacque Land, businessman Mike Roberts Jr, KSDK's Jeff Small, promoters Big Tah and MoSpoon, model Ali Mosea and socialite Renaud Chavoz Lucas.(SEE BEST DRESSED AT NELLYS BALL FOR OTHER STLIANS WHO ATTENDED

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