Monday, December 5, 2011


Photos by Ma'atology

The food spread provided by Michael's Catering

Early comers network with vendors

Vendors and photographer of the nite.

The Platinum Group's vending booth

One of the vendors was jeweler Aboriginals

An attendee checks out the Aboriginals vendor

The Mary Kay vending booth

The booth's name card

The popular vendor was long running sponsor Vincent Jewelers who had a money wheel.

An attendee looks at an item at a Greek Letter paraphernalia booth

Attendees with a vendor

The dessert spread provided by Michael's Catering

People in line to spin the money wheel

A rep at the 100 Black Men STL Chapter's booth

A long shot of attendees networking

A table of people gathered at the party

Folks gettin their drinks

An attendee checkin out if she has all the vendors on the list checked out.

Platinum Group's Jacque Land (third from left) with attendees and assistants

More folk arriving to the party

Brochures of the venue located in The Bellfountaine Neighborhood

More networkin.

...and more networkin

Land welcomes everyone to the party

Land brought up venue proprietor Ms Cassandra

There was music entertainment provided. One of the act was A List Duo featuring singer Reecie.

Meanwhile folk were in line for the food buffet

Platinum Group's Leata Land handled the coat check area while she got her groove on.

Lamar Harris/DJ Nune setting up for the after party section of the show

Folk gettin their eat on.

Some of security people at the event sharing a conversation

Some of the food catered prime rib and turkey

Veggie and fruit trays were also provided as well as shrimp.


Singer DeAndre Perryman on stage

Perryman in the groove

Dr Pam Jackson, Angela Brown and guest

A guest in a Santa cap (Check out the TOO MUCH PLAYIN PIC with him below!)

Brotha Santa mixing with guests

Singer Coco Soul on stage

A long shot of Soul on stage engaging the crowd.

Perryman was in sell mode with his CD

Perryman with his lovely wife Shonie.

Assistant Sheryl Rogers with Land at coat check area.

Land with a basket of fliers of those who checked all the vendors for a raffle of the gifts issued that nite.

The Lands having a last minute meeting before the raffle started.

Meanwhile Soul and Reecie trade vocal runs onstage

Soul gettin into some soul


The lady wipes the sweat off of the bald head of Brotha Santa as Gateway Classic Foundation's Richard Gray looks on.

The Lands begin the raffle

Jeweler Mark Anthony,one of the sponsors of some of the gifts raffled off, got on stage to talk about his namesake jewlery company.

Leata makes a presentation to sponsor, St Louis American

The American's Robin Britt accepts a gift from Leata.

Britt picks a name out of the basket

This lady was a winner

The winner joins Leata and Britt on stage.

Another winner walks to stage to claim prize

Another winner walks up as the previous winner walks near the just called winner.

NOTE.This event was for the over 35 and mature crowd mostly of business people who move and shake in the St Louis area. The food was on point and the entertainment with the sax player and singers were an added touch (We left before DjNune got on the mp3s and playing his horns , but we are sure he did his thing). There also were some interesting fashion choices going on at this event (as you can see from the pics above) that were conversation pieces. And big ups to Leata sportin the new blonde do!

And where was the Dancing Santa this year?LOL

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