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2012 Mr Couture Ryan Mitchell will be in Baggns Fashion Show at Jewel Box in Forest Park this Sunday!

HEY OUTTOWNERS, as the year is quickly coming to an end, it’s about that time for the OUTTOWN’s Year End Tallies—and we want you to be involved. So, what was the Top Illinois/Missouri based Arts and Entertainment Story of 2011? What about theSTL story of 2011? How about the Top STL Mover and Shakers Male and Female of 2011? You can make your voices heard sending your Top 5 choices for the four categories at

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Former Illinois Governor and reality show star Rod Blago javich was sentenced Wednesday in Chicago and got 14 years in prison on 18 corruption counts. He will have to report to prison on Feb. 16, 2012. He also must pay a $20,000 fine.

Blago who has spent three years loudly proclaiming his innocence of corruption charges in a book, on reality television and other venues, told the judge before his sentencing that he was "unbelievably sorry" for the crimes of which he has been convicted as he awaits sentencing.

He apologized to his family, his brother and one-time co-defendant and to the people of Illinois. However, in a carefully worded statement that appears designed to preserve the possibility of appeal, he specifically admitted guilt only to the crime of "stupidity."

"I am here convicted of crimes. I am accepting of it. I acknowledge it. And I am of course unbelievably sorry for it,"

Blagojevich told U.S. District Judge James Zagel during a 20-minute address to the court, according to reporters stationed in the Chicago court room who disseminated the comments via Twitter.

"I have nobody to blame but myself for my stupidity," Blagojevich said.

Blago must serve at least 85 percent of his sentence (or 10 years) in order to qualify for parole. He will be 64 when he is qualified in 2021.

Blagojevich is accused of attempting to auction off President Barack Obama's former U.S. Senate seat for cash or a federal appointment, along with other schemes. Prosecutors asked for a 15- to 20-prison sentence -- significantly stiffer than the 6-1/2-year term currently being served by former Illinois Gov. George Ryan for his own corruption conviction.

Well the final chapter of this three year story has come to a close. So who do you think will portray Blago in the TV movie? Pundits are saying that they wouldn’t be surprised, ironically enough, if President Obama, the person whos indirectly part of his getting sentenced, would pardon Blago. Hmm,stranger things have happened in political history. Remember President Gerald Ford’s pardoned Tricky Dick?

Talk show host Gayle King responded to the media about the rumors that theres beef between her and talk show maven Oprah Winfrey after her decision to depart from Oprah;s OWN and the letter talk show host Wendy Williams read on her talk show recently that King claims did not come from Winfrey.

After Williams read a letter she claimed was from Oprah Winfrey on-air, the subject of said correspondence, Gayle King, said it wasn't even real.

"I know Oprah never wrote a letter to Wendy," King told radio host Tom Joyner on Friday's Black America Web.

The letter, as Williams said, came from Oprah's "people" to say she was happy from King's upcoming move from the Oprah Winfrey Network to CBS's revamped talk show CBS This Morning. She said she signed in "Love Oprah."

King said she knew her friend probably hadn't reached out to Williams, but she called her just to clarify. "I said, 'I'm getting all these messages that you wrote a letter to Wendy,'" King said. "She goes, 'Gayle, you know more than anybody knows that that's not true.'"

Quite to the contrary or rumors that Oprah was upset by her friend and employee's new job, King says Oprah helped her decide.

"When this opportunity was presented to me -- and make no mistake, it is an opportunity -- the first people I talked to were Oprah, my son and my daughter," she said. "'[Oprah] said, 'Are you kidding? This is so what you do, the news is what you love... you would be crazy to pass it up."

Hmm interesting that Gayle talked to Oprah first then her family on her decision. Bottom line is this: a letter was sent out as Williams mentioned on TomJoyner’s show that same morning. Whether Oprah signed it or ,someone from Oprah’s camp sent it. So the WORDS TO THE WHYZ question is,”Why is Gayle making it a big deal about a PR laced statement that wishes her well?” We would think she would be more concerned if the letter was against her leaving and negative. Okay?

Although Chicago bred rap superstar Kanye West is the leader in next year’s Grammy nominations (with seven) music critics are still shocked that West did not receive an Album of the Year nomination for either his masterpiece”My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” nor his collab “Watch The Throne” with Jay Z . Even more shocking is Ye himself not ranting about it.,

West remains silent on regarding the snub), but spoke out at a recent concert in Chicago.

“Something I figured out early today – because you know, everybody came up to me (last night) like, ‘Congratulations!’ because you know I’m leading the Grammy nominations this year. Like we always do it this time,” he said. “But, people focus, they say ‘You ain’t got album of the year or record of the year.’ But I figured out, that’s my fault for dropping Watch the Throne and Dark Fantasy the same year. I should have just spaced it out a little bit more.”

“But don’t worry, because me and Hov gon’ keep on making shit,” he continued.

West’s “All of the Lights” is nominated for song of the year, best rap/sung collaboration and best rap song. His My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is nominated for best rap album. Together, West and Jay-Z share nominations for best rap performance and best rap song for “Otis,” as well as best rap album for Watch the Throne.

Hmm, we guess Ye is doing what was the inevitable—growing up.

Newly Chicagoan talk show host Rosie O'Donnell surprised fans on Monday when she announced that she and girlfriend Michelle Rounds were getting married over the Christmas holiday.

But it turns out that O'Donnell moved even faster than that to snag her bride!

O'Donnell, 49, explained on The Rosie Show Tuesday that she and NYC headhunter Rounds got engaged "a few months ago." The comic and Rounds went public with their romance in September.

2012 Grammy Award nominee and Oak Park, Ill native comedian Kathy Griffin did a spread recently in Out Magazine where the LGBT rights actress appears topless -- though her breasts are covered up courtesy of "Modern Family" star Jesse Tyler Ferguson

The comedienne daringly stripped off for Outmagazine to recreate Janet Jackson's 1993 iconic topless Rolling Stone cover, with Ferguson cupping her breasts.

The fun-loving picture is part of the magazine's annual Out 100, a list of the most influential men and women in the LGBT community, and each of the celebrities were asked to mimic their favorite famous photos.

According to Out, the pair “couldn't stop from clowning around” during the shoot, and afterwards Ferguson tweeted how his hands would “never be the same.”


Affton, Mo native actor John Goodman had a rant recently about Hollywood . During a recent interview, Goodman totally SLAMMED both current AND classic Hollywood:

"There was a lot of baloney back then (when movies were first being made) too, most of it hasn’t survived, unfortunately." "The crap progresses age to age. But it’s all the same." Goodman is receiving rave reviews for the Spirit Award nominated silent movie "The Artist" that is being released nationwide Dec 16.


Plainfield,Ill native and Emmy Award winning actress Melissa McCarthy has revealed that her body is a "work in progress".

The plus-sized star said that her battle against her weight is a constant one, and she plans to keep slowly chipping away at it.

"I've been up and down," the 41 year-old said during an appearance on “Anderson.” "I've been much thinner since my second baby. I'm still working on it. It's a work in progress. "I hope I wake up at, like, 94 pounds. But I don't think that's going to happen. There's so many other things to worry about. I still worry about it, but I think, my kids are healthy, I've got a great husband, and I go to work every day and do what I want. "I'll keep working on [my body]. I just can't put any time to worrying about it."

St Louis native singer/keyboardist Michael Mcdonald will be releasing two CDs at the end of 2011-- one with the guitarist Robben Ford and the other with his son Dylan.

Rather than go through a traditional label, McDonald intends to make tracks available through social media and then decide what tack to take.

The tracks are recorded in Los Angeles and Nashville with Ford, a longtime friend.

"Robben and I started impulsively," McDonald told "It's a very eclectic collection of songs. Our energies are focused on writing songs -- not necessarily blues and nothing specific (genre-wise). We think it's good but we don't know if it's cohesive enough in a conceptual sense to make an album of it or to release track by track. I'm kind of confused about what to do with it."

McDonald's project with his son Dylan McDonald includes a collections of covers -- songs by Bob Marley, the Beach Boys, Radiohead and Stealer's Wheel -- a couple of Dylan's songs and an original penned by Michael McDonald. He expects to finish mixing the tracks by the end of the year and will post them online as well.


Chicago native and Emmy Award winning actor AndrĂ© Braugher will lead a full African-American cast for a staged reading of "King Lear" at West Orange’s Luna Stage for two performances in January. Braugher will play the Earl of Gloucester and was last seen on stage playing the lead role in "The Whipping Man" at Manhattan Theatre Club to great critical acclaim.

Chicago-based director Steve James received some good news Monday when he was awarded a $50,000 grant from United States Artists, a nonprofit organization that contributes no-strings-attached financial support to American artists.This was the third time he was nominated .Best known for his 1994 documentary “Hoop Dreams,” James most recent film The Interrupters,which Tribune film critic Michael Phillips gave a top-rated four stars, focuses on the efforts of a small group of violence “interrupters” who aim to reduce the frequency of gang-related assaults in Chicago-area neighborhoods.


On ILLIMOians nominated for 2012 Grammy Awards, Chicago based rock group Wilco was nominated for a Grammy for Best Rock Album for”The Whole Love.”


Singer/actor Tyrese and newbie singer Elle Varner are set to perform at The Surround Sound of Fashion Competition that will be held at Harris Theater inn Chicago on Dec 17


As of this writing, it will be revealed if free agent baseball superstar Albert Pujols will sign back with the St Louis Cardinals, sign a new deal with the Miami Marlins or with the Los Angeles Angels.

According to reports Pujols agent is seeking a deal that could be worth $200 million or more over 10 years.

"I know the ownership group is putting their best foot forward and trying to do everything that they can to make this possible," new Cardinals manager Mike Matheny said, "but I also know it's a complicated decision on both sides. There's a lot going on, a lot that I'm not even involved in, but I think it's clear to say that the St. Louis Cardinals would love to have Albert, and we'll see how it all plays out."

With the Angels, Pujols could take over at first base from Mark Trumbo, who is recovering from a stress fracture in his right foot and could be shifted to third.

"He's become a very proficient first baseman, and hopefully that comfort level, catching a ground ball and the activities you need to play there will translate over to third base," Angels manager Mike Scioscia said

The latest was the Marlins had already did their trade offs and Pujols may not be signing with the organization. We are now convinced that Pujols is going to sign back with the Cardinals as predicted by KTRS radio personality JC Cochran before his temporary suspension on the “sourced hunch.”

UPDATE:Pujols signs with the Los Angeles Angelsfor$250/60million for 10years.Let the debate begin.LOL

We think STL photographer Kevin Jordan said it best on the influx of Cards fans who are hating on Pujols leaving. He said “I'm confused....tell me again why some of you are mad at Pujols and not the Cardinals? I mean if they really wanted to keep him, they would have gotten his deal done before last season started, or better yet before they signed Holiday to all that money. So the Angels give him the big contract and he's supposed to say no, when the Cards didn't show interest until the Marlins made a play earlier this week. Man, miss me with that bull ish!!! Get your money Pujols!!!”

YES we agree!

In unrelated Pujols newz, the Pujols Family Foundation's 7th Annual O'Night Divine' Christmas Celebration was held at the Chase Park Plaza on Saturday. Spotted were Pujols himself and his wife Deidre, Cards legend Stan Musial, his grandson son, Brian Schwarze (PICTURED and photo courtesy of stltoday).

According to Dec Peterson of stltoday: More than 650 guests joined Albert and Deidre Pujols to celebrate the work of their foundation to benefit children with downs syndrome. While talk of the slugger's future in baseball was the undercurrent, it only surfaced in private conversations and some jokes by emcee McGraw Milhaven.

Like this one regarding the hapless Chicago Cubs: "If Albert signs with the Cubs, we can schedule this dinner for the month of October."

Also there were reality show stars Robbie Montgomery, owner of Sweetie Pie's, her son Tim Norman and his love, Lady Jenae, of "Welcome to Sweetie Pie's"

Other A-listers included Mike Matheny, Lou Brock, Al Hrabosky, Aeneas Williams, Kerry Robinson, John Mabry, Jason Simontacchi, Brian Jordan, Ryan "the Irish outlaw" Coyne ,Don Mattingly of the Los Angeles Dodgers and Meadowlark Lemon from the Harlem Globetrotters.

Tim McCarver, an All-Star catcher who discovered a second career as a folksy announcer known for explaining the game in exacting detail, won the Hall of Fame's Ford C. Frick Award for broadcasting excellence on Wednesday.

McCarver will be honored in Cooperstown during the induction weekend in late July. McCarver made his major league debut in 1959. Fast for a catcher - he once led the NL in triples - he became a two-time All-Star and helped the St. Louis Cardinals win a pair of World Series championships

In unrelated news, earlier this week, Chicago Cubs third baseman Ron Santo was also elected to the Hall a year after his death


St Louis Rams Quarterback Sam Bradford aggravated his left ankle injury again since last week against Arizona.

"It's definitely gone back to the first couple weeks after the injury," Bradford said Sunday, after sitting out the Rams' 26-0 loss to San Francisco. "I knew I had hurt it (against Arizona), but I didn't know how bad. I think going through Wednesday's practice I realized how severely I tweaked it again."

According to reports, Bradford barely practiced last Wednesday and Friday last week and didn't practice at all last Thursday. He did take part in couple of plays during last Saturday's walk-through but was walking with a limp all week, including Sunday morning when he got onto the bus for the ride from the team hotel to Candlestick Park.

"I went in with the mentality that I was going to start today," Bradford said. "But Coach (Steve) Spagnuolo pulled me aside and told me he had made the decision that it probably wasn't in my best interest to be on the field today."

The Rams’ hope is , with the extra day with the Monday night game (in Seattle) coming up next week, that he'll be healthy and ready to go.

According to, a horseshoe from an Anheuser-Busch Clydesdale arrived this week as a gift and rests in its box on new Cardinals manager Mike Matheny's desk (Photo courtesy of stltoday) , one of the scarce personal touches he's added to the office at Busch Stadium.

The manager's office reportedly has been repainted but not yet redecorated. Gone are the loaded bookshelves and columns of fiction on the floor. The walls now are barren. The sofa has been relocated. A Blues jersey with Matheny's No. 22 hangs on an emptied bookshelf. He brought in his own small coffee machine.

As he prepares to leave for his first winter meetings Matheny has reportedly spent most of the past few weeks surveying the club, canvassing the staff and opening lines of conversation.

Shortly after he was introduced as the Cardinals' manager on Nov. 14, Matheny reportedly brought six of his personal advisers, all local businessmen, into his empty office to discuss how he should transition into the new job, his first managing job at any level.

St Louis bred rap superstar Nelly’s 6th Annual Black and White Ball that benefits scholarships for prospective Lindenwood University students will be held Dec 18 at Chase Park Plaza. Meanwhile Nelly’s fellow st Lunatic band member Murphy Lee will have the grand finale to his Freakend that also will double as the after Party to Nelly;s ball that will be held at Lola. The after party is presented by ROCKHOUSE, FREAKY MUSCATO & HELLA FLY Promotions.

Emmy award nominated Talk show host/comedian Craig Ferguson comes to the Pageant Jan 24

Father of the BlackArts Movement Amiri Braka Kwanza Expo will be a guest speaker at BetterFamily Life’s 27th Annual Kwanzaa Expo held at the Cardinal RitterPrepHigh School. Dec 11. The Expo itself takes place Dec10 and 11.
For more info go

Kimberla and Yancy of Love and Hip Hop will host the Grand Opening of The DTLR Store on Old Halls Ferry at Club Amnesia and The Mansion Dec 10 presented by Loosecannon, Liquid Assets and Imperial events

Rapper Meek Mill will return to St Louis to host The "Whos Next" City Wide Pre Christmas Party at the Loft. EveryBodys FREE! Dec 14

New Orleans rapper Juvenile is at the new Club Lavish on Saturday.

Trumpeter Chris Botti will perform at the Peabody Opera House at Feb. 24.


Comedian Gabriel Iglesias’ Fluffy Shop Tour Live will stop in in St. Louis at The Pageant Feb 28.

Loosecannon Slim (RIGHT) will debut his STREET ALBUM #FREEPROMO Dec 20 and will have an ALBUM RELEASE 2 CLUB JAM W/ 2CHAINZ, TYGA, TRAVIS PORTER (FAR RIGHT)AND JUELZ SANTANA ON DEC 23 at Club Amnesia and Posh,.

Hallelujah Radio’s Hypeman Dwight Stone (FAR LEFT) and gospel rapper Willie Pdub Moore (LEFT) will have a bday party at The Dream Center Dec 9

St Louis native vocalist Lynne Fiddmont has just released her "Spirit of Christmas" CD thatyou can pick up ad

Tune into Fox2Now THURSDAY at 11am with April Simpson as Ola Hawatmeh of Ola Style talks about the She Is Queen/Charity Fashion Show and she will also be wearing a piece from her newest collection

Poet/drummer David A.N.Jackson will the recipient of the 2011 The Warrior Poet Award and will be inducted in the the Warrior Poet Council.There will be a ceremony December 12th, 2011 6:00pmat Duff's Restaurant, 392 N. Euclid St. Louis, $35 for Dinner Poetry only $10 7:30p
Make all Checks Payable to Word In Motion, PO Box 12213, St. Louis, MO 63157.
Artist will sign and have works available for purchase before and after ceremony.

Deejay Roszell hosts THE GROUND UNDA RADIO SHOW Fridays on BLOCK RADIO! GO to www CLICKLOCK RADIO! WHERE UNDERGROUND HIPHOP LIVES! call 314-771-5634 or 1-855-2stl-rap ITS THE BLOCK!


T1 Production Presents Kutt Calhoun Live @ Fubar Dec 18 @ Fubar Hosted By Havok Performance By P.R.E.A.C.H. - Midwest Ent - C.Y.P.H.E.R John Boi - Cloud House - NBH Repatalleon - Yerrty G - Saint Kommon Groundz - Tha Mc Chan E - Triple P Event Page

St Louis native author Stephanie Acon just released his first book, 'ESCAPE FROM A NIGHTMARE'. a vivid portrait is painted of vulnerability, fear, and what

happens when people are in desperate need of guidance, but refuses to seek it.


Freetime will present The annual Gentleman Jack Art, Beats & Lyrics is Dec. 16 at Neo, 2801 Locust St. The event runs from 7 p.m.-midnight.

Remember DANTES International Night.....Exotics Ladies...WorldWide Music ..HipHop...Reggaeton....Salsa....Neo Soul...A Upscale for the Mature CollegeCrowd......Young Male Business Men....WELL WE'RE BACK POPULAR DEMAND starting Dec 18 (Sunday)...... Dynasty Promotions & Yen XcHange!!!!


Dubbed the "Godfather of Illustration" by his peers, Bill Vann spent more than four decades as a self-employed commercial artist commissioned by some of the nation's top companies and as a mentor to generations of St. Louis-area illustrators. Mr. Vann, whose real name was William VanHoogstraat, died suddenly in his sleep at his home in Webster Groves on Monday (Dec. 5, 2011). He was 71.

BLIND PICZ. Who was the lady in the fur hat who was getting her dance on in the buffet line at the Platinum Group’s Xmas party held last weekend?

BLIND DISHZ. Which STL promoter was recently spotted pumping gas at the BP on Forsyth in Clayton?

HINT 1. The promoter is a male

HINT 2. The promoter recently joined another promoter for a music showcase for a STL female singer in downtown St Louis.

HINT 3. The promoters shares a first name with a late famous pop superstar and a last name with an actress who is famous for being a popular 70s "step" mom on TV.

PRO-MO-CIAL-I-CIOUS, Which STL movers and shakers are gettin it in this week? Radio personality/dee jay DJ Jewel and event Mocha Latte (TIE) and TheMen of Hella Fly Promotions (King Kerry and Dano Johnson) and event promoter Phil Assets (TIE)

DJ Jewel(FAR LEFT). This lovely young lady is one of the few dee-jay ladies who are putting it down on the 1s and 2s but also on the radio. She can be heard every Monday with The Jewle Box on The wave 89.5 and on Sunday, she will be on the turntables spinnin for The First Ladies of Fashion Fashion show and Afterparty at LOLA (SEE EVENTZ BELOW)

Mocha Latte(LEFT). The Queen of Promotions is back in her regular spot in this section as she is featured in an interview on radio personality Tammie Holland’s blog LAUGH, SHINE, AND REPEAT. She also continues her writing of the weekly column Coffee Talk in The Whirl and hosting Saturdays at The Loft.(SEE EVENTZ BELOW)

King Kerry and Dano Johnson(RIGHT). The swagged out duo continues their grind with the weekly events with a happy hour Tuesdays with Mo Spoon at BSV Lounge and$5 Fridays at the Broadway. On Sunday, the duo, along with Orlando Watson of Rockhouse will present The First Ladies of Fashion show at LOLA.

Phil Assets(FAR RIGHT). This brotha also continues is stride with weekly events at Club Amnesia with Get At Me Tuesdays, Look atMe Thursdays and Fetish Fridays with Mookie Asssets, Then on Saturday,he, along with Loose Cannon and Imperial Events will present a special Ladies Night with Kimberla and Yancy of Love and Hip Hop who will host the Grand Opening of The DTLR Store at Club Amnesia and The Mansion (SEE BITZ ABOVE)

WORDZ TO THE WHYZ?????????????????????????????

Why are all of the pedophile allegations coming out now (first PennState now Syracuse) coming out now? Why was Bishop Eddie Longs wife flip flopping as far as her divorce proceedings with him? Why did Alec Baldwin make a fit when a American Airline flight attendant told him to put up his phone? And why did he say they were worse than Grayhound?Why isnt Welcome To Sweetie Pies getting bigger publicity in St Louis where its filmed?Why doesnt Jackee Harry have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame? Why didnt Mummia get freed from death row as opposed to not getting death? Why does Keyshia Cole's mother Frankie gotta song called, "Frankie Leg?" And Why is there a rumor that Tyler Perry was buying American Airlines and rename it African American Airlines?


HAPPY STL SAGITARIARians B-DAZES. Former state rep Rodney Hubbard, actress Linda Kennedy (PICTURED), radio personality Jade Harell,event promoter Nicol Stevenson, filmmaker Raymond Thomas, singer Curtis Smith,graphic artist Kevin Bryant, magazine editor Keith Griffin, filmmaker Darnell Singleton, event promoter Tedi Gage, and socialites David Burnett and Natasha Atkins


The Fabulous Fox presents Christmas with : The Rat Pack: Live At The Sands: thru December -18

"Black Nativity: A Holiday Celebration"

When: Through Dec. 18

Where: Grandel Theatre, 3610 Grandel Square

How much: $35-$47 (half price on opening weekend)

More info: 314-534-1111 or

St. Louis gospel singer and 2012 Sunday Best winner Amber Bullock will do an in-store appearance at Vintage Vinyl in the University Loop Dec. 8. at 6p.m. There she will sign copies of her EP, “Thank You"

STL Filmmaker Kevin Coleman will have a screening for his films OSI and the award winning film SNAPSHOT at Moolah Lounge Dec 8 across from St. Louis University. The films will specifically screen in the Mini-Moolah. This is also a fund...raiser for the upcoming film production of ELON SETTLES, story of a homeless 16 year-old male prostitute living on the streets of St. Louis. The film is based on a true story. There will be two screenings. 7:10pm-8pm, and 8:10pm -9pm. OSI and SNAPSHOT will screen in both hours. Both films are 20 minutes in length. Admission to the event is free, the production team asks for your support in making ELON SETTLES. Donations and contributions (any amount big or small is appreciated) will be accepted during the screening. If you cannot attend the screening but still wish to donate, please contact Kevin Coleman, director/producer at

Join Stress Free Fridays this Friday, December 9th as we visit The Bismark (formerly Me'Shons), located at 410 N. Tucker (between Washington Avenue and Locust) in Downtown St. Louis...5pm start time

Erin Bode and David Halen are teaming up again for their second annual Holiday Concert, taking place Dec. 9 at the Foundry Art Centre

The Gateway Men's Chorus will have its 25th Season - Holiday Concert "Silver Bells" December 9th and 10th, at Washington University's Edison Theatre.

STL native band Ludo will perform at the Pageant Dec 10

Rockhouse and Hella Fly presents First Ladies of Fashion Fashion show and Afterparty at LOLA Dec 11 Starts at 6p,m,

Free with Toy


Creative Vibe Production & Ola Style PRESENTS:


Every year in our country thousands of women are succumb to battery by their significant other and in many cases end up with deep emotional scarring. This can lead to depression and even thoughts of suicide. Now is the time to show our women that as the year comes to a close, they are truly valued and have the worth of a Queen.

This prestigious Fashion show will be held at Copia which is a 5 Star restaurant in the heart of downtown St.Louis. Come enjoy the newest collections of Celebrity Fashion Designers Ola of Ola Style and Sierra Moses of Haus Designs. New York Fashion Week Designer and Internationally accredited Designer Ola will be raising funds for her non profit charity called Make Over For A Cause which helps battered women with low self esteem by giving them make overs and free consultation.

So join us on a night filled with highest class of cuisine,wine, entertainment such as fire performers,dancers, DJ in the ceiling, vocal artists and even a special skit written by Chris Lyrical Jay. Also bring your business cards because you don't want to miss out on a chance to network with the top movers and shakers of different industries in St.Louis This will be a night to remember.ALL PROCEEDS GO TO CHARITY

This is a FORMAL Event(Dress Code Strictly Enforced)





RESERVE A TABLE FOR:$125(Call:636-222-4029)



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