Tuesday, December 20, 2011


There is singer Sineta Roker looking radiant in this black on tan mermaid gown she wore at Nelly's Black and White Ball Sunday. She was one of a few ladies this year who made our Best Dressed List. Check out below other folks who passed the fashion test at St Louis' annual gala!

Photos by Ma'atology, King Yella (as credited),J Marie and AbesiPR

There were many fashion OH's,NO's and GO's at the 6th Annual Nelly's Black and White Ball and OUTTOWN was there to choose who brung it and who should a kept it!

BELOW are some of the fashionistas who brought some glamor, creativity and a WOW factor that nite (IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER)
KMOV TV/STL TV Socialite Sande Stevenson knocked them dead in this plunging white gown designed by Ola. Her hair and jewels were an added touch.
This young lady was stunning in this white, black and yellow number.
Tiffany Johnson wore a spotted black and white number designed by J Marie
This young lady's dress was capped off by a beautiful gold chained number that added some elegance to her black dress
This young lady whose date was comedian Darius Bradford had a multi silver bracelet and silver stripped top helped make her mesh bottomed party dress pop.

This lady's black gown looked radiant with all of its pleats

KMOV'sVickie Newton looked classy in a very simple black dress, hair style,black and silver earrings and silver box purse

Promoter Lisa West looked elegant in her asymmetrical black party dress
This lady, who attended with socilaite Thurlester Robinson,was one of a few who wore all white wore haltered icicle patterned dress that looked regal.
Jeanne Roberts-Johnson was one of the few whose black gown was perfect for that evening. Stunning and elegant.
Stylist Ola brought some rock and roll chic to her beaded short dress with dominant silver jewelry that helped add to her ensem.
As stated earlier,there were many black party dresses worn that nite, but if we had to choose who WORE it,it would have to be this young lady who was a hostess that nite.
Ashley Nichols-Jones, wife to Derrty ENT president and St Lunatic founder Ali Jones, looked like a bronze goddess in her gown that snatched her tresses. It was risky, but it paid off. Stunning.
Blogger and socialite Nicole Moore Lyles gets the grade "A"on matching jewels with her party dress that from head to tow.
Singer Seviin Li,companion to raooer Murphy Lee was a show stopper in this sleek black and silver trimmed dresswith mesh top that accentuated her curves (and the back was backless!)
Asia Cleveland, wife to St Lunatic member Kyjuan, changed up this year with an all white pants suit that was gender neutral yet stylish.This young lady's fitted Mexican inspired dress was creative and elegant.

Promoter and socialite Veronica Mousie Haley wowed the crowd with this black beaded gown with one strap. Her hair and jewels also were on point.
Although we were on the fence with what rapper TiffanyFoxx of June 5th had worn (we barely recognized her with her blonde mohawk pompadour) but she brought some hip hop excitement to her form fitted black and silver donned number.
Designer Joni Marie Ross wore one of her pieces,a sheer long sleeve top and furry bottomed gown that was an eye catcher.
A close up shot of Newton's black dress.
Another J Marie collection worn by Cyndy Wilson,a sequinned top and black bottom with macthing shoes was one of the elegant styles of the night

St Lunatic member Murphy Lee's leather suit coat was something unique and worked well on the red carpet.
St Lunatic City Spud, in his usual tux and black vest ensem but it works everytime with the swag he brings to it.
Singer Nikko Smith matching hat with his well tailored 60s style tux was retro and current.
Although he's been seen wearing this white on black trimmed tux (even on his latest CD cover), singer JohnnyGill, who performed at the ball, looked classy in it. A nice white bow tie would had added even more style, but oh well.
The Man of the Nite, rapper Nelly surprised everyone not wearing his usual tux, but he was still dapper in a swagged out vest that was the centerpiece and a suit coat would had definitely been in the way.
Businessman Jay Johnson had the conservative yet classy tapered look with his tux and his handsome exterior helped accessorize it.
This young man brought cool to his suit that stood out that nite.
Promoter Brandon Hinkle was surprisingly conservative but he managed to still stand out.
Nelly's fitness trainer Donta Wade looked the part with a gray suit coat over black shirt and tie.
Rapper Spiffy's tuxedo was crisp and sharp.
Promoter Phil Assets put some gangsta swag with his tux attire.
Promoter/music producer Orlando Watson looked GQ with his black tux with a shiny gray
This guy looked stylish with his basic balck tux and his well kempt cornrolls helped accessorize it.

NFL player andformer St Louis Rams Torry Holt's intricately black printed black suit jacket was very dapper.

Promoter Will Ross and designer J Marie
Singer Seviin Lii and rapper Murphy Lee
Rapper Kyjuan and Asia Cleveland
Ashley (Nichols) and Ali Jones
John and Jeanne Johnson
Thurlester Robinson and date
Smitty David and Veronica Mousie Haley

This couple looked cute and chic--and the lady in the tux actually had the best tux and tie worn than any man there that nite!
This was a nicely dressed couple. Nothing flashy but they looked as though they took time to coordinate their styles.


It was enough with the shirt with lettering but the fur overcoat and leggings were just WRONG

This couple missed the mark. The jacket and halter top on her was a NO NO and his shirt was wrinkled and out of his pants.
These two ladies were of many thick women who wore too sizes too small and too short for their figures.
The zebra print dress was a NO
We were figuring out what was going on with this coupe. She had on a prom like white short dress with fur and a black fur on her arm ( we assume it was his) and his swag just didnt work with the all white suit with back shirt
Of the two, the guy looked the best but by a hair. Thetux wa sOk, it was just teh swag snekaers that didnt match the conservtivenss of tus. And she wore this black shiny short dress with knee boots just didnt work well
We have nothing against top heavy women, but she shouldnt have worn this party dress. She needed straps and the draping pearls didnt help .It just aimed attention to it.
This was awful. The ruffled top with a brown fur stole and brown bag made this ensem hideous!
The party dress this lady had worn was too short(it looked as though it used to be a longer dress that was cut off from the lower thigh)and the leggings were not needed.
Although they matched well, this lady's dress itself was not eye catching at all.
We are not knocking what she had on, but her wilded out red hair was a bit much for her conservative look.
What event was this guy going to? A suit coat, a white underwear shirt, and loafers with no shoes. ABSOLUTELY A NO NO.

The first people on the red carpet always sets the tone. Well, if that's any indication Z 107.7personality Kurt Copeland, who emceed the event with comedian Darius Bradford,set it WAY DOWN, He didnt try much to dress this year (last year he was one of the best dressed guys)with a dowdy casual shirt with a suit coat . His date,although she looked nice in her gown,was very BLAH. Nothing captivating. She needed her hair pinned up,some jewels or some accessory to make her dress memorable.

NOTE:There were many other STL stars who we couldnt decide on whether if they were Best or Worst Dressed--more like in the middle, on the fence (And you all know who you are.LOL). Its funny that people came up to us during this nite of the Black and White Ball and say something like,"Dont put me on your worst dressed list."or "Who are your Picks?" or"How do I look?" So that must means OUTTOWN must be the post for people to see if they were on point. But if you think we got it right on our choices we selected send us a comment in the box below. We will choose our Best Dressed Female, Male, and Couple and Worst Dressed Female, Male and Couple this Thursday!


  1. Where is Kyjuan??? Lol He was one of the best dressed males hands down!

  2. Matter fact I vote him for best dressed male! And his wife Asia Cleveland for best dressed female.

  3. Jay Johnson and Jeanne Roberts Johnson were DEFINITELY the best dressed! They were the most beautiful couple at the event!