Monday, December 12, 2011


Photos by Ma'atology

The gospel concert was part of the Young,Fly and Saved Movement. Pictured on the right and the next pics below on stage are performers, Scooda, Robbie Jerome and Rikdikulous Bolden

Radio personality Hypeman Dwight Stone (right) kept the spins in tact during the concert.

A shot of the crowd

Stone on the screen talking about YFS Movement and getting folk to text in to win prizes

 the screen indicated

Stone on the mic to announce a dance contest

Dance group Precision entertained the crowd with some skateboard style dance moves

An unexpected challenge occurred when a guy on the far left got on stage to battle the group.

Stone intervened but the guy eventually got off stage due to getting danced on.LOL

...and the dance off continued...

A gushing recipient of a gift on stage after Stone called her name.

Up next was Rio

 indicated on the back of his shirt

Rio bringing the hip-hop gospel to the crowd

Folk gettin their testifyin on.

...A young lady's sweater showing a religious advertisment.

A rep from Thrive threw pout free t-shirts to the crowd.

Up next was P Dub who ,during his set, told the crowd that he and Stone were not actually celebrating their bdays (his later in Deceber and Stone's in late November) but everyone was celebrating birth and he broke down the symoblism of the number 9 on a spiritual level,the day the event took place.

P Dub in praise mode

These two youngsters were gettin their praise dance on during the concert.

A long shot of P Dub in concert.

Miss Aralisha at the Thrive booth.

Miss Patrice, Elise Stone (Hypeman's wife) and Patrice's son at the Young Fky and Saved booth

Another long shot of P Dub on stage.

NOTE: Also on the bill was headliner D MAUB.

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