Monday, September 26, 2011


Photos by Ma'atology

It was jammed packed up in there with Fame Tour concertgoers and out of towners for the Gateway Classic that also occurred that day.

Hypeman Tee White on the mic

A pic angle of the party people from the VIP area.

A long shot of the crowd

In the dee-jay booth: White, DJ Sir Thurl and DJ D-Lani

Folk in the VIP looking down at the crowd.

A little after midnight, the guest of honor, Kelly Rowland entered the club. Here she is walking into the VIP area.

Rowland and her entourage up in VIP.

Rowland smiling and waving at the OUTCAM

Rowland walking up near the dee-jay booth.

Rowland getting comfortable sitting on top of the dee-jay booth sectional

Rowland in the mix in VIP

Phil Assets of Liquid Assets takes a pic with Rowland. Assets helped to bring and promote Rowland's appearance.

Rowland takes hypeman Ill Will's cap playing around with it.

Rowland mixin it up.

Rowland fixing the fur partial on the bottom of her leg.

Rowland gettin her party on

Folk lookin on at Rowland.

This sista was gettin her pole dance on in one of the other VIP areas.

A back view of the sista on the pole.

A shot of the second VIP area

This sista and her girls gettin it poppin

A shot of Rowland in VIP

Rowland lookin out to the crowd.

NOTE: We got to Amnesia around midnite and there was a long line of folk trying to enter. There was also was a jump line next to the general line where folk could pay double to cut the general line (from $10 to $20). We were in the jump line and Mookie Assets cleared us for access in. We went inside and it was smoldering-ly packed. As we walked through the mass, we were able to go up the steps up to the VIP area next to the dee-jay booth to wait for Kelly Rowland, who was hosting this after party, to enter after her performance at the FAME Tour stop at Verizon Wireless Ampitheater.

Thirty minutes after we arrived, the security cleared a pathway for Rowland to walk thru the crowd and she arrived with her entourage. Folk began cheering, clapping, taking pics and she smiled and waved to the crowd as she got into her V-VIP area spot next to the dee-jay booth. She was very nice and spoke to the crowd on the mic to thank her fans for their support. Soon after we got a pic of her with Phil Assets, we vamped because the OOOH WEEE was gettin to us. LOL


We left Amnesia to go to Lola. It was also packed up in there.

Folk were wall to wall up in there.

In the Absinthe Bar section, DJ Needles was spinnin the crunked out hip-hop. Next to him was his younger brother, dancer Nicholas Gates

Nicholas wore his trademarked lit jacket

The Gates Brothers in the cut

Nicholas gettin his dance on as his brother mix it up on the 1s and 2s

Party people

A reveler enjoying himself

This brotha stood out and up from the crowd!

On the Lola side there was a singer performing

A mix crowd

This lady was part of the group with the lady in the wedding veil

The singer performing was underground R&B and soul singer Sy Smith

She performed her style of trippy hop soul

Smith in her groove as folk look on

In the house was artist manager Reno Gibbs, singers Aloha and Bradd Young, designer Affton Johnson and promoter Orlando Watson


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